Cristina Bold - The Sacred Sales & Money

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Cristina Bold - The Sacred Sales & MoneyCristina Bold - The Sacred Sales & Money

There is a way of selling based on leaning forward reaching out pushing people through their objections feeling ickiness and forcing our way through it all because we believe that it is needed.
That is what it takes….

And there is a way of selling based on magnetism speaking directly to our soul tribe allowing your people come to you allowing them to sell themselves on your offers empowering them through the choices they make

All while holding the frequency of exponential growth service and ease for yourself and your clients.

This is the way I want to share with you on this journey.
The way of…

a soul immersion into falling in love with selling, turning on your magnetism, and tuning into the flow of soul clients and magic money

This is a sacred journey.

A deep immersion into how to unleash your work dial up your magnetism speak directly too the soul of your clients empower them through your showing up and allow sales and money flow to you not only now and then, but as a result of your being, as a result of how people feel in your presence.

This journey together will change everything.

Business strategy - yes, there is also a practical method part
But most importantly - personal energetics and mindset - the biggest part of the game.

This is for you….

if you feel guilty or wrong every time you share your offers
if you believe it is hard to find people that pay for your offers
if you struggle with anxiety around launching or pitching your offers
if you think that only special people with special gifts can sell with ease, but you are not one of them

if you desire a way of selling your offers that just feels… made for you


this program will make business and growth so much easier.

Selling is a sacred sharing of your purpose work

and it can be gracious, soul-nourishing, empowering for others and for yourself once you learn to intentionally practice it in this sacred way.

tactics, funnels or long clarity calls.

In this program, we’ll work with your energy, mindset and strategy so you gain certainty around

• how to fully trust yourself
• how to always know what to say and how to say it
• how to create irresistible offers that always land with your soulmate clients
• how to continously expand your magnetism, allowing it t work for you
• how to create a solid belief system around business and selling - that you’ll lean on for lifetime
• how to allow your soulmate clients sell themselves on your offers, while you are leaning back

• how to open up to receiving more and more (and then exclusively) soul aligned clients
• how to feel empowered, fired up, passionate and fully trusting around everything you put out
• how to stop working hard and let your beingness do the magic
• how to sell in a way you love, a way that generates success, but also joy, purpose and pleasure

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Cristina Bold - The Sacred Sales & Money

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