Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

What if you knew these skills so well, so thoroughly, that you did not have to “think” about them or wonder “what to do next”, but instead they really beco...

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What if you knew these skills so well, so thoroughly, that you did not have to “think” about them or wonder “what to do next”, but instead they really become a “part” of who you are and something you just “do”? File Size: 186 MB 


Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course

Would you like to learn the Language of Speed Seduction?

What if you could easily and naturally use the words, phrases, commands, sentences, and all of the language tools as easily as speak now? Do you know how some people are just able to have fun, fascinating, interesting conversations with just about anyone, anywhere? And how some people can even get a conversation to go exactly where they want? Would you like to have that skill for yourself?

What if you knew these skills so well, so thoroughly, that you did not have to “think” about them or wonder “what to do next”, but instead they really become a “part” of who you are and something you just “do”?

Now you can gain these skills and more using …. Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course!

“Dave Riker has a staggering understanding of and astounding skill with Speed Seduction® AND an amazing ability to present a linear, structured, step by step approach that any guy can use to improve his success with the Speed Seduction® material.”

Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction®

Hello again guys, Dave Riker here to tell you about my Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course.

Would you rather hear an audio presentation about the product? If so, use the player on the left to listen now.

Over the years when I have spent time and really seen how the best students operate, I have recognized that many of them have gotten to the point of just being able to “talk this way”. They no longer need to worry about the details, the words, phrases, topics, or even how to manage conversations. For them, it just “happens”.

But I have always wondered, … How can I create a program or course that will allow EVERYONE to get to that level of skill (or at least, well on their way to doing so)?

For many students who HAVE gotten to that level, they did it by a LOT of work or by sheer brute force, or for many of them it just was “easier” somehow. It was something about who they were, or how they were wired, they just GOT IT. But what about the rest of the guys out there? Can we really change the way you speak? Teach you this new language? Make it so that you eventually don’t have to “search” for words or try to “remember” things because you just KNOW it? Can we make it so that you can easily discuss the topics that will REALLY get results? Can we make it so that the whole concept of “patterns” now becomes just the way you can speak, anytime, anywhere, at WILL? Can we make it so that you can manage conversations easily, get them to where you want them to go, and get the results you are looking for?

Yes, it is possible. And that’s exactly what Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course does!

Get immediately download Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

I have broken down these concepts, techniques, and skills into a series of discussions, lessons, exercises, and assignments that will teach you and train you to acquire these skills for yourself!

Please understand that this is about much more than Speed Seduction® and meeting women. This is also about learning how to speak and presenting yourself in an interesting, fascinating, charismatic manner. Once you learn how to do this, your “results” will improve in this and many other areas of your life!

This is an important point. The language and conversational skills taught in this course apply to much much more than meeting women. These tools will improve the way you speak in any situation. When these techniques really DO become “a part of you you are”, not just some trick or something you memorized, but just “the way you talk”, then they can be used anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. You can and will become that guy that people just LOVE talking to because you will really know how to make conversations fun, interesting, exciting, and fascinating for everyone around you.

The Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course focuses upon three main areas of study.

Speaking and Language Techniques

This section will help you with the skills of speaking in that relaxed, interesting, engaging way that women LOVE. We work on your voice, on being able to project the correct energy, passion, and have people just LOVE to hear you talk!

We also break down all of those “bits and pieces” that are used ALL the time in SS. The commands, trance words, phrases, etc. that you have heard again and again but tried to “memorize” (and, for many guys, with limited success). The training exercises in this Language Course help you become SO familiar with them that you don’t have to “think” about it - you just do it!

Plus, by REALLY deciphering how the best students speak, we have learned about an entire set of language techniques that have never really been spelled out before. Things that the “naturals” (the guys that are naturally able to meet women) do. Things that the best students do! Ways to easily link feelings to you, to anchor then to you, to make women just feel GOOD when you are around, to get women interested and fascinated just to hear you talk! (Don’t worry, these techniques are VERY easy to learn and master now that they have been broken down in this manner.)

And ALL of this comes along with exercises and assignments, things that YOU do, step-by-step, so that you become TRAINED to just TALK THIS WAY!

Conversational Management

Have you ever been stuck in a dead-end conversation that goes NOWHERE? Been stuck talking about subjects that are BORING or that couldn’t get ANYONE excited?

This part goes WAY beyond anything ever presented before. In this section, you will be taught and trained on various conversational tools that will allow you to easily and swiftly take conversations where YOU want them to go!

We break down conversations and give you tools that allow you to focus on having conversations that are fun, positive and interesting. The more you do that, the easier it gets, and the more people will see YOU as someone who is fun to spend time with!

Then we go further in showing you how to have conversations that get REALLY interesting … that have a fascinating, emotional, exciting component to them. And then … we move towards conversations that go … even further … when the time is right.

The key parts of these techniques are broken down into a model and specific steps, and specific skills, that you are taught and that you will practice, so that these become automatic for you. You can get to a level of skill that allows you to get from ANY topic to a Seduction Oriented Topic, in a very short while, and have it all sound very natural and interesting.

Patterns and Topics

These sections build upon the language and speaking tools so that “memorizing patterns” is a thing of the past! Imagine having literally HUNDREDS of subjects, topics, and things to talk about, that aren’t something you need to “think about”, they aren’t a “script”, they become things that YOU KNOW and that YOU CAN TALK ABOUT as easily as you can say your own name!

Sure, we refer to some of the “patterns” you may have seen before, but we quickly move you into learning how to discuss topics that YOU find interesting, in ways that are fascinating and charismatic, and in that compelling way that women LOVE!

We also will teach you about the concept of Seduction Oriented Topics. - Think about EASILY knowing how to discuss and speak about dozens upon dozens of topics that are the kinds that WORK with women! Now imagine knowing them SO well, so fluently, that you can just talk about them at length, AT WILL! Well, YOU WILL by the time you are done with this course!

These sections all build upon each other, step by step. These sections are all taught in a way that one skill builds upon the next. You learn small details, and move into larger ones. You learn the language tools well, and then learn about having conversations and using those language tools IN those conversations.

Imagine what it would be like to just discuss just about ANY topic that comes up, and move the conversation into more and more interesting areas. Then, when you need it, being able to create the language you need, there, in the moment, on-the-fly! Just like a jazz musician who can improvise a solo, or a world-class football player who can improvise and weave and run through any number of opponents with ease, YOU will be able to talk about almost ANY subject and create the language YOU need to get results!

And if that was not enough …

Examples, examples, examples, examples, EXAMPLES! One of the keys to learning any new language, or any new technique is by the use of EXAMPLES! When you hear example, after example, after example, after example, after example, you cannot HELP but have it all become a part of you! This entire course has THOUSANDS OF EXAMPLES throughout to help you learn. PLUS, there is a special section dedicated to providing you REAL examples of how to use these skills!

Wow! That’s a lot!

Now I know this sounds like LOT of info, and it is. And it could almost sound intimidating - I can hear it now - “How can I learn to do all of that?” You CAN, and you WILL! These techniques, skills, tricks, and tips have all been broken down and explained, and demonstrated, and also included in and exercises and assignments that YOU DO so that YOU become trained! You can and will become the man who can just “talk this way”, YOU will become the man who can just “DO THIS”!

There is a tremendous amount of technology, educational techniques, and methods that are built into this course. It works on many levels, all at once. You are taught skills in a normal “learning” way, you are given a series of exercises and assignments to train you and help you to really develop (and KNOW) the skills for yourself, and you are also “reprogrammed” using linguistic and hypnotic methods, so that it becomes easier and easier for you to use and work these skills into your own life.

The Dave Riker Interview, by Hypnotica.

Get immediately download Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

Are you interested in many of the areas of study that go into a product like this such as the teaching methods, language, linguistics, and hypnotic constructs?

Maybe you are curious about the process of going from an idea, to an outline, to a recording, and to a product? Maybe you have just wondered why it took Dave Riker 2 years to get this finished!? My friend and colleague Hypnotica (www.hypnotica.org) sat with me and we talked about a LOT of these details and more!

What actually comes with the Language and Conversation Course?

The course is made up of over 11 hours of lectures that were all recorded and edited with high-quality equipment in a studio-like environment. You can clearly and easily hear everything that is being said. No more of those moments of you listening and thinking to yourself … “what did he say …?” “what was THAT?”

There is a Manual/Workbook (146 pages!) that follows along with the lectures. It has diagrams and charts to help your understanding (many of which are in the Conversational Management section). It has many lists and examples of language bits and pieces that you can learn and use.

The Workbook also contains many areas for you to write down details of your own work in doing the exercises and assignments. Plus, specific “Formulas”, both Strategic and Tactical ones, that give details about what each technique can do, and how it can be used. And the Workbook’s major sections are cross-referenced to audio lectures, so you can easily reference between the lectures and the workbook whenever you want.

So, now, you end up with … 11+ hours of lectures and a full 140+ page Workbook packed with information, exercises, and assignments. All of that for only $199!

Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course: Sample

Here’s What You’ll Get in Dave Riker - SS Language and Conversation Course

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