Dan Kennedy - Mailbox Millions 2.0

Dan Kennedy - Mailbox Millions 2.0 digital download.

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Dan Kennedy - Mailbox Millions 2.0

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Dan Kennedy - Mailbox Millions 2.0

Dan Kennedy - Mailbox Millions 2.0

You’re probably overwhelmed with all the “shiny objects” that most marketers try to tout that promises more money in your pocket with little or no effort. But did you know that there’s a 300+ year-old method that even Google still uses to reach prospects and cut through the clutter in their marketplace:

It’s direct mail. Yes, it may seem sounds stodgy and antiquated when compared to all the cool-sounding social media strategies out there. But direct mail is a tried and proven strategy you MUST implement into your business.

Consider these facts:

  • 50% of consumers say they pay more attention to postal mail than direct mail. This is according to an Epsilon Channel Preference Study in 2001. That means if you insist of communicating entirely or mostly with email and neglect the use of direct mail, you may very well miss HALF the sales opportunities of any given campaign in your list.
  • 60% of consumers say they enjoy checking their mailbox and receiving mail. This is also from Epsilon. This indicates that there is a positive emotional payoff to consumers in finding letters and other direct mail that matches their interest in the mailbox.
  • 65% say they receive too many emails every day to open them all…also from Epsilon. This means that a fast-growing percentage of people express frustration and RESENTMENT at email marketing—even from sources they have a good relationship with.

Further, every business in every sector, industry relies on direct mail and most of the online “gurus” use direct mail—even though they don’t want to reveal it.

So if you ignore direct mail, you’re seriously missing the boat. But there’s good news, because Dan Kennedy created an action plan for implementing direct mail into any business…even if you’re just getting started and have never sent a mailing piece in your life.

Why Dan Kennedy?

  • He has made 1 billion dollars collectively for his clients…most of this is rooted in direct mail
  • He has created direct mail assets (sales letters, postcards, etc.) that have been mailing for 5-7 years in a multitude of markets.
  • A lion’s share of GKIC’s growth has been under Dan’s tutelage—and most of this growth is due to implementation of direct mail strategies.

It’s called Mailbox Millions…an 11CD, 12 DVD and 600+ page transcript and workbook containing real-life mailing examples that worked so you can “swipe and deploy” for your own campaign.

You’ll discover how to make direct mail work in your industry, and even discover new opportunities to boost income in existing businesses.

You’ll also discover how to integrate offline and online media in your industry to make online advertising more effective. That’s right, we’re not totally throwing out all online techniques-we’re just making them better.

We promise that Mailbox Millions will give you a marketing asset or assets worth at least 1 million dollars to you in 24 months, in addition to the following:

  • To get more money in your pocket so you can pay bills, go on vacations, etc.
  • To get more financial freedom, liberation, etc.
  • To forever free yourself from “get rich quick” schemes and “shiny object syndrome” —direct mail is a proven 100+ year old method to getting more customers, clients and patients.
  • To create grand new opportunities the prospect would otherwise miss.
  • To put you on the same level of American Express, Omaha Steaks, Agora, The Wall Street Journal, etc. who use direct mail.
  • To be able to expand beyond local boundaries to sell goods all over America
  • To be able to quickly ramp up your marketing thanks to the ability to choose lists of hyper-buyers
  • To give you an “unfair advantage” over your competition who aren’t using direct mail…or are using it badly.

Listen: the big dogs of direct marketing use direct mail…in every product category. And the failure to understand this media forever binds, limits and restricts local businesses to “small” and vulnerable.

They will always need to change their marketing since most online marketing is copied, tweaked, etc. (say, every 2-4 months) whereas direct mail allows them to operate in a vacuum and allow them to have marketing assets that could last 5+ years.

That’s why you need to start implementing direct mail into your marketing mix.

No other program teaches the nuts and bolts of direct mail…including real-life examples of “what’s working now” in direct mail like Mailbox Millions.

So invest in Mailbox Millions today, right now, while it’s still fresh on your mind. This course could rescue you from a “house of cards” business that’s too reliant on online marketing, and constantly chasing “shiny objects” that promises unlimited leads with little or no work.

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