Dale Carnegie - Stand and Deliver: The Method to Public Speaking

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Dale Carnegie - Stand and Deliver: The Method to Public Speaking digital download. Info: [6CDs(MP3)]. Stand and Deliver is based on this world-renowned...
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Dale Carnegie - Stand and Deliver: The Method to Public Speaking

Type: Digital download

Format: [6CDs(MP3)]



Stand and Deliver

Author: Dale Carnegie Training

Uncover the prized communication secrets of U.S. Presidents, CEOs, and successful people everywhere with Stand and Deliver!

As Dale Carnegie himself and the many thousands of people who have used his methods to achieve huge success know, ALL communication is public speaking — which is why Dale Carnegie Training’s public speaking course is the single most popular, powerful, and effective one they have ever offered. Stand and Deliver: The Dale Carnegie Method for Public Speaking Mastery is based on this world-renowned course, and contains the SAME core information people pay thousands of dollars and spend weeks of their time to get.

Stand and Deliver gives YOU everything you need to know to become an incredibly poised, polished, masterful communicator. Someone who can hold an audience of 1, 10 or 1000 in the palm of your hand, from the first word you speak to them until the last.

In Stand and Deliver, you will learn…

    • How to identify your authentic self so that you project an original and unique style
    • How to win over any audience in ONE MINUTE
    • A 5-point checklist to run through immediately before a presentation that will make stage fright disappear
    • A powerful tactic for getting your listeners to act the way you want them to (works equally well with colleagues, children … anyone you talk to!)
    • The renowned “Magic Formula” technique—a no-fail 3-step process that will ensure your listeners not only remember what you say, but make immediate and positive changes based on it
    • The secrets to handling hostile or potentially embarrassing questions with ease and professionalism
    • And SO MUCH MORE

Stand and Deliver is packed stem to stern with tips, strategies, and secrets you can use immediately to begin dramatically improving all of your communications. You’ll be surprised and thrilled by how frequently you find yourself reaching into this amazing arsenal of techniques to help you achieve your goals, and what an enormous impact they will have on every facet of your life.