David "The Band Man" Schmitz - Build Your Own Home Band Gym

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David "The Band Man" Schmitz - Build Your Own Home Band Gym digital download. Info: [1 Video - MP4,1 eBook - PDF] | 221.44 MB. Discover How to create Yo...
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David "The Band Man" Schmitz - Build Your Own Home Band Gym

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Video - MP4,1 eBook - PDF]

File size: 221.44 MB

Build Your Own Home Band Gym

by David "The Band Man" Schmitz

Discover How to create Your Own Home Resistance Band Training Gym and never miss a workout again while getting Great Results Workout When YOU want to Any Time and at Any Intensity In the Privacy of your home or where you want to Trains inside – Outside – On the road – In the garage – On the drive way or in the privacy of your home

Can be performed in as little as a 6 x 8 foot room

Provides you a 1000 plus training options and exercises

Develops and Trains all aspects of Fitness and PerformanceAllows you to design short time efficient Fat Blasting Circuits instantly

Provides you unlimited resistance variations that anyone can adapt to Improves balance and coordination as well as strength and cardiovascular efficiency

Makes getting workout in on a tight schedule quick and easy

Can be used from teens to seniors

“Own A Home Band Gym allows you to Enhance YOUR…”

Dynamic Flexibility to keep you moving well for years

Total body “REAL WORLD strength not useless isolated weight-room strength

Anaerobic conditioning so you can burn fat fast

Total body power that you use this everyday regardless what you do

Lean muscle mass so clothes look and fit better

Core Strength the right way

Coordination and agility to Bullet Proof your body from injury

Let me show and teach you exactly:

Why Bands Work How Bands will quick enhance your fitness level How easy it is to set up your own band gym regardless of budget and space How to make you own inexpensive accessories that make band training even better How to maximize your band training area depending on where you want to train How to literally take your gym with you to the Park, on the road or to your back yard