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Get training, coaching and community from proven app founders who reveal how to grow downloads, retain users, monetize and how to build and sustain a mobile app business.

“We 5x downloads and revenue using some of the App Masters Academy strategies. This is the best place to keep updated about the app marketplace. You definitely can trust in Steve!”

– Marcos Palacios, Founder of FitKeeper

Your Instructor

Steve P. Young is an app marketing expert and founder of App Masters where they have helped clients 10X downloads and revenue. App Masters is known for their ASO and growth hacking strategies and have helped 29 different clients get featured by Apple.

Course Curriculum

What’s Working Today! (Always updated with the latest strategies)
StartHow to Use Copyright Keywords (7:11)
StartHow to Guarantee Increase Keyword Rankings (5:45)
StartMillion Dollar Pricing Pages (24:56)
App Store Optimization
StartWelcome (3:32)
StartIntroduction (1:46)
StartProject Overview (0:45)
StartWhat is App Store Optimization (ASO)? (1:42)
StartASO Factors (2:51)
StartASO Strategies (1:26)
StartASO Keyword Template (4:28)
StartTools to Generate Keywords (10:56)
StartHow to Use Search Ads to Find New Keywords (7:28)
StartWhy You Should Use Two ASO Tools (Mobile Action & Sensor Tower) (13:41)
StartHow to Double Your Keywords (Spanish-Mexico Trick) (11:58)
StartHow to Get Keywords Data (5:45)
StartHow to Pick the Right Keywords (iOS) (15:30)
StartHow to Pick the Right Keywords (Google Play) (7:21)
StartOptimizing Beyond the Keywords (15:44)
StartHow to Write An App Description That Converts (5:13)
StartHow to Find Keyword Misspellings & Increase Downloads (10:53)
StartHow to Use Copyright Keywords (7:11)
StartHow to Guarantee Increase Keyword Rankings (5:45)
StartWatch Me Optimize: Simple Notes (27:54)
StartBlack Hat ASO: How to Buy App Store Reviews (10:03)
How to Land an Apple Feature
StartHow to Reach Out to Apple (43:57)
StartHow to Create a Presentation for Apple (9:23)
StartHow to Find an Apple App Store Manager Through LinkedIn (5:39)
StartHow to Use LinkedIn Ads for an Apple Feature (13:27)
How to Get Massive Press for Your App or Company
StartHow to Find Anyone’s Email Address in 2 Minutes (6:03)
StartHow to Track Your Email Opens & Clicks (6:03)
StartHow to Automatically Remember to Send Follow Up Emails (7:08)
StartHow to Reduce the Time You Spend Emailing Reporters (6:50)
StartThe Problem with Getting a Reporter’s Attention (1:49)
StartThe #1 Way to Get Press Coverage (6:30)
StartHow to Use the Founder as the Story of Your Launch (1:56)
StartHow to Come Up With Your Unique Selling Point (2:47)
StartUse The “First Look” Approach (4:34)
Start7 Things to Include in Your Press Outreach Email (16:37)
StartHow to Follow Up with a Journalist (5:15)
StartHow to Find Influencers & Get Them to Share Your Content (7:29)
StartHow to Find The Most Shared Content & Key Influencers (9:30)
StartHow to Get Free Publicity (10:57)
StartHow to Best Leverage The Exclusive Strategy (3:02)
App Monetization & Retention
StartMillion Dollar Pricing Pages
How to Soft Launch Your App
StartSoft Launch Promo (1:20)
StartProject Overview (7:56)
StartWhy Soft Launch (12:16)
Startv0.999??? (1:35)
StartSoft Launch Goals (9:03)
StartBeta Users Online (6:27)
StartBeta Users Offline (3:43)
StartSoft Launch Countries (3:45)
StartMore Testing (10:29)
StartSoft Launching on iOS (11:53)
StartSoft Launching on Google Play (4:41)
StartHow to Leverage Soft Launch (5:19)
StartRevive an App or Let it Die (13:32)
StartConclusion (2:19)
How to Launch on Product Hunt
StartOverview (1:38)
StartProject (1:19)
StartWhat is Product Hunt? (1:51)
StartProduct Hunt Roles and Algorithm (4:26)
StartTools and Resources to Help (12:11)
StartThings You Must Know Before Launching (3:35)
StartHow to Come Up With Clever Taglines (3:59)
StartPitching a Moderator (4:21)
StartStep by Step Guide on Launch Day (9:53)
Guest Experts
StartGameDesign_KevinWolstenholme_Final (40:42)
Startalternate_marketplace (62:16)
StartFacebook_Targeting_hacks (46:14)
StartApp-Performance-FINAL (76:53)
Startapp-traffic-academy (28:41)
Startfun-run-formula (50:29)
Startfanbytes-snapchat (43:13)
Startcross-promotion-mark-johnson (48:21)
Startaso_professional (42:21)
Startglobal-market-josh-burns-FINAL (64:01)
Startreskinning-apps-yohann-taieb (43:12)
Starthow-to-get-press-final (25:05)
Startapp-video (43:49)

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