Danny Iny - Standout Guest Posting

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Danny Iny - Standout Guest Posting digital download. Info: [27 MP4 + 27 MP3 + 40 PDF]. Build Traffic, Subscribers, and Credibility Through Fast, Easy Wr...
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Danny Iny - Standout Guest Posting

Type: Digital download

Format: [27 MP4 + 27 MP3 + 40 PDF]



Standout Guest Posting

Build Traffic, Subscribers, and Credibility Through Fast, Easy Writing!

By Danny Iny

Standout Guest Posting is a self-paced, online training program on how to guest blog successfully.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for you in Standout Guest Posting:

Module 1. Lay the Groundwork
  • How guest blogging can build your business
  • How to find blogs to write for
  • How to leverage micro-networks for guest posting
Module 2. Craft the Angle, Headline, and Pitch
  • How to find juicy topics to write about
  • How to craft the perfect headlines that make host bloggers drool and readers click
  • The no-stress way to pitch to blogs so you almost always get a “yes!” and make a friend in the process (exact templates included)
Module 3. Follow the Proven Process
  • A simple structure to write guest posts that stand out from the competition, and at the same time makes writing easier and faster
  • How to write a byline that entices readers to click through to your website
  • How to enhance your post to take it from ho-hum to remarkable
Module 4. Optimize for Maximum Mileage
  • How to form and nurture relationships with peers and influencers
  • How to promote your guest posts
  • How to track and evaluate your guest posting success

Lessons are delivered through bite-sized online videos, and you can also download the written transcripts of them if you like.

And to help you implement what you’re learning, you’ll have worksheets, samples, and other resources.

Everything will be online. To access your lessons, you only need a computer and decent internet connection.