David Wolfe - LongevityNow Conference Sept 2010

David Wolfe - LongevityNow Conference Sept 2010 digital download. Info: [16 DVDs - Rip, 3 PDFs] | 5.905 GB. In this exclusive 16 DVD series filmed live ...

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David Wolfe - LongevityNow Conference Sept 2010

Type: Digital download

Format: [16 DVDs - Rip, 3 PDFs]

File size: 5.905 GB

Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20111204184132/http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Longevity-Now-Conference-DVD-Set-p/lncdvdset.htm

Longevity Now® Conference DVD Set - September 2010

Over 1,200 health enthusiasts from all around the globe gathered at The Longevity Now® Conference in Costa Mesa, CA for one of the most powerful life-changing health events ever. Now you too can discover the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs in the field of anti-aging- all from the comfort of your own home.

In this exclusive 16 DVD series filmed live at the Longevity Now® Conference, best-selling author and health lecturer David Wolfe and 15 longevity experts reveal their powerful health strategies on Super Immunity and Detoxification.

Speakers Include:
David Wolfe
Dr. Joseph Mercola
John Robbins
Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Donna Gates
Dr. Mark Merriman
George Lamoureux
Daniel Vitalis
Truth Calkins
Kevin Gianni
Nick Ortner
Frank Giglio
Jason Wrobel
Nadine Artemis
Solla Eriksdottir
and Emcee Len Foley

The life-changing information contained in these video recordings will help you achieve your ultimate health goals and create an extraordinary quality of life.

Get ready to discover simple solutions that will activate your peak potential to experience the best day ever - every day of your life. This 16 DVD series filmed LIVE at The Longevity Now® Conference is guaranteed to inspire, empower, and educate you by revealing:

  • The REAL reason why we age and what you can do about it!
  • A simple three step process for removing heavy metals and toxic chemicals safely and easily from your body.
  • Powerful Cancer-Fighting strategies (According to The National Cancer Institute, 80 percent of cancers are due to factors that can be controlled-we show you how!)
  • The hidden "Major Agers" that are undermining your health so you can get rid of them for good!
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola's method for breaking the "aging barrier" and living to 150 years young!
  • John Robbins' guidance on how to live better in an age of less.
  • The master hormone that promotes sexual health and longevity.
  • The best way to keep your gall bladder healthy. (Over 500,000 gall bladder removal surgeries are performed in the United States each year.)
  • The best (and least expensive) food you can eat to maintain a healthy thyroid (27 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism)
  • The surprising and unique food source regarded as one of the most miraculous herbs in China that is powerfully anti-aging and rejuvenative (You won't believe your ears)!
  • Why you should never use this product-under any circumstances (and tens of millions do)!
  • The dirty secret the bottled water industry is keeping from you... and how it is effecting your health!
  • Why it is imperative to drink the best water ever... and what will happen to you if you don't!
  • The cholesterol myth and the consequences of falling for it.
  • Why men who don't cry are 80% more prone to contracting coronary health disease.
  • Why mitochondrial health is paramount to experiencing superior levels of health.
  • The importance of hormonal health and the critical role it plays in weight loss, proper digestion, the way the body stores fat, and energy levels.
  • The most important test you should be taking to make sure your body is getting the nutrients you need.
  • Simple, effective health strategies to overcome insomnia, hot flashes, and sexual disfunction.
  • How to restore insulin balance by incorporating these four simple protocols.
  • The secrets of ancient Chinese herbalism that restore and rejuvenate the operating systems of your body.
  • Delicious and nutritious elixir and raw food recipes that are jam-packed with superior nutrition!
  • The #1 health supplement that is KILLING you... and what you should be taking instead!
  • How to make 2011 the year you experience the best health ever... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

We want to help you activate your potential to have more years in your life and more life in your years...

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.