David Wolfe - Longevity Conference & Masters Workshop Webcast April 2011

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David Wolfe - Longevity Conference & Masters Workshop Webcast April 2011 digital download. Info: [Web Rip - 26 FLVs] | 8.927 GB. In this intimate worksh...
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David Wolfe - Longevity Conference & Masters Workshop Webcast April 2011

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Longevity Now Conference Sept 2011

3 Days + 15 World Class Longevity Experts = The Most Powerful, Life-Transforming Health Event of the Year!

Dear Longevity Enthusiast,

Friday, April 1st to Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 over 1,200 health enthusiasts from around the globe will be gathering together at The Orange County Hilton in Costa Mesa, CA to learn the latest cutting-edge strategies in the field of anti-aging and longevity.

Join best-selling author and health lecturer David Wolfe and 15 top longevity experts in the world of nutrition, alternative health, and the medical arena. They will be revealing their most recent research on Whole Body Balance and Optimal Peak Performance.

Our physical and mental health can easily be thrown out of balance by a number of factors in today's modern world including: inflammation, stress, pollution, poor lifestyle choices, unhealthy diet, and toxicity in our home and working environment.

When the body is out of balance, we are not enjoying optimal health and as a result the aging process is accelerated. Symptoms of imbalances in our body include: fatigue, lack of energy, weight loss/gain, loss of libido, mood fluctuations, sleep disorders and much more.

Spend three days being educated, empowered, and inspired to get your body back in perfect balance! Learn how to activate your potential to achieve optimal health by studying with these top longevity experts:

David WolfeDr. WoynarowskiDr. James Oschman. Dr. George YuDon. Tolman Donna Gates. David Hall. Daniel Vitalis. Truth Calkins. Dr. Connealy MD. George Lamoureux. Frank Giglio. Jason Wrobel. Nadine Artemis. Emcee Len Foley. Solla Eriksdottir Dr. James Oschman shares the science behind Energy Medicine and how this powerful modality can promote superior levels of health.

Dr. Dave Woyonowski, author of "The Immortality Edge" unravels the secret code of aging. (You do not want to miss out on this life-changing information never heard before!) Dr. George Yu shows you how balancing your hormones can accelerate weight loss, reverse aging, and boost your immune system to battle disease. Daniel Vitalis reveals this almost forgotten antidote to this major ager! Best-selling author Donna Gates explains how to correct imbalances in digestive health quickly and easily. Master herbalist Truth Calkins shares the most powerful healing recipe of all time! George Lamoureux explains how imbalances occur in the body from the perspective of Chinese herbal medicine and how to correct them by incorporating Chinese herbal technology. Nadine Artemis shares how to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and ageless through the power of essential oils. Jason Wrobel and Raw Solla show you how to make delicious, fun, nutrient-packed recipes that will increase energy, deliver the nutrition your body needs, and are simple to make! Discover the most effective form of exercise that flexes every muscle in the body over 100 times per minute! David Wolfe reveals the #1 medicinal mushroom that contains powerful immune-stimulating phytochemicals that help effectively fight disease. Learn how to fight fatigue and get a good night's sleep! Develop your epigenetic potential and help save the human species! Don Tolman reveals how to grow your own organic medicine simply and easily (and NO you don't need a garden to do it!). David Wolfe shares the latest cutting-edge research in the field of nutrition, superfoods, and superherbs. Activate your potential to learn quickly and easily, and retain large amounts of important information for life! Discover how inflammation affects your skin...and what you can do to remove it safely and easily...turning back the clock and looking younger than ever! Learn how to burn fat, eliminate cellulite, and fit into your high school jeans! Discover these stress-fighting foods that will keep you positive, motivated, and empowered!


In this intimate workshop David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Frank Giglio, Truth Calkins, and George Lamoureux will explore Ancient Herbalism in Modern Times. David Wolfe reveals the most powerful herbs in the Ayurvedic and Amazonian herbal systems. George Lamoureux and Truth Calkins highlight the most popular anti-aging herbs in the Chinese herbal system. Daniel Vitalis and Frank Giglio share about North American herbs, where to find them, how to extract them, and the extraordinary health benefits they deliver. Enjoy a fun, jam-packed day filled with incredible information, tonic elixir demos, and herbal extraction techniques. The Top Tips, Hints, and Secrets for getting the most out of your herbs. Learn to think like a formulator, speak like a scientist, and produce medicine like a master herbalist! Why some herbal products deliver results, and others never will. When and why to use powders, capsules, tinctures, and/or oils. The hidden knowledge of maximal mushroom extraction. Develop discernment; how to know what products are worth your money, and which ones aren’t!

We want to help you activate your potential to have more years in your life and more life in your years...