Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers

Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers. Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for SpeakersGet Darren LaCroix - How...
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Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers

Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers

Get Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers at the standbysun

Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily
Speak, Motivate, and Inspire Like a Pro
Without Years of Unnecessary Trial and Error.

Public Speaking Secrets Revealed from two World Champions…
Craig Valentine smallDarren Lacroix Small
How Professional Presenters Can
Introducing the amazing Boot Camp in a Box ($2,500 value): that will give you the insider secrets, the hidden processes, the public speaking training, the little-known public speaking tips, the how-to’s, so that you can become the motivational speaker that you have always dreamed of becoming. Connecting with your audiences, inspire them, and change what they think, feel, and do because of what you’ve shared with them. Transform yourself from a good speaker …to one who Owns the Stage …overnight!

Never again take the stage.

Instead, Own it.
This video clip will give you a great snapshot of how this program will transform your presentations overnight! You’ll see how two world champion speakers prepare to Own the Stage. They’ll show and tell you exactly what they do a week before, an hour before, and even five minutes before they give a presentation.
Get inside their minds, and see what they do differently to Own the Stage. Once they’re on the stage, learn what they do to grab and keep the audience’s attention, using techniques that most presenters overlook. And that’s just the beginning.
Dear Fellow Presenter,
Ever notice how some seemingly gifted speakers make it look so easy?
How do they do that? What if you could?
Most speakers take the stage, but they don’t own it. They don’t keep their audiences on the edge of their seats, leaning on their every word. They don’t energize their audiences and keep them wanting more. They don’t leave them with a message that sticks.
Here’s our guarantee to you: By the time you complete this entire program, you will have the tools needed to Own the Stage yourself. When you put these tools to work, you’ll become the kind of speaker people will travel far and wide to see.
How would you like to create a groundbreaking speech?
How would you like to know the PROCESS for creating more of them?
That’s what you’ll get with the Own The Stage program … the best PROCESS in existence.
This is the same process that helped one company raise 17 million dollars. A CEO from another organization requires that his presenters learn this process in order to advance to the next level in his company. These presenters are selling $150,000 in contracts each month. You can get the same process that these successful people are using.
“Own The Stage was absolutely awesome!

I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”
Salim Sayyid, CTM,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Darren, you have so many learning tools.
Why did you create another program?”

Great question! Most of my programs were developed as a result of my experience as a speaker. I only started coaching my first speaker back in 2001, one month after winning the World Championship of Public Speaking. Now I have a whole new perspective; I help transform other presenters. I’ve helped celebrity athletes, CEOs, and I even coached Vikas Jhingran before he won the World Championship in 2007. What did he have to say about my ability to coach presenters?
“Using the stage to make characters come to life is a powerful — but rarely used —
speaking tool, and I know no one better at doing this than Darren LaCroix.”
~ Vikas Jhingran, 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking
In the past two years, I’ve learned many new techniques from my own coaches — and I’m just dying to tell you about them! I’ve also teamed up with fellow World Champion Craig Valentine. Our combined 14 years of coaching experience, along with his perspective on storytelling, will transform your speaking.

Get Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers at the standbysun

Who are your World Champion coaches?

Both Craig Valentine in 1999 and Darren LaCroix in 2001, outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.
Now they have taken the “process” they developed to coach other presenters on their important presentations. Discover the key feedback from these masters that transforms the people they coach. See speeches through the eyes of two World Champions.

Craig and I kept getting the same question over and over, and we couldn’t answer it!

Throughout the years, many people have asked us to recommend a tool for learning the “Use of the Stage.” At one of our Boot Camps, we heard the question again, and we finally looked at each other and said, “Guess it’s time for us to create one!” And, the idea was born. It originally started out as a 2-DVD set. We hired a film crew and traveled to Toronto, Canada, to film. DVD #1 was supposed to be the “Principles,” and DVD #2 was to be “Coaching Tips.”
Then, at the Boot Camp, we decided to film the whole two days to make sure we captured the most transformational moments for each of the participants.
After listening to the feedback we received from people who were there that weekend, we knew we just couldn’t leave anything out! It was truly amazing to watch eight speakers, of varying experience levels, transform and apply our Own the Stage Foundations. The participants loved it! And so… we kept it all!
We were so serious about making this an incredible and helpful tool that we busted the budget, blew off the original timeframe, and invested a year of our lives (along with $25,000) to make this a program you’ll refer back to for years to come. Each time you watch Own the Stage, we DARRENTEE that you’ll see new ideas for your own presentations - ideas that you didn’t catch the first time or the second or the third…!

THIS PROCESS WAS SO INTENSE… AND THE TECHNIQUES SO ADVANCED… THAT WE’LL PROBABLY NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. We know of no other program that reveals the actual LIVE coaching you’ll see in the Own The Stage program.

So, come class with us, sit in the 3rd row, and watch Craig and me coach eight speakers to “own the stage.” Just a quick warning… one of our observers took more than 23 pages of notes! So get on the edge of your seat, take out your notepad, loosen up your writing hand, and get ready to Own The Stage!

“But I don’t think I’m good enough!”

Why learn “bad habits” when you’re just starting out as a speaker? Those habits could take years to overcome. If you start early and use the right tools and techniques, you will surpass many of the speakers around you. They’ll want to know your secret!
Carmelita, one of the speakers you’ll see on Own the Stage, wrote her speech the night before the Boot Camp. She was an average speaker with very little experience when she walked in. And she walked out completely transformed; she owned the stage.
If Carmelita can apply these principles, so can you!
“My wife and I just attended the Get Coached to Speak Champ Camp.
You moved my speaking years ahead in one single weekend. Thank you.”
~ Latta Johnson, Ooltewah, TN

“But what if I’m an experienced presenter
who is already confident on stage?”

Even better! As a professional you know that most paid speeches are booked as a result of someone’s having seen you present live. So, the better you are live, the more referrals you can get, and the faster you can raise your fee. Bottom line, the best speakers get coached. Here is a perfect way to get the same insights without spending thousands of dollars.

“Can’t I just learn it all on my own?”

You could. But even after being a comedian for more than ten years and a speaker for twelve, Darren has learned new strategies and transformed his own speaking in the past two years. He learned them from his own coach. You’ll get these insights instantly and without any effort from the Own the Stage program.
But why not take the learning of 15 years from two speakers and infuse it into your own style? Give us ten hours, and we’ll take ten years off your learning curve. Darrenteed. There’s more advice out there on speaking than there are good speakers. Whose advice will you follow?
Weeding through bad information can be a huge drain on you, and it’ll slow your own growth down. Learning from someone who is only one step ahead of you will also slow you down and limit your growth. Make sense?
When Darren went for the championship, he got advice from hundreds of speakers. But when he went to the previous World Champions, he got the exact opposite advice from what everyone else had given him!
What works in the real world is usually counter-intuitive. The problem with trying to do it on your own is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Are you willing to risk ten years of experimenting, when you can have the best advice in your hands by next week? And, you don’t even have to leave your home or rent a hotel room to get it!

Witness 8 speakers transform overnight!

What “coaching” did Craig and Darren give them? How did they apply it? In the Own the Stage program, you’ll see a variety of presenters: Pat, a Financial Advisor, who transformed into a powerful communicator overnight; or a new presenter like Carmelita, who had written her speech the night before, and transformed that brand new speech into a powerhouse personal story.
You’ll see participants take their seven-minute speeches from lackluster to blockbuster “signature stories” and keynote presentations that come alive before your eyes. See a business presentation that shows bottom line results from a very personal story. The overnight transformation of these speeches is truly amazing!

“How is this program different from all of the others out there?”

Some programs are informational, some educational. We’ve created one that is truly transformational! It’s one thing to be a great speaker, but it’s entirely different to be a great presentation coach. After a combined 24 years of speaking and 14 years of coaching presenters just like you, this is what we do. Craig and I have transformed speakers who have achieved remarkable results.
Speech contest participants, here and worldwide, have so many success stories. We’ve worked with celebrity speakers, to millionaire CEOs, to people who are just starting out. All have learned our process, and they now apply that process to every new presentation they create.

Get Darren LaCroix - How to Own the Stage Master Programs for Speakers at the standbysun

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