Darlene Powell - Trading the Q’s

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Darlene Powell - Trading the Q’s digital download. Info: [DVD (ISO)]. Do you know why Darlene Powell loves to teach the Qs? It's one of the most activel...
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Darlene Powell - Trading the Q’s

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Trading the Q’s (QQQQ)

by Darlene Powell

Do you know why Darlene Powell loves to teach the Qs? It's one of the most actively traded securities in the market today, made up of the 100 largest tech stocks on the NASDAQ. That means a high-average volume of trading, liquidity, and lower bid-ask spreads. Find out what it takes to trade this powerful, popular security!

Personable, open, and accessible, Darlene Powell has created her own strategies for trading the PowerShares QQQ™ Trust exchange-traded fund (ETF), or "the Qs" for short. This ETF doesn't necessarily require big money to produce profit; a 30 – 40 cent move can potentially mean a nice gain.

From this recording of her live, one-day, Trading the Qs workshop, you can learn how it’s possible to:
• Swing trade the Qs if you have a busy lifestyle.
• Play the Qs on an intraday basis.
• Write covered calls on the Qs to potentially profit on the downturn.
• Minimize risk when writing covered calls.
• Plan and identify potential trading opportunities.

By learning how to play the downside, you'll gain confidence and realize there's nothing necessarily to fear from falling stocks. In addition, you'll find that Darlene's insights and strategies can be applied to any trade, not just the Qs.

The techniques taught in these DVDs are designed to help you learn the skills to become a better trader. Purchase this distance learning course NOW to start on your path to financial freedom! This DVD series allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home!