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Daniel Ternes - Sleep Hack Dojo digital download. Info: [4 eBooks (PDF) + 1 AZW]. Here’s my secret to sleeping LESS while retaining the energy to do mor...
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Daniel Ternes - Sleep Hack Dojo

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Format: [4 eBooks (PDF) + 1 AZW]

Sleep Hack Dojo

“I sleep 3 hours a night work a 12 to 14 hour day & still have the energy to play professional racquetball every night after work …..”
And you can do it too! Read on to learn how YOU can skyrocket your alertness and concentration and still have MORE time in the day.
Here’s my secret to sleeping LESS while retaining the energy to do more and how you can stop living your life under the covers and put the exact same method to work for you in your everyday life…

Dear Friend,

First of all I want to make it clear that I’m just a regular guy, no super powers. But for the last year I’ve been extending my days up to 21 hours by sleeping no more than 3 hours per night….. and the weird thing is I feel more refreshed and energized than I ever did before…..
Sleep sucks… but it doesn’t have to.

If you are like most people, you’re sleep sucks. You waste way too much time in bed. You’re not energized when you get up. You even get tired during the day!

Maybe you work for yourself and get up at noon every day.

Maybe you’re an employee trying to work on his personal projects in the evenings.

There’s just not enough time in the day; and not enough energy to spend the time we have productively.

Know what I’m talking about? Great. Then let’s move on, because you’re going to learn…
How to Rewrite the Laws of Time and Energy to Take Your Life in Your Own Hands!

This is not for everyone. Only read on if you’re serious about this. Otherwise you’ll waste your time.

I don’t want anyone in this who isn’t serious about what he does.

Basically speaking, there are two kinds of people: those who are serious about what they’re doing and those who aren’t.

Those who do the work and those who procrastinate.

Those who are successful and those who aren’t.
What type of person are you? Are you serious about what you do?

If you are, then you should be eager to read on.

It’s said that only 5% of people succeed in life.

You want to succeed, don’t you? If you ask me, I want to succeed in life.
Are you among the 5% who make it or the 95% who fail?

This letter is written for those who are serious.

I honestly believe that you are in the 5% who succeed.

You already read a good part of this letter, so I’m sure you are among the top 5%.

And if you are one of those people – and I know you are – then this letter will come to you as a gift.

However, I hope that you’re not one of those who read letters like this one and don’t act.

I hope that you’re not one of those who procrastinate all the good things in life.
Historical Sleep Hackers:

* Leonardo da Vinci
* Thomas Edison
* Buckminster Fuller
* Albert Einstein
* Napoleon
* Benjamin Franklin

More recent examples of uber-productive early risers include Leo Babauta, Steve Pavlina and Dave Navarro!

I hope that you’re not afraid to take action.

But I believe that you are the right kind of person.

Because if you are…
You’re about to learn the secrets of unlimited productivity and to literally have more time in the day.

You’re a hard-working person and so am I.

I know how you feel. I know that your competition is working while you sleep.

I know how hard it is to achieve something remarkable and still have a life.

You want to achieve something, but you don’t want to commit all your time to it.

That’s perfectly understandable. We often talk about ‘work-life-balance’, but many people who talk about it don’t really have a life.
If You Are serious about this, you can be a real productivity machine and still have a life.

The key to this lies in your sleep.

You spend roughly 1/3 of your life asleep. Of your whole life!

That’s sooooo much time. And you likely never thought about optimizing that before.

Luckily, you’ve found my site.

Because that’s what we’re going to do…
Are You Ready to hack your sleep life?

You heard me right: hacking your sleep!
Warning: Reading on will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors

Learning the art of sleep hacking will not only give you more time and concentration and put you ahead of your competition; it will also give you more friends for your time and family.
“I finished reading Daniel’s Sleep Hack Dojo a few days ago and already started to successfully apply some of the hacks that help waking up earlier and be more productive. I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in sleep hacking.”

– David Hehenberger (
The benefits of sleep hacking:

* destroy your competition
* spend more time with your friends
* spend more time with your family (especially attractive for people with kids)
* have the time to learn valuable new business skills
* catch up on all the news, blogs, etc. you have to read
* finally have the time to read that book you’ve always wanted to read
* finally have the time to work out
* forget fast food, now you have time to cook real food
* learn that new skill you always wanted to learn
* have the time to follow your creative calling

They told me I could never build my own business, but I started rising at 6:00 AM and showed them that I could!

Many people are really pissed off by their broken sleep pattern.
“I’ve spent the last few years totally absorbed in personal development, trying to get every aspect of my life as good as I want it to be.

Many of my ideas related to self improvement can be found on my popular blog, but in all those years I’ve never read a book about sleep and sleep hacking as good as Sleep Hack Dojo.

Sleep is something that’s neglected as an important part of a successful and happy life, but it’s incredibly important. Reading Sleep Hack Dojo makes you aware of this, and gives incredibly useful insight to sleep hacking with actionable steps to optimize your sleep schedule.

This is a must-read book, without a doubt.”

It’s a great thing to work on yourself and improve yourself, but if you do it all by yourself, things can get messy really quickly.

Some people start “optimizing” their sleep by themselves.

They just start “optimizing” their sleep without knowing anything about it. Some people spontaneously decide to become polyphasic sleepers or start rising at 5:00. That’s madness, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?

* Oversleeping is the rule rather than the exception
* You’re stressed out in the morning because of your oversleeping
* You often sleep for 10 hours and still wake up tired
* You’re very productive and love doing your work in the morning, the problem is that you often miss that productive time by sleeping through the whole morning
* You’re frequently sleeping through your alarm
* You’re pissed off by how much time you waste asleep
* You’re overworked, you just don’t have enough hours in the day
* You don’t have enough time for your friends or family / to work out / to work on that project
* You’ve tried polyphasic sleep and failed miserably
* You already tried getting up early. It worked fine for two or three days, but eventually you fell back into your old sleep habits.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, SleepHack Dojo is exactly the thing you were looking for!
It’s no wonder that you don’t get anything done if your sleep schedule is messed up! It’s not your fault!
“A very well-researched, well-thought-out guide to getting a good night’s sleep. Also provides a fascinating introduction to the topic of polyphasic sleep — the ultimate sleep-hacker’s dream (or maybe nightmare?)

– Marc Beneteau (”
Here’s the story behind SleepHack Dojo:

I’m productive in the morning. If I wake up early enough, I get things done. A LOT of things.

I always wanted to get up early and do my work in the morning – when I’m most concentrated – and sit back in the afternoon, knowing that I’ve already done everything that needs to be done for that day. I also wanted to go out and be social in the evenings and not go to bed at 10 pm.

The solution? I should just get up early and do my work, it’s that simple, right? Well, not really. I tried to get up early, but I frequently woke up at noon or later. I wouldn’t be refreshed, I would feel like I’ve slept under a bridge.

I knew exactly what I wanted. Actually, it still sounds very easy. Just get up early, do your work. Rinse and repeat.

But it doesn’t work like that. I’m sure you can relate to this.

Also, the sheer amount of time I “wasted” asleep pissed me off. I was ok with eight, even nine hours, but ten or eleven? I would’ve been ok with that if it refreshed me, but it didn’t.

Something had to be done…

I halfheartedly tried it every now and then. Nothing happened. I got up early for two or three days in a row, but drastically overslept on the third day…

This went on for years.

I clearly remember the time after I graduated from high school. I had some free time during the summer and developed the habit of sleeping until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon.

I kept assuring my mom that I would get up early the next day. She was pissed off about my sleeping habits. I didn’t eat with rest of the family, and if I did, I would have breakfast while they ate lunch.

One day, my mom was so pissed off that she poured a big cup of water in my face while I was sleeping.

I realized that something was wrong and started waking up earlier… mostly between 10:00 AM and noon.

It took some more years before I really started to get a handle on this.

Fast forward a few years to winter 2009/2010. I was pissed off again. I was regularly rising around noon, sometimes an hour earlier or later (more often the latter).

I started searching the internet for sleep advice.

Fuck all this stupid advice you find online!

Let me tell you what I found: a lot of bullshit!

Vague statement, I know. But read on, I’ll explain why SleepHack Dojo is better than all the other information on sleep you’ll find online near the end of this page.

I had to do things my way. I had to deconstruct the phenomenon of sleep and tackle it from a systematic angle.

I started getting into the scientific literature on sleep. I mapped out how exactly sleep worked and used that to my advantage.

I slowly turned into that guy who knows how sleep works on a physiological level. The guy who knows how it works but still sleeps until noon.

Lots of new knowledge, but only halfhearted attempts.

Summer came and oversleeping naturally decreased (but hey, this time I could explain why it deceased!).

Winter came again, I started oversleeping again. It was always the same.

Not quiet… I already knew the theoretical stuff, so I started to put it all together. I’ve build a framework, a system that helped to take control over my sleep behavior.

I slept, but I did it by my own rules.

I woke up early and man did I feel refreshed!

But there was more to sleep than just waking early. I started discovering – in fact, I still am discovering – many of the other interesting things we can do with sleep: from polyphasic sleep to lucid dreaming to the association between sleep learning. Once I got the basics down, the other stuff came to me naturally.
How sleep hacking made me successful in business and life.

Having control over your sleep pattern is amazing! You can literally get up at 6:00 in the morning; full of energy.

You start working while you’re competition is still asleep.

You’ll be done with your work when they get up and hit the gym by the time they’re having breakfast.

You’ll have all the time in the world to have fun with your friends.

Everyone knows the person who misses an amazing party because he has to prepare some lame presentation.

Guess what? If you do your work in the morning, you can do whatever you want in the evening!

Gaining control over my sleep was the single most effective thing I’ve ever done when it comes to productivity and time management.

Here’s what I got out of this – what follows is how you can benefit from my experiments.

Introducing SleepHack Dojo…

SleepHack Dojo is a book on sleep hacking that I’ve put together over the last few months. It starts at the scientific basics of sleep and goes on to explain various easy techniques that help us to get more control over our sleeping pattern to optimally use our precious time. SleepHack Dojo is steadily growing. A new module on lucid dreaming will be added very soon.

Here is how the course is structured:

Chapter #1: Understanding Sleep

Understanding Sleep is the foundation and introduction part of SleepHack Dojo.

This section is dedicated to teaching you all of the theoretical knowledge you need to know in order to get a better understanding of the phenomenon of sleep.

Most people view sleep as a state of total unconsciousness which is dead wrong. Through learning how exactly sleep works, you will get a precise understanding of the various sleep cycles and their functions.

You will learn about:

 1. some common myths and misconceptions about sleep
 2. the relation of sleep and consciousness
 3. the evolutionary explanation of the phenomenon of sleep
 4. the biological core functions of sleep – why do we sleep in the first place?
 5. the various sleep cycles your body runs through every night
 6. why do we sleep as long as we do? Is 8 hours of sleep really the optimal amount of sleep for humans?
 7. what sleep really is (hint: it isn’t a state of total unconsciousness)
 8. the bodies ability to self-regulate itself and it’s sleeping behavior
 9. melatonin, the hormone involved in sleepiness
10. chronotypes
11. the powerful concept of the night/day rhythm (circadian rhythm) and how it influences us
12. your personal sleeping pattern

This will help you to:

* understand sleep on a very basic level
* give you to knowledge you need to take control over your sleep
* to understand everything that follows. You’ll not only know the facts, you’ll also know why things are how they are
* it’s a great small talk topic: everyone sleeps, but hardly anyone knows something about it. People will think you’re smart as hell and will envy you for all the free time you have to read interesting things like this
* having just a basic understanding of sleep drastically eases and improves your personal sleep decisions

Chapter #2: Improve Sleep Quality

In the second module you will learn about all the things our modern 21st century lifestyle does to disrupt our natural sleep patterns and how to reverse that.

Traffic noise, streetlights and computers are part of it, but there’s much more you probably never have thought of.

Many of the things we’re doing today – our lack of exercise, the way we eat, the environment of our bedroom, and so on – prevent us from getting optimal quality-sleep.

In module #2 you will learn about how to adjust to all these things in a way that favors your sleep quality and productivity during the day.

The principle here is very simple: the higher your sleep quality, the less sleep you need to recharge. Additionally, the better your body’s ability to regenerate, the less time it needs to do so.

Think of it like a hospital: the fitter you are, the better your bodies natural recovery mechanisms work. That’s why fit people often spend less time in hospitals than others.
The hospital and your bed work in the same way: the faster you recover, the faster you get out.

You can think of your sleep almost like it was a muscle. If we use that metaphor, we can view module #2 as training for your sleep muscle.

Once you implemented the lessons from this module your sleep quality will skyrocket and you feel more energized than you ever thought possible.

Benefits of quality sleep:

* peak energy levels during the day
* improves concentration
* improves memory
* peace of mind
* being more relaxed
* improves your mood
* a more natural lifestyle
* sleep becomes more refreshing

Chapter #3: Waking Up Early
Now that we’ve improved the quality of your sleep we will start to tweak it a bit.
When you get good quality sleep and still wake up late, this means that you spend more time in bed than you actually need to recover.Whether you’re a morning person or not, there are probably a lot of interesting things you can do in the morning. So wake up and do them!

In this module, you will learn some essential techniques that help you to get up as early as you want and feel energized and refreshed.

These techniques will work better than anything you’ve ever tried yourself.

And they do so without super-expensive, fancy alarm clocks.

Using what we learned in the previous modules, we will employ a wide variety of techniques and see what works best for you. You can literally choose your technique for waking up early at whatever time you want.

We will take a close look at many techniques – from traditional alarm clocks to fancy modern alarm clocks to more natural or psychological methods to get you out of bed in the morning.

Whether you want to get up to enjoy the sunrise, exercise in the morning or simply use the early hours of the day to get your work done so you can enjoy yourself later – this module will skyrocket your time-management skills and increase your productivity.

Chapter #4: Polyphasic Sleep

In the 4th and last module, we will dive into the mysterious world of polyphasic sleep.

Polyphasic sleep is the art of sleeping as little as two hours per day while still functioning perfectly well and feeling alert and highly concentrated. This is done by taking 20-minute naps at specific times of the day and – depending on the schedule – one period of ‘core sleep’ at night.

Here’s what you will learn:

 1. what polyphasic sleep is and why it works
 2. the history of polyphasic sleep (which actually goes back to Leonardo da Vinci!)
 3. the various schedules of polyphasic sleep (Uberman and Everyman)
 4. the general rules for polyphasic sleep – how you should nap, when you should sleep, etc.
 5. a serious assessment: is polyphasic sleep really something for YOU?
 6. choosing your schedule: Uberman vs. Everyman
 7. preparing to go polyphasic. What do you need?
 8. what you should expect during the adaption period
 9. how to make it through the adaption period
10. how and when to tweak your schedule
11. what being polyphasic feels like
12. when it’s time to go back to monophasic sleep and how to do it

Chapter #4 also contains ‘The SleepHack Dojo Polyphasers Starter Kit’, an invaluable series of pdf worksheets that helps you to make it through the adaption period. The Starter Kit is an incredibly valuable resource on your way to polyphasic sleep and will drastically reduce the likelihood of failure.

I’ll also throw in the following bonuses:
The SleepHack Dojo Kindle Version (value: $15)

You’ll gain free access to the Kindle version of SleepHack Dojo. Just sit back and read it on your Kindle!
The SleepHack Dojo printer-friendly version (value: $12)

The plain text version of SleepHack Dojo doesn’t look as good as the normal pdf version, but it you want to print it out or just want a version that’s lighter on your computer, just download the printer-friendly version and there you go!
The Lucid Dreaming 101 Video Introduction (value: $37)

Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? It’s the art to stay conscious during your dreams so that you can direct them. You can use this for many interesting things. You can practice athletic activities or do just about anything else while dreaming.

My buddy Marc who is a longtime lucid dreamer has recorded this special intro video for you to get you started. This is for SleepHack Dojo readers only.

That’s $64 in Bonuses! Can You Believe It?

But I’ll also add the following invaluable resources on which I can’t put a price tag:
The SleepHack Dojo Early Risers Purpose Kit

The SleepHack Dojo Early Risers Purpose Kit is a worksheet that helps you to prepare, implement and evaluate your progress towards becoming an early riser.

It helps you to find your purpose for rising early and gets you to actually do it. This Kit is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build up the habit of waking early.
The SleepHack Dojo Polyphasers Starter Kit

Similar to the Early Risers Purpose Kit, the SleepHack Dojo Polyphasers Starter Kit is a pdf worksheet that helps you to prepare, implement and evaluate your adaption to a polyphasic sleep schedule. This worksheet goes along with the polyphasic sleep chapter in SleepHack Dojo and greatly increases your chances to make it through the adaption period.
That Was A Lot Of Stuff!

I know, it’s a lot. It can quickly get confusing, so here’s a quick image that shows all the SleepHack Dojo resources in one spot:

Ready To Order?

How It’s Delivered

All information can be downloaded in an easy-to-read-membership site which will be available to you in less than 5 minutes after you’ve made your payment.

The site is very exciting because it’s dynamic – meaning it will be updated and expanded so you’ll get more value for your money. Members get every update without having to pay for the new version.

You can send me any kind of feedback and I make adjustments to the content to improve the book.

A typical book could never offer a service like this. This is revolutionary. It also eliminates risk, because if you’re unsure about something, all you have to do is ask me and the information can be instantly updated to help you.

SleepHack Dojo is constantly evolving.
Why SleepHack Dojo is Superior to any other Sleep Advice out There

I already mentioned that, but let me break it down for you:

* Most sleep advice you find on the web is geared to insomnia. It’s a legitimate problem, but I don’t have insomnia. If you’re reading this site, you’re probably not looking for an insomnia solution – it’s a totally different problem.
* Then there is the advice about waking early. Most of it is completely useless. 95% of content (blog posts, articles, ebooks) about waking early just tell you one thing: it takes discipline. Big surprise, I already knew that. Do they give you anything that could help you to build up that discipline, that reduced all the hardship it takes to get up early? Nope. Useless.
* Most sleep content on the web is completely oblivious to the physiological functioning of sleep. Everyone just assumes that they know enough about sleep since they do it every night. Wrong. First we need to understand it, than we can start working with it.
* Most advice on polyphasic sleep is unstructured. There are some notable exceptions, but even these fall in the same trap as the advice on waking early: they tell you how to do it, but you still have to do it alone. The failure rate for going polyphasic is enormous. Only a small percentage of people makes it through the first week (adaption period). Why? They know everything they need to know. But they don’t have the discipline. Know what? You can get there with less discipline if you have the right resources. But no one is giving you any resources to get there.

I don’t want to make any claims I can’t back up. So try it out. Check my 60 day 100% money back guarantee below and just take a look inside the Dojo.

Compare it to any other (non-insomnia) sleep products out there and you will know that I’m talking the truth.

Most people who talk about sleep on the internet are talking pure bullshit.

Everyone who tells you it’s easy to rise at 5 am is lying.

Of course it is easy. Everything is easy when you get the hang of it. But it isn’t easy to get there.

No one actually gives you the resources you actually need to get there. A few hyper-disciplined people can do it without the resources, but these people could do it just as easily without the gurus’ advice.

This makes most information about sleep practically useless.

That really pissed me off.
I wanted SleepHack Dojo to be practically useful…

…so I’ve put in the time to build resources that aid you in your sleep optimization adventures.
Here are some of the benefits that SleepHack Dojo offers:

* SleepHack Dojo approaches sleep from scientific perspective, it helps you to understand the variables involved so that you can make your own decisions
* diagrams are used to ease the understanding of various sleep-related concepts
* beautiful design makes SleepHack Dojo very user-friendly and easy to navigate
* SleepHack Dojo takes a holistic approach to sleep. You will learn how to improve your sleep quality and make sleep more revitalizing before you’ll start shortening your sleep time
* improving your sleep quality will improve many other aspects of your life
* SleepHack Dojo points you to countless valuable resources, most of them available for free
* you’ll learn an invaluable technique that lets you to fall asleep just a few minutes after going to bed
* SleepHack Dojo teaches multiple ways to any desired outcome: just pick the one that suits you best
* I won’t tell you to do something on your own – I hand you resources that help you to do it. SleepHack Dojo contains multiple pdf worksheets that’ll shortcut you to your desired sleep goal and turn you into a real sleep ninja – not just a wannabe who tried something for three days and went back to normal
* SleepHack Dojo is not about information, it’s about application. It’s about results.

The Dark Sites of SleepHack Dojo: What SleepHack Dojo Can’t Do

SleepHack Dojo is not a magical unicorn that just turns you into a millionaire/rockstar/whatever over night.

If you don’t do anything, nothing will change for you.

If you don’t use the worksheets, if you just glance over the information, if you’re just lazy then guess what … nothing will happen.

Waking early is no guarantee for success. Having energy is no guarantee for productivity.

If you get up at five and waste three hours watching funny videos of penguins and motorcycles, then yes, you can call yourself an early riser. But it doesn’t mean you’re any more productive.
SleepHack Dojo is for those who do the work. It’s for those who hustle.
Are you a hustler?

Remember that quote from Spider-Man? ”With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you have resources, you have to use them… or otherwise you’ll get nowhere.

If you have time and energy, you have to use them.

SleepHack Dojo can’t change your life if you’re lazy, but if you’re a real hustler it might be one of the best investments you’ve made this year.

And I know you’re a hustler, otherwise you wouldn’t read this page.

You are being presented with an opportunity RIGHT NOW.

You can go to bed now, sleep 10 hours and still get up tired as you always do, but you can also get into SleepHack Dojo and reclaim your lost time.

If you don’t take charge now, you’re going to spend the better part of your life sleeping.
How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s get to the question you’ve been thinking about the whole time.

What does access to the SleepHack Dojo cost?

It costs you $44 to get in. That’s it. There are no further charges, just $44 for unrestricted lifetime membership and access to all the materials.

That’s more than any other product I came across in the sleep industry.

But that’s ok. SleepHack Dojo is better than any other product in the sleep industry.

This is not a $14.99 eBook that you read in one sitting, rise early for two or three days and then get back to your old habits.

Read over this page again. SleepHack Dojo is about change. It’s about control. It’s about energy.

It’s about in charge of your own time. $44 is a fair price (for you, not really for me. But I’m okay with that!)