David Snyder - Cpi (2016 event)

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David Snyder - Cpi (2016 event) digital download. Info: [Webrip - 16 MP4 ] | 10.014 GB. Here what will be covered Resistance, Social Status, Persona fra...
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David Snyder - Cpi (2016 event)

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 16 MP4 ]

File size: 10.014 GB

Cpi (2016 event)

Here what will be covered Resistance, Social Status, Persona framesIdentity, Association and Disassociation, Emotional Polarity

Universal Formula of Influence, Languaging, Awareness Presupposition

State Control, Critical Path, Coherence

Weak Words, Adverb Adjective Presuppositions, Job Interviewing

Interviewing, Swish Pattern, Meetups, Temporal & Ordinal Language Patterns

Gratitude, Tuning, Tonality, Gestures

Echoing, Reactants, Leveraging Defense

Defining Hypnosis, Triune Brain, Feedback Loops

Criteria and Values Breakdown, Anchors, Transparent Wording

Cause and Effect, Presupposition Strategy, Conversational Postulates

Emotional Refractory, Feedback Loops, Driver States, Rapport

Open Heart Trust, Authority, Entrainment, Kinesthetic Rapport

Calibration, Amplifying Emotion, Remote Influence

Complex Equivalents, Pattern Interrupt, Magnificent 7, Hypno Gangbang

Spatial Language Pattern, Hypnotic Installation

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