Curt Frye - Excel: Scenario Planning and Analysis

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Curt Frye - Excel: Scenario Planning and Analysis digital download. Info: [25 WEBRips (MP4) 25 Subs (VTT) & Ex.Files (XLSX, XLSM)]. In this course, expl...
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Curt Frye - Excel: Scenario Planning and Analysis

Type: Digital download

Format: [25 WEBRips (MP4) 25 Subs (VTT) & Ex.Files (XLSX, XLSM)]



Excel: Scenario Planning and Analysis

By: Curt Frye

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 2h 7m

Released: Nov 28, 2017


A multitude of factors can affect the trajectory of your business. Learning how to document, summarize, and present projected business scenarios can help provide a basis for insightful business analysis, and help you evaluate the impact of various choices on your organization. In this course, explore techniques for analyzing a series of business scenarios using the flexible and powerful capabilities built into Excel. The course starts with a chapter on the art and craft of scenario planning before turning to the technical capabilities of Excel. Tools covered include row grouping to show and hide detail, PivotTables, and functions for using the normal distribution.

Topics include:

  • Designing a scenario-planning exercise
  • Estimating scenario plausibility and outcomes
  • Establishing parameter value ranges
  • Calculating the standard deviation of a dataset
  • Indicating the probability of a scenario value occurring
  • Walking through a scenario presentation
  • Performing retrospective analysis using a PivotTable
  • Changing PivotTable summary operations


  • Introduction
  • 1. Introducing the Art of Scenario Planning
  • 2. Manage Scenarios in Excel
  • 3. Establish Parameter Value Ranges
  • 4. Present Scenarios Using PivotTables
  • Conclusion


Curt Frye is a freelance course developer and writer. He has developed more than 50 online courses on topics including Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Mathematica, and social network analysis. He has also written more than 40 books, with recent titles including Microsoft Excel 2016 Step by Step and Microsoft OneNote 2016 Step by Step, both for Microsoft Press.

In addition to his writing and course development, Curt is a popular conference speaker and entertainer. His programs include his Improspectives® approach to teamwork and creativity, analyzing and presenting data in Microsoft Excel, and his interactive Magic of the Mind show.