David Frey - Consulting/Coaching : Your First 20 Clients

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David Frey - Consulting/Coaching : Your First 20 Clients digital download. Info: [mp3] + transcript [pdf]). A step-by-step guide to getting your first 2...
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David Frey - Consulting/Coaching : Your First 20 Clients

Type: Digital download

Format: [mp3] + transcript [pdf])

Consulting/Coaching : Your First 20 Clients

A step-by-step guide to getting your first 20 clients. This audio program solves your most pressing worry as a new coach or consultant by showing you how to quickly and naturally land your first 20 paying clients.

You’ve finished your coaches training or just come out of the corporate world to start your own practice only to discover that you have no idea how to get your first paying clients.

I’ve seen this scenario happen many times. This seems to be an epidemic among new coaches and consultants. You’ve been taught to either be a great coach or to be a technically strong consultant. Unfortunately, no one taught you how to be a good marketer.

So you buy books on how to get clients and they tell you to go to networking meetings, do Internet marketing, speak in public, or write a book. Those are all valid marketing strategies and work very well…in the long term.

But how do go out and get clients NOW !

This 80 minute audio CD presentation lays out a short-term client generating program that works. This information is NOT found in the marketing bootcamp audio CD’s or manual.

When you get this program you’ll learn…

* How to deliver your marketing message to thousands of business people working in your town in a very personal way, with NO advertising, networking, public speaking, or direct mail — in only a matter of weeks. (This one strategy alone is worth many times more than the entire course…I kid you not!)

* How to approach your prospective clients in a natural and unassuming way.

* How to compel your prospects to call and ask YOU about your services.

* How to deliver your most potent marketing message without you being there.

* Exactly what to say to people to weed out your unproductive prospects.

* How to use your local C.P.A. to get in front of lots of hot qualified prospects.

* How to partner with specific local businesses to get dozens of new clients.

* How to negotiate for valuable marketing resources when doing trial sessions.

* How to triple the amount of referrals people give you using this one question.

* How to get people to quickly believe and trust in your abilities and services.

* How to get people who say “no” to you, to help you get more clients.

* How to get testimonials without having done any coaching or consulting.

* The exact script for getting people to say “yes” to an appointment with you.

“Your First 20 Clients” audio CD program, perhaps, contains the most valuable information in the entire Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp.

For new coaches and consultants, it will be your lifeline, for you experienced practitioners, it will open your eyes to a few strategies that you’ve never seen or even thought of before.

Not only will you receive the double audio CD program, but you’ll also receive the entire 41 page transcript of the program so that you can study it over and over again or take it with you to read at your leisure.

Here’s what one consultant had to say about the, “Your First 20 Clients CD”

"David Frey really delivers in “Your First 20 Clients”.

But, let me first say that it could just as easily be called, “Your NEXT 20 Clients”. I’ve been creating custom databases for small businesses for almost 10 years, but I’m going to use the powerful techniques David shares to get MY next 20 clients.

He really breaks it down for you. No fluff, here. Step by step — “First do this, then that. Here’s why it works”. Finally, I have a cost-effective way of getting new business.

There’s no mystery. It’s not magic. It’s just good common sense stuff that I never thought of on my own. It’s also going to require work on my part. (Darn you, David!). While, it’s full of great suggestions, I’m most excited about the detailed explanation of how to create and use an audio CD. That’s going to have a huge impact in my business."

- Keith Price – Software Consultant and Developer of The Magic Bullet Software