Core Foundations Course (Land Shark Education)

Core Foundations Course (Land Shark Education) digital download.

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Core Foundations Course (Land Shark Education)

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Core Foundations COURSE

the chapters

1. Trading Foundations:
Large banks and institutions dominate the markets so to beat them you need to learn to think like them. We begin with some core principles of learning to trade and think like a deal desk.2. The Active Trader Mindset
We explore what it takes to become an active-investor and the products available to you. From here you can define what type of trader you want to be by creating a trading goal outline.3. Active Trader Stock Selection
We cover the Landshark 50 set of stocks & ETF’s with a fundamental explanation of the how’s and why’s of using a selective set of tickers for active trading strategy.4. Landshark Core Framework
We discuss how to price an asset using the Landshark Method. This is where we learn the edge of whether to buy or sell and details as to why.

5. Price Chart Analysis
We dive into price chart analysis using key technical tools like gaps, RSI and support and resistance concepts.

6. Micro V. Macro
We dive into multiple time frame analysis and the role it plays in our trading decision process.

7. Index Analysis
Understanding the key stock indices: What they are and how they play a role in our process.

8. Entry Triggers
There are two methods to cover: conservative and aggressive entry method.

9. Exiting the Trade
We discuss a method for finding 3 dynamic price targets ahead of the trade so we can properly define our risk/reward each time.

10. Platform Immersion
You will create your Landshark platform layout and get to learn the tools necessary for stock selection analysis.

11. Trading Process Review
We cover current market stock selection with full analysis and strategy discussion so you can begin conducting your own analysis.

12. Student Development:
Students go through a final Q&A session with a breakdown of suggested development ideas for post class learning.

The Core Foundations of Trading course teaches you a top-down approach to investing in the stock market based on technical analysis and active trading concepts. The strategy you will learn will help you to identify, with accuracy, whether a stock is overpriced or undervalued and how to determine major market moves in advance. The strategy and framework you will learn can be applied to any asset class however we teach you to trade track, trade and follow a set of 50 stocks and ETF’s.The classes are taught with a live instructor either online or on-campus.

Learn with the Landshark Method

We provide you with an streamlined path to guide you through this course with confidence and ease using a 3 step process.1. Self Study: Before attending the live class students prepare by watching perquisite lessons at your own pace. These include guides to opening their trading account, platform install tutorial and the fifteen hour Remora Options Course.

2. Live Coaching Class : The live class covers the 12 chapters to the right. Class can be taken one day on campus or 4 days during the week from 8pm-10pm EST. Students are taught by a live instructor and receive time for open Q&A and homework lessons.

3. BullShark Coaching Room: This chat room is exclusive to CFOT students and is open 24/7. Students can ask questions from instructors and network with peers to continue learning outside of class.


the course includes

Included with the C.F.O.T Class24/7 Coaching Chat Room Access
12 Months Technical Support
Landshark Trading Indicators
Landshark Discounted Commissions
Remora Options Trading Course
Pre-Requisite Class Lessons
12 Month or LifeTime Retakes*

Experience Level

Beginner to intermediatePrequisite: None

Location: Online or 1 Day On Campus Class.

Investing Style: Active Trading

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