Cristina Aroche - Money Magic 2022

Cristina Aroche - Money Magic 2022 digital download.

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Cristina Aroche - Money Magic 2022

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Cristina Aroche - Money Magic 2022

Cristina Aroche - Money Magic 2022

Many people believe that money is “bad” or hard to come by.

Many think that it isn’t “spiritual” to charge money for their work.

Many people get stuck in the fear and continuous cycle of feast and famine, struggle and worry when it comes to money.

But the truth is that money is an ENERGY that is here to support us on our journey and spiritual path.

It is an energy that we can harness to do good in the world.

It is an energy and a resource that never ends. The Universe is a never-ending flow of abundance and wealth.

Money is an energy that you get to receive in exchange for all of the energy and gifts that you are meant to share with the world.

Money is something that you are always worthy of receiving.

You get to do and experience amazing things, be of service AND receive massive compensation in return.

The key is learning to tap into that energy and receiving that flow into your life.

How do we do that?

By digging in and letting go of the energetic blocks that are stopping the flow of money from coming in.

By releasing the energy of scarcity and lack from the past that are still affecting you today.

By recognizing the Divine power that you hold.

By knowing your worth and true potential.

By opening up your heart chakra and energy to receive the abundance that you truly deserve in your life.

Introducing… MONEY MAGIC!

A POWERFUL online course with Cristina Aroche!!!

This is a LIVE 4-week workshop where you will dive deep with the guidance of the angels to support you in:

  • Healing and letting go of what is holding you back from true financial freedom.
  • Shifting your energy in how you view and perceive money.
  • Applying the energy work and practical tools that are necessary to increase your financial flow.
  • Learning the most effective way in paying down debt.
  • Increasing your awareness and confidence around receiving money, whether it’s at your job or your business.
  • Always being in the energy of overflow!
  • And so much more!!!

This course includes powerful healings with the angels, channeled guidance and messages every step of the way.

If you are ready to feel freedom around money and raise your potential in the financial flow in your life, then this program is for YOU!

What We Are Going To Cover:

Week 1

Getting clear and understanding what you want regarding your relationship with money and what is holding you back.

Week 2

Integrating the energy of empowerment, wealth, worthiness and support. Creating and aligning with new belief systems.

Week 3

Understanding your true connection to money and creating a new, empowering relationship with money.

Week 4

How to manifest and create the money that you desire. Step by step practices of creating wealth in your life!

Week 5

Attuning to the next level of wealth and money that you desire in your life. Shifting your vibrational energy to align with it.

Week 6

Understanding what overflow is, how to connect with it and how to call it into your life.

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