David Van Arrick - Forever Man (Complete)

David Van Arrick - Forever Man (Complete) digital download. Info: [videos - 5 avi + 5 wmv, audios - 23 mp3, ebooks - 26 pdf] | 2.676 GB. How to Extend Y...

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David Van Arrick - Forever Man (Complete)

Type: Digital download

Format: [videos - 5 avi + 5 wmv, audios - 23 mp3, ebooks - 26 pdf]

File size: 2.676 GB

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"How to Extend Your Sexual Pleasure For Hours On End Without Expensive Surgery, Creams or Pills!"

Secret Methods of Sexual Mastery Previously Hidden From the Public Reveal Guaranteed System to Control Premature Ejaculation!

From The Brilliant Mind of: David Van Arrick
June 7th, 2007, 4:00 PM

Dear Friend,

It doesnt matter how old you are or experienced you may be; premature ejaculation is a problem that affects all men.

After helping over 1577 men many of whom had wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on useless crappy courses and methods designed to enhance sexual performance and cure premature ejaculation, after receiving hundreds of questions and cries for help I felt obligated to put an end to this misery, frustration and HUMILIATION once and for all!

Listen, You don't have to “numb-out” or anesthetized your self with dangerous desensitizing creams, useless medicine or endless scam methods sold online.

Making passionate love to your woman for as LONG AS YOU WANT TO is a lot easier than you think! Anybody can do it no matter how bad you think you may be.

But the fact is that it has to be done right or your lack of sexual control and endurance may grow WORSE instead of better

My name is David Van Arrick and if you are suffering from premature ejaculation and a lack of sexual stamina this may be the MOST important message you will ever read.

Here is why ...

As a therapist, sex coach and creator of the Best Selling Sexual Skills System -- Secret Orgasm Tips.

I have helped literally thousands of men all over the world to improve the quality of their sexual and lovemaking performance, turning sexual zeros into REAL SEXUAL HEROS!


As a therapist and sexual coach, by far the biggest and most frequent question I receive from men IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD goes something like this…

“Dear David,

How can I last longer during Sex? Every time I make love I Orgasm way too fast and ejaculate long before my woman is even close to having an orgasm.

She says " it’s okay " but I am completely embarrassed and I am really afraid if I don’t start satisfying her soon. She will cheat on me or leave me for someone else, HELP Me Please!”

In fact I don’t just get letters from men. I even get letters from the Wives and Girlfriends of Men Who Suffer From Premature Ejaculation.

“Dear David,

I love my husband very much but every time we make love he ejaculates after just a few minutes, I am so frustrated I have started resorting to vibrators when he isn’t around.

What can I do to help my husband last longer and be more able to satisfy my needs. I don’t know how much longer I can take being so frustrated!”

In this letter I'm going to share with you a very special program that I have developed and been using successfully now for the past 12 months with my clients with amazing success.

A sexual system that grew from my vast experiences both in the therapy world and from my years of personal sexual adventures and experiences.

Experiences that led me to develop a powerful cure for premature ejaculation, that I now use to help hundreds of men to gain Olympic Level Sexual Stamina, and I can also use it to help you without ever meeting you face to face and without having you set foot in my clinic.

I'll tell you about my own battle with premature ejaculation and how I fixed it and I'll also share the stories of some of my clients (name have been changed) and their recovery.

And finally I'm going to show you how YOU TOO Can….

  • Gain Total Control Over Your Ejaculation, Now and Forever!
  • Have World Rocking SEX For Hours On End
  • Give Your Girl The Orgasm of A Life Time.
  • Use A little Known Sex Secret That Virtually Guarantees Your Woman Has a Mind Numbing Monster Orgasm Every Time You Have Intercourse!
  • ... To Put It Simply I'll Show You How To Become Your Woman's ULTIMATE Dream Lover !

But first, let's start with Tommy’s hopeless and shamefully embarrasing story and how he transformed from a “Two-Second Terror” into a confident passionate lover...

"Tommy Often Ejaculated Before
He Could Even Get His Pants OFF!”

Tommy’s was one of the most extreme cases of Premature Ejaculation that I had ever seen. Many times all a woman had to do was touch Tommy’s genitals through his clothing and Tommy would get so excited he’d often ejaculate before he could get his pants off.

In fact Tommy would often go to strip clubs and ejaculate while just getting a lap dance!

Tommy’s problem began around 22 or 23 years old and he couldn't overcome it until many years later.

He had never been married because he could never sexually satisfy a woman and he was broken down with feelings of no self-worth when he first came to tell me about his problem…

He admitted almost in tears that he had hardly ever gotten his penis inside a woman. He had always ejaculated before things progressed very far. So, I gave him a program to follow.

So, I gave him a program to follow.

A very special program.

A program to train himself to last longer and to program his mind and body to perform in a sexually powerful and relaxed way, a manner that gave him perfect control over all his sexual abilities.

A program that has worked for hundreds of premature ejaculators - before him and after him.

A few weeks later during intercourse, Tommy actually managed to bring a woman to orgasm for the first time using the Proven Method I'd Taught Him.

And when I ran into him again just the other day ( about 5 years later), he told me that Premature Ejaculation has never bothered him again.

" If Tommy Can Do It, So Can You! "

I'm telling you this story for a very good reason.

Most men who suffer from premature ejaculation (including me in past years) often have very little hope that they can be cured.

Don’t you often feel that your ejaculation is uncontrollable?

So uncontrollable, in fact, that it is even beyond your understanding how some men can last as long as they want?

" How Controlling Your Ejaculation Actually Works…"

There are actually several different but overlapping reasons why you can’t control your ejaculation and some of them aren’t even your fault! But They Are Things You Can Do Something About!

Your Ejaculation Problem Can Be Beaten Because...

The Primary Causes of Premature Ejaculation Are Nearly All Emotional or Mental

Almost None of Them Are Physical!

The biggest reason you suffer from premature ejaculation is that your body and mind can't handle the sudden and EXTREME level of sexual excitement and intensity that YOUR EMOTIONS generate within you.

When your level of sexual desire (emotions) goes up then your level of sexual excitement (arousal) rises, and it acts like an automatic trigger in your testicles and instantly you just have to shoot your wad. It’s an involuntary reflex. Your body is hardwired to do it.

However ...

You CAN build up your Sexual Endurance and tolerance for Powerful, Pleasurable Lovemaking.

You CAN train your mind and rewire your body to work together perfectly for peak sexual performance and enjoy even more sexual pleasure than ever before.


Enjoy Multiple Orgasms While Keeping Your Erection!

You CAN build your sexual endurance for pleasure like an elite athlete builds his endurance for pain and physical strength. It's the same principle, but a different activity.

You See…

"It's Not Just About Lasting Longer."

Your whole love life will change for the better.

You become the kind of lover who can satisfy any woman any time anywhere!

Not only because you can last as long as you want, but because you now can put all of your energy and attention into the lovemaking where it belongs.

You Don't Have To Hold Anything Back.

Most men worry about cumming too fast while making love. Not only premature ejaculators, but almost every man.

But you won't have to worry after you have developed your true sexual staying power using this unique sexual enhancement program. You will be able to last 20, 30, 40 minutes or even longer.

And Even More Importantly…

You can focus 100% on that hot sexy thoroughly exciting woman laying beside you, underneath you, or even on top of you! That woman who just can’t wait to have you inside her one more time --- giving her all the “World Rocking” Sexual Pleasures she's been dreaming of and will be begging for over and over again!

( In fact I often get letters from guys who have used my program asking me " How do I turn it off!?!)

Your Woman Will Go Crazy!

And Your Life Will Change For The Better Forever...

  • NO MORE FEAR that you will ejaculate too quickly!!
  • NO MORE HUMILIATION from blowing your load after only a few seconds of Intimacy!
  • NO MORE SEXUAL FRUSTRATION for your woman because you CAN’T satisfy her

Instead you’ll enjoy...


And Your Woman WILL Treat You Differently...


So, you may ask ...

" Q: What Do I Have To Do? "

The first thing YOU MUST do is ask yourself this question --

"Are you ready to commit completely to curing your premature ejaculation?"

Because the truth is...

This Course Might Not Be For You.

You See...

  • If You Are Not 100% Committed To Healing Your Premature Ejaculation
  • If You Are Lazy
  • If you are looking for someone to wave a magic wand and make your problem disappear without any effort on your part...

Don't Buy This Course!!

I know that sounds kind of harsh but seriously, don’t waste my time, your time or your money.

This Program is ONLY for People Who Are Serious About Overcoming the Pain, Humiliation, Fear and Frustration of
Premature Ejaculation Once and For All.

This Course is 100% Guaranteed To Work For You, But Only…

If You Work The Program!

Is your pain and shame sufficient to cause you to put effort into curing your problem? (This was not really a question I know how badly this feels.)

You see there a lot of folks out there who will gladly sell you a measly $47.00 Ebook filled with the same tired exercises that don’t work for most people anyway.

Unlike "quick fixes" and "magical solutions" sold all over the net that never work for anyone (I can tell you a few horror stories later), the Forever Man Method requires minimal effort on your part. But it does require ‘some” effort.

Forever Man Method Is Different!

The Forever Man Method is a complete mind/body training program for overcoming premature ejaculation and mastering your sexual urges. It’s designed to give you complete control over every aspect of your physical and mental sexual abilities starting with the very first day of the training .


You have to commit to a least 30 minutes at a time, three to seven times a week, for one or two months.

You can practice the steps explained in the course alone, or with your partner, but you must be ready to commit to a few hours a week.

Anyone who tries to sell you a plan that requires less effort is lying, and you won't get good results.

So, if that is too much to ask, stop reading right now!

But, In all honesty, no effort is too much effort in order to gain a permanent cure for your premature ejaculation and never having to cum too fast again...

wouldn't you agree?

I thought so.

Especially when you realize what you get ...

"Q: Okay, But What Will I Get?"

You'll own some of my absolute best work ever as a therapist and practitioner of the Sexual Arts, Including my years of experience working with premature ejaculators, delivered direct to you online immediately as soon as you Secure Your Copy of ForeverMan Method!

You will have ...

  • The most comprehensive and effective program ever created to cure premature ejaculation and gain powerful sexual staying stamina.
  • You will benefit from a high success rate and you can be confident that the plan will work for you because it has been proven effective for more than 97% premature ejaculators before you.
  • You are led step-by-step from the moment you download the course until you have learned the skills of making love for as long as you want.
  • You remain anonymous and benefit promptly because your course is downloaded as soon as you decide that you want it.
  • You never get stuck because you can email me at anytime if you have questions that arise. You have your own personal sex-coach and therapist available at your fingertips. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Days a year.
  • You gain complete understanding of your problem, which gives you a stronger reality-base for curing it. Understanding the nature of the problem is half the battle and The Forever Man Method will give you that understanding.
  • You take no risk because you are provided with my personal no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

"Q: What Makes Your Program So Different?"

A: It Works, It Works, It Works!

When you buy a program, take the time to train, and make the effort to heal your premature ejaculation, then you want to be sure that the program that you practice will work for you.

Most premature ejaculation programs are produced by honest laymen who have inadvertantly stumbled onto solutions to cure their own premature ejaculation problems. Thats great...

Their programs worked for them.

... but it doesn't mean that their programs will work for you!

These programs usually only cure 60 - 70% of premature ejaculators. Leaving 30 - 40% of clients without help.

However, I have developed and tested the secrets taught Forever Man Method with the help of more than 1577 clients -- With an outstanding success rate.

"The Forever Man Method
Works For 97% of It's Users."

That is why you can purchase and practice the program with complete confidence that it will work for you.

Another unique benefit of the Forever Man Method is that ...

"You Can Train With Or Without A Partner."

Most programs require that you have a partner to practice with you. This is not always convenient nor desirable, (especially in the beginnng stages of practice)

Tests have shown that men who practice the Forever Man Method solo can benefit almost as quickly as men who practice with partners do.

Although, it is more fun to play with your lover, it is also good to have the option to train alone.

But training programs are not the only solution sold online.

I am often asked...

"Q: How About Desensitize Creams and Medicine?"

Listen, I can’t say this enough…

Please stay away from desensitizing creams and medicines designed to ‘stop” premature ejaculation.

Too many people have been duped and scammed in the past by even some of the largest drug companies with all kind of desensitizing creams and medicines.

Curing premature ejaculation is not about desensitizing anything! You see desensitizing in a medical context literally means –

Anesthetizing Your Penis!

These medicines completely numb-out your penis to the point where you can’t feel anything, thus reducing your sexual pleasure. Do you really want to give up your sexual pleasure in order to last longer? Whats the Point?

Forever Man Method is The Only Program that literally trains your body and mind to

Enjoy More Intense Pleasure During Sex
While Lasting Longer!

The problem is simply that most premature ejaculators don’t realize that they
are about to cum until its too late and then…

... and then they ejaculate without any control.

Many premature ejaculators even suffer from mild impotency. And desensitizing the penis in these cases makes the problem much worse.

And think about your lover ...

If you put desensitizing cream on your penis, it will also desensitize her vagina, making it practically impossible for her to enjoy sex, much less have an orgasm, and causing her endless sexual frustration.

Let's not even mention what could happen when she tries to perform oral sex on you and gets that stuff in her mouth! (Use your imagination… Yuk!).

Also, condoms coated with desensitizer or a good quality cream will NOT prevent that stuff from getting in places where it shouldn’t go!.

"Medicine Doesn't Help Either."

Premature ejaculation very seldom has a physical cause and many doctors don’t even consider it a medical condition, yet they will give you medicine for the problem!

And most of the ingredients in those pills are nothing more than what you could buy in your local supermarket.

Many of these so-called medicines are scams meant to take advantage of your desperate situation parting you from your money without helping you at all.

And most of the ingredient in those pills are nothing more than what you could buy in your local supermarket.

They are scams meant to take advantages of your bad situation without helping you at all. Medicine won't help ...

... just think about this logically.

If you were training for the Olympics, you would probably agree that no medicine or devices could replace good old fashioned physical effort, proper instruction and the best coaching. Right?

"The Same Principle Applies When Developing Sexual Staying Power.
You Must Train Yourself Correctly,
Starting Today..."

"Use The Wrong Method And You Won't Get The Results You Really Want!"

The Forever Man is created from a program that has been proven to be extremely effective for the vast majority of my clients.

Many of them suffering from what they thought was an incurable case of premature ejaculation…

But you WON'T have to ask for your money back because the course works wonders.

"Plus It Costs Less Than Cup of Coffee"

That's right ...

You see, I want really want everybody to be able to afford this high quality program. But I only want people who are committed to overcoming their Premature Ejaculation problems once and for all to get started on it as quickly as possible.

So even though my colleagues encourage me to NOT to give away some of my most important work for less than $1175.00, (which is the True Value of what the minimum course of treatment in my clinic is actually worth...)

However for a very Limited Time, I have decided to make this course available as a special download directly to your computer for an exceedlingly small, one-time only investment.

"That Means You Can Start Putting An End To Your Premature Ejaculation Problems Forever Starting Tonight!"

One day soon I plan on making this Rare and Unique Home Study Course available only to my elite "Sexual Mastery- Master Level Students." This will be the ONLY TIME I Plan to Offer It To The General Public...

So I Reserve the Right To Pull This Offer At Any Time and Never Offer It Again!

I am limiting access to this course to only about 350 downloads and after they are gone, I will,(most likely) take the downloadable version of Forever Man Method off the market permanently and I will have to raise the price back to the $1175.00 that the program is really worth, But...

For A Limited Time...

You Can Get The Entire "Forever Man: How To Beat Premature Ejaculation" Course... Right Now!

David Van Arrick - Forever Man (Complete)

What's In ForeverMan?
Take a Look...
9 Complete CD Quality Audios
  • ForeverMan Vol. #1- Myths and Misconceptions A
  • ForeverMan Vol. #2 -Myths and Misconceptions B
  • ForeverMan Vol. #3 - The Evolution of Premature Ejaculation
  • ForeverMan Vol. #4 - Quick Fixes For P.E.
  • ForeverMan Vol. #5 - P.E. to Peak Sexual Performance
  • ForeverMan Vol. #6 - Intro To Sexual Mind Training
  • ForeverMan Vol. #7 - Mind Training For Peak Performance #1
  • ForeverMan Vol. #8 - Mind Training For Peak Performance #2
  • ForeverMan Vol. #9 - Supplementary Bonus Exercises
"Over 5 Full Hours of Power-Packed, Must-Have, Information, Training Drills, and Instruction!"

I not only give you step by step instructions on how to beat premature ejaculation once and for all.

I also answer some of your most important questions concerning Premature Ejaculation
and Achieving Peak Sexual Performance...

Questions Like...
  • How do I maintain my erection for longer periods with only moderate stimulation
  • How do I increase the sensitivity of my penis but slow the release time
  • How to Wire Your Unconcsious Mind For Peak Sexual Performance
  • Will keeping your thoughts on something other than the girl your having sex with prolong your chances of ejaculation?
  • Should You Use Alcohol To Control Your Premature Ejaculation?
  • What Sexual Positions Are Best For Prolonging Ejaculation and Slowing Down Orgasm?
  • How to prolong ejaculation without reducing your own sexual pleasure
  • How to Make Sure Your Woman Orgasms Before You Do
  • How To Know when you are close to orgasm and where is the point of no return
  • Special Exercises to Do that Improve Your Erection and Staying Power
    How To Have Stronger Orgasms
  • What is considered "premature" ejaculation... the answer may surprise you!
  • What Kind of Foods and Supplements can you take to improve your sexual stamina
  • How can you improve ejaculatory control
  • What foods can be eaten before sex that can improve a mans sexual performance
  • What exercises can be done prior to sexual intercourse that can improve the quality of sex
  • How To Maintain a Strong Erection
  • Is it dangerous to have an erection for too long?
  • Does masturbation contribute to premature ejaculation? (the answer might suprise you)
  • Can a bad diet inhibit sexual performance
  • Why does P.E Occur and How Can You Stop It From Ruining Your Sex Life Ever AGAIN

Honestly thats just scratching the surface...


9 Complete Companion Workbooks
Each ForeverMan Audio comes with its own complete, "easy- to-understand" "Companion Workbook" that includes not only a complete transcript of the audio; it also comes complete with Full Commentary and Tons Extra Information Not Included In The Original Audio Course.

Each of these workbooks is so packed with information that ... Its like Getting 2 Workbooks in Each One!

You Will Learn...
  • How to Increase the Duration of Your Love Making 2-3 Times by Using the Super Simple SAS. and CRESTING DRILLS
  • How To Double Your Ejaculation Time Instantly with the one simple technique everyone wishes they knew
  • Make Sex Incredible for You and Her By Using the "EarthMover" Technique
  • How to Keep Control Even When You Are On the Brink of Exploding
  • How to End Performance Anxiety Once and For All
  • Techniques and Exercises That Can Be Practiced Alone or With Your Lover
  • To Increase your erection strength and duration - get and maintain a ROCK hard, steal pipe erection every time using our advanced "Bonus Exercises"
  • Gain TOTAL control over exactly WHEN you ejaculate... Want to last 37 minutes and 14 seconds and ejaculate on demand ? Great! I will help you program your mind and body to perform like a precision sexual instrument!
  • Techniques that are designed for use during intercourse and not just prior to it.
  • Instantly stop ejaculation at any point you feel you have gone too far enabling you to continue on and on and on...
  • Discover the best sex positions for extended love-making - maximum duration and pleasure
  • Learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so you can keep going again and again.
  • Solve the mental as well as physical problems associated with premature ejaculation
  • Learn and understand the sexual benefits of natural sexual nutrition and how it can help you in the bedroom
  • You will witness immense improvements in yourself with massively increased sexual energy and stamina - make love with the "Sexual Power" of a teenager

You will have better more pleasurable and enjoyable sex than you ever thought possible. The kind of Sex that your woman brags to her girlfriends about!

By the way, do you know what happens to a man when he hears his woman brag about how good he is in bed to other women?

Your Sex Drive Goes Through The Roof!

Not Only That ...

You Get More Sex, More Often.

You will have Longer and More Explosive Extended Orgasms and Be able to Rock Your Womans World Too! Recover Quickly after Ejaculating or just eliminate the need to recover at all - You can be ready time and time again!

Take your self-confidence and confidence in the sack to astronomic proportions. You will
get good in bed, and you'll know you are! Because you can last long enough to please her again and again and again... every time

Plus ...

Secure Your Copy Right Now and Get My
"Sexual Mastery
Bonus Collection" --

$292.00 Value!

Absolutely FREE!

What's In My Sexual Mastery Collection?
Take A Look ...
Bonus #1:

Bonus #2: Understanding The G-spot and Female Sexuality

This outstanding book is virtual road map that teaches you the secrets of female ejaculation and mastering the G-spot first hand. Learn How to Evoke Your Woman's G-spot in order to bring her the Ultimate Orgasm - The Female Ejaculatory Orgasm!

This Book Reveals a Proven and Tested “10-Step Method” That Teaches You...
  • How to find Your Woman’s G-Spot
  • How to stimulate your Woman’s G-Spot
  • How To Drive Your Lover Insane With Ecstacy
  • How to Make Your Woman Squirt Like a Fire Hose!

Not Only That…
You’ll deepen your understanding of the female anatomy while learning new
methods of rekindling the romance and sexual excitement in your current relationship. The G-Spot does exist. Through this book, you can prove it to yourself, and your lover.

--- $47.00 Value!

Bonus #3: Special Report - How To Get Into Threesomes!

You've invested much time and energy in learning how to increase your sexual stamina to god-like levels! Now learn how to put all that great sexual power to good use. This special report reveals some useful information on how to score one of the ULTIMATE MALE FANTASY's -

A Threesome!

Threesomes can be tricky. Very tricky. Do it wrong and it can jeopardize your relationship with a girl.

Do it right and you can experience something only 2% of men anywhere ever have the Joy of Experiencing!

--- $27.00 Value!

Bonus #4: Special Report - "Secrets of Tantric Massage"

A great special report revealing some of the best ways to not only please your lover but how to touch and arouse her in ways most people never think of. A great companion guide to my "Secrets for Creating Maximum Sexual Experience Book" Included with the "Secret Orgasm Tips Deluxe Course"

---$27.00 Value!

Bonus #5: The Top 100 Lovemaking Techniques of All Time

This great b