Darren Rowse - The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

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Darren Rowse - The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing digital download. Info: [13 eBooks (PDF)+7 worksheets (XLS)+1 Presentation (PPT)+1 Document (DOC)+1 ...
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Darren Rowse - The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

Type: Digital download

Format: [13 eBooks (PDF)+7 worksheets (XLS)+1 Presentation (PPT)+1 Document (DOC)+1 Video (MP4)]



The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

“You see ninja, I’ve got this blog, and the traffic’s growing, but it’s just not making any money – can you help?”

If this sounds like you, I’m glad you stopped by…

Discover How to Turn Your Passion into Profit Today

Turning your passion, your blog, into something truly profitable can be quite a challenge. You’re following all the marketing advice you can find online, implementing ‘proven’ promotional tactics. You’re scrambling for the latest books, ebooks, courses, consulting…

Forget the scattergun approach.

Transform Your Blog into a Real Business

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to a Profitable Blog is a comprehensive, 31 chapter blueprint for your blog’s ongoing profitability – right from the ground up.

Backed by an extensive library of practical templates, printable worksheets, and in-practice example documents, this kit delivers all you need to make your blog turn a profit now, and over the long term.

If you’re serious about generating income from your blog, you’ll find this product indispensable.

A Blueprint for a Profitable Blog

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to a Profitable Blog has two parts (and a bonus):

1. The 31 Chapter eBook

This clear, practical ebook includes 31 chapters focused on practical profit-generating strategies. Each detailed, insightful chapter encapsulates the Web Marketing Ninja’s wisdom, honesty, and extensive experience creating profitable and sustainable online brands. There’s also plenty of examples and activities for you to tackle.

  1. Conduct a brand audit
  2. Understand your target audience
  3. Create customer personas
  4. Understand the competition
  5. Write your elevator pitch
  6. Conduct the “three-second” test
  7. Ensure your blog is on-brand
  8. Edit your content
  9. Create a framework for measuring success
  10. Get email-enabled
  11. Get set to A/B test
  12. Conduct an SEO audit
  13. Build your core support team
  14. Understand your monetization options
  15. Understand advertising
  16. Understand affiliate programs
  17. Organize and plan products
  18. Create a launch plan
  19. Master the campaign
  20. Manage a launch
  21. Price products
  22. Understand discounting
  23. Define your sales funnel
  24. Make PR contacts
  25. Promote someone else’s product
  26. Run a competition
  27. Survey your customers
  28. Run an advertising campaign
  29. Understand the long tail
  30. Know when to stop marketing
  31. Review your strategy

Together, these chapters guide you on a step-by-step journey to online marketing success.

2. The Comprehensive Resource Library

Your downloadable, practical resource library contains more than 21 documents, templates, worksheets, and examples to help you put the Ninja’s advice into practice immediately.

It includes:

  • Sample sales pages
  • Performance tracking template
  • Measurement framework
  • Campaign planning proforma
  • Affiliate performance measurement tool
  • Customer life-cycle analysis example
  • Joint venture email template
  • Presentation example
  • Survey plan example
  • Launch plan and email templates
  • Testing templates
  • Plus many more

Get a head-start on the path to blog profitability with these usable, hands-on resources.

3. Bonus: 1 Hour Webinar Recording

Early buyers of this kit were invited to a Q&A webinar with Chris Garrett, Darren Rowse and the Web Marketing Ninja where they answered frequently asked questions on the topic of making money blogging.

You’ll get access to a recording of this webinar which goes for around 70 minutes to listen to in your own time.