Data Studio Mastery (Data Driven)

Data Studio Mastery (Data Driven) digital download.

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Data Studio Mastery (Data Driven)

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Data Driven - Data Studio Mastery

Data Driven - Data Studio Mastery

From the desk of Jeff Sauer, Founder of Jeffalytics and Data Driven

After years of confusion trying to get reports to look great using Google’s Data Studio platform, I got fed up with sifting through massive streams of meaningless data. Sure, Data Studio had potential and could easily connect to my marketing data sources, but something was missing. My first several report attempts were style over substance at best.

I needed a reporting solution that could produce real-time answers to guide business strategy, visually communicate my marketing vision, and provide value to my clients.

If I wanted to avoid hundreds of wasted hours building a single report, I needed a “done for you” set of templates that I could plug into Google Data Studio. These templates didn’t exist, so I moved to Thailand, locked myself into a spare bedroom and built them!


Section 1

Why Google Data Studio

  • Why Use Google Data Studio

  • Making Good Looking Reports Easier

  • What you can Build in Google Data Studio

Section 2

Reporting Strategy

  • Strategy First

  • Great Reports Don’t Just Happen!

  • Reporting Checklist

  • Reporting Flowchart

Section 3

Getting Comfortable Inside Google Data Studio

  • Accessing Google Data Studio and Creating a New Account

  • What do you do Inside Google Data Studio?

  • Getting Started with Reports and Template Options

  • Looking at Data Inside Google Data Studio

Section 4

What Are Data Sources?

  • What are Data Sources?

  • Overview of Sample Data Sources Provided by Google

  • How to Use GDS with Google Analytics

  • Understanding the Google Analytics API

  • Using Data Studio with Google Sheets

Section 5

Reporting Design Matters

  • Designing and Styling Your Report

  • Interactive Reports - Good or Bad Idea

  • Making Interactive Reports

Section 6

Connecting To Data Sources

  • Connecting to Google Search Console

  • Developing a YouTube Report

  • Campaign Analysis in Google Ads

  • Third Party Connectors and Supermetrics

  • Facebook Ads Dashboard

  • Using Zapier and Google Sheets for Automating Everything Else

Section 7

Creating Reporting Targets

  • Creating Reporting Targets Using Calculated Fields

  • Using Calculated Fields to Create New Metrics

  • Blending Data from Multiple Sources

Section 8

Putting It All Together

  • How Strategy and Resources Work Together

  • Dissecting our Completed Dashboard

  • Putting Everything Together to Deliver a Complete Analysis

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