Colin Ward - Wingchun Online

Colin Ward - Wingchun Online digital download. Info: [Webrip - 405 MP4, 94 TXT] | 9.669 GB. This training is open to all standard of practitioner, from ...

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Colin Ward - Wingchun Online

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 405 MP4, 94 TXT]

File size: 9.669 GB

These are Wing Chun instructional videos ripped from Colin Ward's

This training is open to all standard of practitioner, from those with no knowledge or experience whatsoever, to those already in training, and even to those teaching. Beginners will find explanations simple, direct, useful, and useable from the start, not only from a self defence point of view but also through increased leg strength, general fitness and internal health.

Those of you already training Wing Chun, even if from a different schooling, discipline or lineage, may simply find a different way of looking at what you are using right now but perhaps with a clearer, deeper and more practical understanding. Should you question what you have been doing so far, consider it a good thing, as this will only go toward making sure that what you are learning in class is correct.

Those of you experienced enough to already be teaching will cover the highest end of the system, and may also find new and interesting ways of getting the message across to your own students. Hopefully you will also allow them to share in your findings by introducing them to the beginner level of these sessions too, this way you can grow together as teacher and school.

All we ask in training is that you keep an open mind: ‘The man who claims to know everything is a fool for his learning has ceased’

The full system will be taught, from lesson one of our beginner course, to the wooden dummy, knives and pole form with no long term contracts, and no viewing limits. Nothing will be hidden and all questions will be answered.

Sifu Ward began his Martial Arts training in the 1970’s, and began studying Ip Chun lineage Wing Chun around 1985. It was in 1989 when (already a Wing Chun teacher at that time) Colin was invited to train Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong under the direct personal tuition and guidance of Grandmaster Ip Chun himself.

Sifu Colin Ward is one of only a handful of Grandmaster Ip Chun’s representatives worldwide, and had been teaching Wing Chun for nearly 25 years before deciding to spread the system via the Internet and create in 2012. Today of course, known as

Master Colin Ward is also Chief Instructor of the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, which was established in Feb 1991 on the sole request of Grandmaster Ip Chun (Yip Chun), who wished for his senior student (Sifu Ward) to teach and promote original and pure Wing Chun in the United Kingdom. Since 1991 the association has flourished, with the first UK school still running today. Having had over 10,000 classes since it’s opening, the UK school alone has helped students and Instructors develop through schools not only across the UK but also in Europe, Canada and Asia.