Dan Doberman - How to Make Money from Small Lists Training

Dan Doberman - How to Make Money from Small Lists Training digital download. Info: [11 MP4 + 2 MP3 + 10 PDF]. I’m excited because I'm going to help you ...

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Dan Doberman - How to Make Money from Small Lists Training

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 MP4 + 2 MP3 + 10 PDF]

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How to Make Money from Small Lists Training

From Dan Doberman 

I’m excited because I'm going to help you get this system set up and making money for YOU... as fast as possible. So you can cram copious quantities of cashola into your soon-to-be copious coffers.
If you choose to join me in How To Make BIG Money From Small Lists I'm going to reveal my entire system to you... A to Z. 
That way you, too, can make a hefty 6-figure income working part-time from the comfort of your own home... doing work that's simple, fun and rewarding. 
I'm going to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to make this system work for YOU... so you can start enjoying the money and FREEDOM this system gives you!
Here's everything you’ll get...
  • Video Module 1 - Charting The Course: You'll see exactly how to determine how much income you need to create your ideal lifestyle. Then, how to create that income as quickly as possible. To get you from where you are now... to where you WANT to be. 
  • Video Module 2 - Market Selection: If you don't get this part right, you'll wind up spinning your wheels and only making a fraction of the money you could, and SHOULD, be making. You'll discover my "ace-up-the-sleeve" secret for making SURE you choose a proven and INSANELY profitable market.
  • Video Module 3 - How To Develop The Perfect Offer: You'll see how I develop high-ticket offers that will have people lined up and BEGGING you to take their money.
  • Video Module 4 - Lead Generation: You'll discover the very best ways to get traffic and attract high paying clients. If you don't yet have a list, you'll discover the most effective way to build one FAST. Even better... I'll show you how to do it if you only have a "bootstrap" budget. (I've done it with a budget of ZERO.) 
  • Video Module 5 - How To Convert Your Leads: This has been the most counterintuitive thing I've discovered. Because the less you do... the more leads you convert into high-paying clients. In fact, since I've honed this part of the system, I've gotten 90% conversion on the last two programs I promoted. And I've distilled this down to a simple and easy-to-follow script that ANYBODY can use. This process and script works so darn well... and it's so EFFORTLESS... you'll throw out all the other stuff you've tried in the past. 
  • Video Module 6 - Clients... What To Do With Them, How To Keep 'em Happy... And How To Keep 'em: If you're worried about what to do with your clients once you get them, worry no more. Now you'll know EXACTLY what to do. And how to get results that'll keep 'em sticking around... and giving you more and more money! These are the secrets I WISH I had back when I was first starting out... 'cuz I could've made a LOT more money with a lot less effort.
But that's not all. I’m also including something I’ve NEVER revealed before...
Video Module 7:
Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Successful Newsletter Publishing!
I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again...
Everything good that has happened... and is happening in my business... is a direct result of my newsletter.
Yes, a good "ole skool" newsletter. Delivered as God intended a newsletter to be delivered... in paper & ink.
Although nowadays, almost nobody understands how to make a newsletter work. Not even the big shot marketing gurus. 
Still, there’s a FORTUNE to be made with a newsletter... if you know how.
I do. 
And soon, you will too... when you join me in How To Make BIG Money From Small Lists. 
I’m gonna pull back the curtain and show you EVERYTHING about my super successful newsletter publishing/membership business. 
Including the behind-the-scenes secrets for making the REALLY big money.
I’m not talking about the subscription income from your newsletter. (Although the recurring income is nice.) I mean the 5-figure and 6-figure deals a real paper & ink newsletter can generate for you.
Listen, NOBODY in the marketing world has ever revealed this stuff outside their closed door "inner circle." Because there are only a handful of us grizzled veterans left alive who still know it. (And nobody else wants to let the cat outta the bag.)
I had to learn it all the hard way. 
But you don’t. 
I’ll let you in on every last detail when you decide to join with me in How To Make BIG Money From Small Lists.
But that's not all. You'll also get...
Video Module 8:
"Superhero Writing Secrets!"
I've written a lot of stuff over the years about copywriting... and all the editorial/content writing secrets I've learned over the past two decades. 
But this is something new. 
Something I've NEVER revealed before.
Let me tell ya... NOTHING works better than "Superhero Writing" for... 
Celebrity positioning... 
Building a rock-solid relationship with your clients... so they stick with you for YEARS...
And getting MAXIMUM retention and lifetime customer value (LCV) from each and every person on your list. (That means YEARS of dependable, stress-free income for you.)
Once you know this secret, "Superhero Writing" will be your master key to the kingdom... because...
  • It’s MAGNETIC to money...
  • Can be created out of thin air... 
  • Makes you stand head and shoulders above EVERYBODY else in your marketplace...
  • Turns you into a specialist... not a generalist. (Specialists make EXPONENTIALLY more money.)
  • Makes you a celebrity in your market. (And celebrities make EXPONENTIALLY more money than even specialists.)
  • Works in any media...
  • As powerful as "Superhero Writing" is, you'll put it on STEROIDS when you use it in a print newsletter! (I use it in my newsletter... and I have the highest retention of ANY newsletter in my market!)
But we're not done yet. Not by a long shot. 
I'm going the extra mile to make SURE this will work for you as well -- or BETTER -- than it has for me.
That's why you're also going to get...
  • All my copy templates needed to make this system work for YOU. (Emails, website copy, my CRAZY high-converting script... EVERYTHING! All the stuff written, tested and used by me to make an extra 6-figures a year... working only part-time. You'll get it all! Simply make a few tweaks, adapt the copy for your offer... and you'll be ready to launch in no time at all.)
  • My virtual guidance - On the video modules I’ll lead you through the entire system, A-to-Z. You'll see how to customize everything for your business... so you can start putting money in your pocket as soon as possible! 
Listen, I know you get pitched all kinds of bogus “make a million dollars per minute” schemes these days. 
Probably on a daily basis.
But this ain’t one of ‘em. This is specialized stuff and it’s not for everybody. 
So let me tell you...
Who This Program Is For...
  • Coaches, consultants, authors and speakers...
  • People who sell any kind of information products...
  • People who have any kind of high value skill that helps others... 
  • People willing to do a little part-time work to make an extra 6-figure income each year... 
  • People who are willing to talk with other human beings - as opposed to hiding behind their computer and only sending emails.
Still with me? Great! Now I can move on to...
Who This Program Is NOT For...
  • People who sell scammy “get rich quick” and shady biz-op stuff. (Ever notice that the guys who do this have never been successful in any legitimate business... other than selling fraudulent get rich quick crap?)
  • Dudes and dudettes who want to hide behind their computer and not interact with real living, breathing human beings.
  • People who only want to sell products as affiliates.
  • People who are constantly stuck in “information gathering” mode but never actually start anything. (Look, if you’ve been lurking in this online marketing world for a while, that’s okay. Just as long as you’re ready to actually start creating something for your future NOW.)
  • People who have no desire to sell information products, services, advice, consulting or coaching.