David Crow - Hua Lu: Essential Oils and TCM Course

David Crow - Hua Lu: Essential Oils and TCM Course digital download. Info: (Webrip - 10 TS's, 25 PDF's) | 217.58 MB. Study the art and science of aromat...

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David Crow - Hua Lu: Essential Oils and TCM Course

Type: Digital download

Format: (Webrip - 10 TS's, 25 PDF's)

File size: 217.58 MB

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Hua Lu: Flower Dew

From the mind of herbalist, acupuncturist and Floracopeia founder, David Crow, we are pleased to offer the audio course Hua Lu: Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy According to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Study the art and science of aromatic botanical medicine through the lens of China's ancient healing system with one of its leading teachers. In this unique educational experience, David Crow illustrates how the vast and profound wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be applied to the use of aromatic plants and their essential oils.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The history of aromatic botanical medicine in China
  • Which application method David Crow does NOT recommend
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your TCM techniques with aromatic botanical medicine
  • Various methods for integrating aromatherapy into your TCM practice, and when they should be used
  • Which oils to use for imbalances of TCM’s Seven Emotions
  • Ways to use aromatherapy to enhance the health of Shen, or spirit
  • The physiological reason why essential oils work on our emotions
  • The strength of the healing relationship between certain imbalances and aromatic botanicals
  • How to understand the oils according to the Five Elements, the Five Flavors, Shen, Yin and Yang, San Jiao, and the Six Excesses
  • And much more...

Hua means “flower,” and lu means “dew.” This term describes how drops of aromatic water are collected during the creation of an exquisite perfume, made by distilling neroli flowers (Citrus aurantium, chih shih) together with chen xiang (agarwood, Aquillaria agalocha). In this one of a kind course, you will learn through both audio recordings and written material the vast and profound wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it applies to the use and study of aromatic plants and their essential oils.

Essential oils can be looked at through many lenses. They can be described in terms of chemistry, physiology, microbiology, clinical therapeutics, agriculture, ecophysiology, history, commerce, etc. They can also be looked at through the lens of spiritual applications and shamanism. They can be described both according to modern physiology and according to the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This course utilizes two basic approaches. The first examines the role of aromatic plants and their preparations in TCM; the second describes the oils, their properties and their therapeutic uses according to TCM principles and terminology. In this way, we will see how traditional doctors utilized the healing powers of aromatic plants and will thereby gain insights into the modern uses of their essential oils. Furthermore, we will use the traditional concepts of TCM to explain the more modern development of essential oils being utilized for their own benefits.

Professional Development Activity

This is a CEU course you can take from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

The course is in both audio (MP3 Format) and text (PDF Format)

Eligible for the following CEUs (Continuing Education Units):

  • 11 CEUs from NCCAOM - Provider #353
  • 11 CEUs from CAB - Provider #1041
  • 10 CEUs from NCBTMB - Provider #451428-10

Shen: An Expert From Hua Lu