Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers

Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers digital download. Info: [4 MP3s, 2 DOCXs, 1PDF] | 501.35 MB. Danielle MacKinnon is a renowned Soul Contra...

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Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 MP3s, 2 DOCXs, 1PDF]

File size: 501.35 MB

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Danielle MacKinnon is a renowned Soul Contract Consultant and Intuitive Coach who has been a featured teacher at the esteemed Omega Institute and other highly regarded organizations. She uses her unique abilities to connect deeply with the Soul to offer a fresh and exciting perspective on breaking through blocks, re-balancing relationships, clearing life challenges, discovering the soul purpose, working with pets, developing intuition, and spiritual growth. Danielle delivers keynote addresses and workshops and has shared the stage with some of the biggest transformational experts in the country. She has inspired many by sharing her unique method for breaking through barriers that block love, success, happiness and more.
1. Breaking Through Barriers of Unhealthy Boundaries (MP3 & PDF)
2. Breaking Through Barriers in Psychic Clarity: Recorded Group Clearing (MP3)
3. Get to Know Your Spiritual Guides Finally (MP3)
4. Breaking Through Barriers to Abundance and support
Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
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Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
If you have trouble speaking up or have difficulty asking for what you want, then you have a boundary issue. And if any of this applies to you, then you are on the right page!
  • Are you losing your sense of Self?
  • Do you have trouble saying ‘no?’
  • Are you making your decisions based on what others need or want?
  • Do you do things because you don’t want to ‘owe’?
  • Do you find yourself getting pushy or controlling to hold your own?
  • Do you drive others in an overbearing way?
  • Do you not trust people to do things on their own?
  • Do you feel like you have to prove yourself?
And how often are you doing things at the expense of you?

Everyone has experienced a difficult conversation, a boss who demands more of your time, a friend who keeps asking for more and more, or a child or pet who likes to ‘test’.

Discover what the soul-lesson behind these things is!
Learn why certain patterns and cycles keep repeating
Understand why you feel struggle and pain
Discover how your own personal soul-contracts come into play

In this ninety-minute audio we'll focus on (and yes – start breaking!) the Soul Contracts that have helped to create the unhealthy boundaries in your life.

Important note: This isn’t a quick fix. You're not going to just walk through this program and come away with huge soul-level shifts without investing some time and energy. You will have to do the inner-work and once you do, you’ll be more Self-aware and feel much more Self-empowered!

Most people report significant shifts in their energy after they listen to this audio the first time!

The changes you create and the tools and techniques you learn will not just firm up the boundaries in your life, they'll affect your inner power at your core.

-Over ninety-minutes of audio with a helpful PDF that helps walk you through the field and soul-contract clearings.

"I want to say thank you to Danielle for such a wonderful learning experience. She explained everything so well and gave time for her listeners to take in what was being said. I had no reaction that I was aware of during the first clearing of fields. However, during the second clearing I started to cry and became quite emotional – a lot of momentary sadness. At one point I even found myself saying goodbye to my Mother in my head (she passed away in February 2004). It took me by surprise. I am definitely going to listen again. Again, thank you Danielle for this wonderful experience. I was originally looking at your website for information on animal communication with animals. When I saw the information about “Breaking Through Barriers” I decided to sign up and I am very glad that I did."
- Lindsey

Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Value: $97
Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Are you frustrated by your lack of intuitive abilities? Have you taken psychic development class after class to no avail? Do you struggle trusting the information you receive? Are you petrified that you might get something your guides told you wrong? Are you afraid to let other people know about your abilities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Mp3 may just be the assistance you've been looking for!

Did you know that Soul Contracts can act as hidden barriers that prevent you from opening your psychic senses? Did you know it's possible to discover and break these Soul Contracts thereby giving yourself a huge push forward in your life?

Join Danielle on a hi-speed soul clearing journey designed to help you crash through your unseen barriers to Intuitive Clarity! In this audio, you'll access the deepest levels of your soul to help you release those barriers that have been standing in your way. When you break through your personal hidden blocks:

  • Your clairsentience may kick in so you actually feel the release occurring.
  • Many people report sensations in their body, clearer eyesight, and expanded awareness.
  • Your energy may shift so that you experience an increased excitement and motivation to "open."
  • Your Inner knowing may rev up providing you with sudden inspirations and messages.
  • Your psychic senses may even start expanding the day of the call!

Danielle also guides listeners through a powerful group contract breaking that you can continue to work with even after the call!

This is a recording of a powerful teleseminar Danielle held in which over a thousand people came together to clear unwanted blocks to the psychic abilities. Now, you can capitalize on this powerful group energy right through the recorded call!

"I would like to thank you Danielle. It was so wonderful to be able to release those things I no longer needed. I have been working on this since my daughter passed in January. For the first time in months, I am able to breathe and feel so much lighter. I even started going through her things and declutter my house and my life. So many blessings to you and everyone who was on the call last night."
- Margerite

Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Value: $47
Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers

In this one hour program, Danielle addresses those questions about Spiritual Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, Guide Teams and more in a relaxed, simple and fun manner. In the hour, you’ll learn:

  • How Guide Teams actually function (how do you get a guide anyway?)
  • What does a Spiritual Guide Team consist of?
  • How to call on your Guides (is there a special prayer?)
  • What a Guide Team is
  • About differentiating the various teams assigned to you
  • How to benefit from what your teams have to offer
This program is geared toward people who have been wondering about their guides or have been making an effort to connect with them, but aren’t quite “feeling it” yet and incorporates Danielle’s experience from her many years of working with her own guide teams as well as those of her clients (both human and animal).

"This was a great event! I noticed a change immediately after the clearing (I actually fell asleep for a few minutes!) When I awoke I felt very light and peaceful... was not counting on that. There seems to be residual effect since also… people I have been having problems with seem to be less problematic for me now (psychologically/spiritually)."
Thanks Danielle!
- Leslie

Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Value: $177
Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Have you been feeling like the universe just isn’t “coming through” for you?

Have you been wondering why your best friend can’t lend an ear when you really need it?

Have you been having a hard time finding success in your business?

Have you been feeling like you are on your own, with nothing and no one to help you move forward?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from soul level contracts that block you from being able to receive all the abundance and support that each and every one of us truly deserves.

In this Mp3, Danielle helps you release those deeply held and often hidden energies that have been preventing you from fully aligning with all the universe has to give you. From an amazing support system to a thriving business to financial, mental and emotional security, soul level blocks can stop you up at every level.

Most people find that these soul level blocks have been secretly sabotaging all of the energy and effort they’ve been expending into bringing that sense of security and peace into their lives!

In this exciting audio you’ll:
  • Learn the TWENTY most common reasons people unwittingly block their abundance/support
  • Redefine how you look at abundance and support so that you can be positioned for the greatest possible outcome.
  • Find out how the Soul Contract blocks came to exist in the first place!
And don’t forget! At the end, Danielle will also lead you through a soul contract release ceremony, designed to help you finally let go of those energies secretly blocking your access to abundance, support, security, contentment and peace!

"Hi Danielle!! I know I’ve thanked you a few times on Facebook already but I have to thank you again!!! That series was absolutely life changing! During the call I felt lighter as if something lifted. I also felt someone touch my foot like with a hand covered in static electricity. Very cool. I’ve had a lot of issues with my mom that I haven’t spoken about with her because I like to forgive and mostly forget. I called her and we had a THREE HOUR conversation!! Talk about releasing!! Today, I understand her better and have no hard feelings towards her at all! Thank you so much Danielle!!"
- Marlene

"I had my eyes closed both times and during the first clearing, it was as if someone standing in front of me, blocking the light, had moved away. Even through closed eyes, I could see this column like shape falling away and sense this light shining on my now. During the second one, I sneezed as I was repeating after Danielle, and about halfway through, I felt this release of something pent up, like I was finally being allowed to relax and be at real honest peace. NOT making any of this up, I love my guides for helping me. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Emily

"What I loved most about my soul contract reading with Danielle MacKinnon was that it helped me to better understand the people in my life and my relationships with them. Danielle taught me why each person is in my life, why they behave the way they do around me, and why I respond to them the way that I do. Most importantly, my reading with Danielle taught me why I chose to have each person in my life (from a soul level), which has helped me to be more understanding, forgiving and compassionate with friends and family members because I now relate to them at new, higher level."
- Bob Olson

"With a smile that could melt your heart, Danielle MacKinnon guides people to uncover the secrets of their Soul. As she says, "Listen to what your Soul is telling you to find your happiness!" I'm always impressed by her sensitivity and deep understanding of how the Soul can truly help people when they are finally ready to look."

- Psychic Medium John Holland


Value: $150
Danielle MacKinnon - Breaking Through Barriers
Danielle challenges people to re-think how they view themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. Combining her intuitive skills with her unique ability to connect with the Soul, Danielle continues to lead thousands of people through the personal “challenges” into a world of possibility and brilliance.

Danielle chose various listeners throughout an hour and half for mini-live Intuitive Coaching Sessions. She used her psychic abilities to intimately connect with and assist them in figuring out and potentially releasing their Soul Contracts. Everyone received a live group clearing designed to help you release Soul Contracts that were brought up during the call.

"Danielle has a light and joy that's infectious. I feel like I've said this a gazillion times, but it's true. Even when she's giving you a kick in the pants, you know that it's being done with love. You cannot come out of her work without being a better version of you; and the changes that I myself experienced are greater than I thought possible. Her program gifted me with clarity and peace. Thanks to her insights and our work together -- and it is work -- I have renewed vigor and enthusiasm for life. A year ago, I was hiking on a path. Despite the idyllic surroundings, I was crying and wanted to jump off a cliff. Sounds dramatic. But in depression, everything seems dramatic and meaningless at the same time. Some months ago, I was walking on the same path. I felt wonder and gratitude that I could experience such beauty. I was giddy. Yes, this city chick was giddy at the sight of birds, trees, sky and earth. During that walk I suddenly remembered that other hike and that other self. It's thanks to Danielle's mentoring that I found my true self, and I can only shout a resounding thank you."
- Ngozi

"Danielle's work has expanded my view of what is possible for me. She has provided insight, guidance, inspiration and encouragement that has removed blockages and opened doorways for growth and fulfillment. Her approach is caring, direct and effective, and I highly recommend her!"
- Brian

"Because of Danielle’s work I’m shifting in amazing ways. I’m learning to let go of behaviors and limiting thoughts that no longer serve me. I am more positive, lighter and more grounded and confident. As a result, I’m now experiencing greater balance and I see unlimited possibilities for myself."
- Sara

"My soul clearing with Danielle was meant to be. At a cross roads in my life I was guided to her for the many special talents and gifts she has to offer myself and others the world over. My soul contracts were revealed and gave clarity to not only why I behave the way I do but also what I need to focus on to help me move forward in this life time and into the next. The energy shift I experienced was totally unexpected but the ongoing experiences are wonderful. Blessings"
- Raima