Cristian and Ryan - Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm

Cristian and Ryan - Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm digital download. Info: [7 ISO - 6 PDF] | 28.661 GB . ACFIT FIREFIGHTER was designed by firefighters ...

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Cristian and Ryan - Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 ISO - 6 PDF]

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TACFIT FIREFIGHTER was designed by firefighters Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher to provide a comprehensive health and fitness program to augment the occupational training of firefighters. All of our programs are based on the principals of Circular Strength Training, providing a holistic and health first approach. Not all programs are created equal and many of the programs used by firefighters around the world were developed for sport specific or general physical preparedness. These programs fall short and do not meet the needs of the professional firefighter.

TACFIT FIREFIGHTER has been reversed engineered from specific firefighter tasks to provide a complete program that delivers prehab, injury prevention, strength, strength endurance, power, mobility, compensations and greater expressible strength. This program is sport specific, if your sport is firefighting. This is the only program designed from start to finish with a focus on the firefighter skill set as opposed to plugging random routines into your arsenal in hopes of improving your performance on the fire ground.

TACFIT FIREFIGHTER was born from TACFIT, a metabolic conditioning program created by Coach Scott Sonnon. TACFIT is currently used by Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Martial Artists, MMA Fighters, and Elite Military Units. After training and studying with Coach Sonnon for the past six years we have applied our understanding of TACFIT and CST to develop the first and only firefighter specific program.

Check out our blog for all things fitness. We have videos of exercise demonstrations as well as informative articles on fitness in the fire service. We are also offering free programs to our registered users to provide direction, motivation, and inspiration. We are currently working on the release of our first complete program, TACFIT FIREFIGHTER FIRST ALARM, which will be coming out this fall. This will be the first in a series of programs designed to stand alone, or to build upon one another.