Dani Johnson - First Steps To Success

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Dani Johnson - First Steps To Success digital download. Info: [1-CD (4-MP3s)]. This is Dani Johnson’s “First Steps To Success” seminar held in Atlanta, ...
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Dani Johnson - First Steps To Success

Type: Digital download

Format: [1-CD (4-MP3s)]


First Steps To Success

This is Dani Johnson’s “First Steps To Success” seminar held in Atlanta, GA on November 13-14, 2010. This audio program is jam-packed with information and motivation.

At First Steps To Success You Will:

  • Discover and release your full purpose, potential and destiny in life
  • Identify what’s holding you back, and how to turn it around so you can achieve the goals and dreams you’ve always wanted!
  • Learn secrets to creating perpetual success and promotions in every area of your life!
  • Learn step-by-step tools, techniques and strategies to achieve more results in less time!
  • Become the most valuable asset to your company, insulate yourself from recessions, depressions, layoffs and downsizing
  • Discover how to build, motivate and maintain a strong loyal organizational team!
  • Learn powerful phone skills you can use to work remotely, building a new business or career… or sustaining an existing one!
  • Learn secrets to positioning, marketing and promoting your ideas, your self… or ANY product or service!
  • Discover how to build a large loyal client base that is passionate about you and your company bringing you endless referrals!
  • Identify interviewing and closing secrets, Dani shares an exact formula and system that built 20,000 clients in 2 years part-time!
  • Learn how to create and deliver a million dollar presentation and close with results!
  • Identify how to take advantage of technology to leverage your time and duplication!
  • Learn lead generation and follow up skills of the pros and how to become a top achiever in your company!
  • Experience how to attract, work with and motivate different personalities (including yourself) and zone into their hot buttons to help them succeed!
  • Learn a proven system to completely eliminate ALL of your DEBT in 5-7 years regardless of how much income your make!
  • Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles
  • And more!