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Dan Hollings - The PlanDan Hollings - The Plan

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up For The Plan (Beta)

  • 5+ Educational Sessions - initially done live on Zoom (so you can attend and ask questions), and then the recordings are placed into your membership area.
  • Digital Membership Access - all the live training recordings and other resources will be in a membership site that you’ll get access to, when sign up for The Plan
  • Step-by-Step Training - From how to buy Cryptocurrencies, to how to set up your Crypto bots, the main crypto strategies to follow, HODLing, Stablecoins and a whole heap more!
  • Office Hours - Dan’s team of experts will make certain times available for you to join where you can ask questions about different parts of The Plan.
  • Final Course Access For Free - when we’re out of beta and launch the official, most polished version of The Plan, you’ll get free access to that as well!

About Instructor:

Dan was a member of the successful internet launch strategy team for the “The Secret.”

ABC News: “The marketing campaign behind ‘The Secret’ is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere.”

More recently, Dan’s focus has been in Social Media, Mobile Marketing, platform development, ZERO COST marketing strategies and Amazon product sales.

As a speaker and trainer, Dan has helped people from around the world become industry leaders, authors, college lecturers, paid consultants and successful marketers. Thousands of businesses have used Dan’s strategies to help them market their products and services while saving money in the process.

Whether it’s online, offline or Mobile, many consider Dan Hollings the “go to guy” for the best platforms, blueprints and marketing strategies.

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