Day Trading Academy (Traderscorner)

Day Trading Academy (Traderscorner) digital download.

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Day Trading Academy (Traderscorner)

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Traderscorner - Day Trading Academy

Traderscorner - Day Trading Academy

Make Money In Every Market

Don’t be the typical retail trader that consistently loses money. Learn to analyse the markets properly and deploy the correct trading strategy for the market that you are in and not the one you you want it to be in.

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Generate An Income

Part of every traders arsenal should be an income generating strategy. Although the big returns are made over the course of a few weeks to a few months, it is completely possible to trade a portion of your portfolio on shorter term day trading strategies that will allow you to take money out of your trading account on a shorter term basis.

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Don’t Trade Alone

One of the biggest challenges a retail trader can face is isolation. It can be a lonely endeavour trading the financial markets alone, but fortunately Traders Corner has a buzzing community of like minded traders who are more than happy to help each other along.

A Truly Global Business

Trading is one of the best businesses in the world as not only are you not reliant on selling services or managing staff, but you can also make money from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether it be an office in the centre of London or a beach on an exotic island, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can make money trading and investing in the financial markets.

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“I have tried a number of systems in my 3 years of trading, and the DAX Academy is the most successful one judging by my results to date. I have a day job and therefore trade intermittently, however it has given me consistent results, with an average 19 trades per week, a 65% success rate and 45 minutes per day trading”

Alex Stewart

DAX Trading Academy Graduate

The Best Trading And Investment Course Around

Our trading and investment programme is one of the best on the market. It is not you average technical analysis course where you learn pretty patterns but very little that will actually help you generate consistent profits over a sustained period of time. What we teach are professional strategies that are put to work by some of the worlds largest Hedge Funds and Investment banks. The principles are based on solid foundations and can be applied to markets all over the globe. Whether you trade equities, currencies, commodities or just about anything else, our Professional Trading and Investment program is unrivalled in terms of content, delivery and of course effectiveness in the real markets!

The programme is delivered through a series of webinars, comprehensive videos, spreadsheets, work books and live in person meetups (or for those of you that are overseas online via Skype)

This programme is truly unique in both content and delivery. Not only will you learn professional strategies that make it harder to NOT make money than actually come out profitable, but the commitment that you will receive from Alex & Nicky to ensure your success, you will not get anywhere else.

If you are looking for unrealistic, pie in the sky promises of infinite riches and trading systems that work without any thought, then this is probably not for you. However if you have been round the block a few times or simply realise that in order to make significant returns, you will need to put in a little work and effort, then this could be the most significant day in your trading career.

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