Dave Navarro & Naomi Dunford - How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook

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Dave Navarro & Naomi Dunford - How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook digital download. Info: [ebooks (PDF/DOC) + 2 Audios (MP3s)]. Here’s The Simples...
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Dave Navarro & Naomi Dunford - How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook

Type: Digital download

Format: [ebooks (PDF/DOC) + 2 Audios (MP3s)]


How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook

How To Get It Done, Get It Out There, And Get It Sold

Here’s The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Sell Hundreds (Or Thousands) Of Your Ebooks Each Year without starting with a huge audience, without spending a penny on ads, and without using a single tactic that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Here’s All The Good Stuff You’re Going To Learn:

* The two websites you need to visit to get researching your target market out of the way as quickly as possible
* How to find out exactly how big your target market is (and how much money they’re already spending on products)
* How to leverage your competition’s weaknesses (and capture their customers by filling the gaps they’ve left)
* How to clearly communicate to readers why they should buy from you instead of anyone else
* Why the free information available on the web poses zero competition to you and your ebook
* The simplest way to set up an email list (without breaking the bank)
* The most powerful way to boost the percentage of visitors who join your list (if you’re not doing this, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table)
* The critical thing you need to tell your subscribers to do immediately after joining your list
* Why your list has to have a specific theme (otherwise no one will join it)
* The one crucial factor you need to be sure about before you sign up with an email list provider
* How to keep your mailing list “warm” and responsive
* What to include in your first list message so that your subscribers will welcome your promotions
* How to design a blog that attracts the audience you want (and sells your ebook for you)
* How to choose a kick-ass name for your blog (even when it seems all the good ones are taken)
* How to make it easy to come up with a stream of target content (and never get stuck for ideas again)
* How to define a compelling theme and tagline for your blog
* How to use your ebook to create blog content (without giving away the goods)
* How to have your blog readers help write your ebook for you
* How to fine-tune your About page to draw in more sales
* Exactly which blogs you should guest post on
* How to network with blog owners
* Why stepping away from your niche can actually bring in more sales
* Why your competitors may welcome your guest post on their blogs with open arms
* The most important thing your guest post needs (miss this, and your efforts are wasted)
* The too-often-neglected strategy that makes it easy to get on a blogger’s radar
* How to make your competitor’s audience see you as an authority
* How to determine which blogs are sending you new readers (so you know which are a waste of time)
* How to know which readers are most likely to become your biggest fans
* Why blog readers fall into two camps (and why marketing to the second kind is so important)
* Two worry-free strategies for outlining your ebook
* How to get inspired to finish your ebook (and kick writer’s block where it hurts)
* Four resources for discovering new topics to include in your ebook
* How to use your competitor’s books to create better outlines
* How to set sane writing schedules you can actually stick to
* The two “rules of schedulingyou need to know up front (or you’ll be intimidated the whole time you write your ebook)
* 4 ways to rescue yourself when you don’t have enough time to write your ebook
* How to get people excited to edit your book for you (even if they think they’re too busy to do it)
* The single most important person you need to ask to edit your book
* The 5 stages of running a strong-selling ebook launch
* Can’t-miss strategies for overcoming pre-launch confidence jitters
* How to get all the positive reviews for your book you’ll ever need
* The 2 types of people you want to have talking about your ebook (and why each is important to making more sales)
* 5 ways to make “the big bloggers” feel like they owe you when it’s time to do your launch
* 4 ways to create a steady stream of ebook sales by using affiliates
* How to decide the right amount of money to pay your affiliates
* Why you don’t need a lot of affiliates to make a lot of ebook sales
* Tips for choosing the right affiliate program for you
* The easy way to set up your affiliate program
* The 4 step process for recruiting new affiliates
* Six things you can do for affiliates to help them sell a lot more of your ebooks
* How to write an sales page that doesn’t turn people off
* 7 key features that turn an “ok” sales page into a high-conversion selling tool
* When it’s a good idea to break traditional rules about sales pages
* 11 “little things” that keep people focused on your message (ignore these, and your readers will click away)
* How to make a first wave of sales before your launch date (and how it can make your formal launch much more successful)
* 4 important considerations you need to take when running a pre-launch sale
* The 3 important “behind the scenes” strategies you need to be working on before your launch
* 6 simple ways to build up pre-launch buzz
* The specific, step-by-step plan you need to follow to maximize your launch sales (the sequence makes all the difference)
* 6 steps to take after the launch to keep your ebook sales coming in
* 5 additional revenue streams you can create using your ebook