Colby Wilk - Healings

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Colby Wilk - Healings

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Upgrade Your Consciousness With Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit

Through energetic activations and transmission, Colby Wilk Spiritual and Theta Healer will assist you to upgrade your system, outlook and perspective. Feel yourself enter into greater well being by shifting at the very core. Leave behind physical and emotional dysfunction by releasing false limitations. Learn energetic practices so that in any situation or circumstance you can move into a greater state of well-being.

With Colby's package you will:
  • Learn how to upgrade your thinking instantly by shifting your energetic field
  • Bring yourself into greater love with you by accessing the energy of love
  • practical energetic skills to increase your sense of safety
  • Call in the energy of purpose and feel into your destiny’s path
  • Access your fairy helpers and gain their perspective on your challenges
  • Bring your best self forward by learning how to alter your state of consciousness
  • Feel the support of your helpers and receive guidance
  • Activate your super healing powers and be more connected to the entirety of your being
  • Learn how to become a match to what you desire and increase your ability to receive
  • Have increased capacity for well being by aligning yourself with the Divine
Here's what's included in the package:
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Maximize your results

This is a must listen. Colby talks about his work giving specific tips, guidance and a transmission to assist you to maximize your participation. (22 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Getting tips to maximize your participation
  • Moving into the most advantageous mind frame
  • Entering into a container to promote deeper learning and integration
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Simple energetic methods to shift your thinking regardless of circumstances

It is said that almost 50% of a person’s happiness depends on their attitude and beliefs. You can turn around almost any situation and experience it from a place of Empowered Action rather than that of a victim with no control. We all know that it is important to think positive, but sometimes you cannot shift your thinking. Your mind focuses on the negative, and it seems you are stuck in an addictive pattern that you can’t change. This has a serious impact on your mood, actions and your ability to manifest.

Well you no longer have to be a slave to your debilitating egative emotions!! With this track, Colby gives you POWERFUL tools in 5 different energetic practices to instantly shift into higher state of consciousness. They are easy and quick but the results can be life changing! (33 minutes) What's Covered:
  • Practicing where to put your attention to increase inner balance and harmony
  • Clearing your field with the White Tornado of Light
  • Calling in the Law of Domain
  • Recreating your auric egg to assist you claim your own space
  • Gaining a greater connection with the larger part of you by experiencing your Soul's String
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Practice techniques to bring yourself into greater love with you.

The energy of Love is the most powerful force in the world! It is healing and transformation becomes as easy as breathing when you live in this frequency on a daily basis. When you are in love everything is better, sharper, juicier. All experts agree that staying consistently in this type of high vibrational state is the secret behind the miracles created by Ascended Masters.

And now you can get a taste of that too…..create Miracles in your own life by being in that state of Love.

Explore and practice energetic techniques to bring yourself into greater love with you. Witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve by accessing the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love. (42 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Receiving Theta Healing Downloads to move blocks to love
  • Learning how to open your heart to receive more love
  • Getting re-mothered by Mother Mary
  • Receiving a Rose Healing
  • Calling in the fabric of the Universe: Love
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Gain practical skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment. Reap the fantastic rewards of being here now.

Have you ever noticed that the truly inspired seem more "full" and at the same time are more spacious? These powerful individuals are embodied. Because more of them is present they have more resources and power to create. True power only lies in the current moment…the “Now” but so often we get stuck in the past or live in worry of future. This fragments our true power and seriously undermines our ability as a Conscious Creator.

Or you may have experienced a traumatic event and parts of your soul may have broken off leaving you feeling incomplete. Your sense of not being complete may be accurate- you may not be fully here. In this state, you can’t gain full benefit of any healings or Self Development workshops. Furthermore, your connection to spirit may also be broken.

Come back into your FULL Power with this audio. Gain 5 practical energetic skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment, reaping the fantastic rewards of being here now. (49 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Tracing your multidimensional self and gain the benefits of greater multidimensional connectivity
  • Calling in your parts and fill yourself with you by collecting your marbles
  • Calling yourself into the body
  • Improving your grounding by planting yourself
  • Experiencing the benefits of having a grounding plate
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Invite the energy of purpose and reap its benefits.

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel a desperate need to connect with your purpose... but can’t find what it is?

Are you at a cross roads but can’t decide where to go?

No one has ever tasted success in life without first having a very clear intention in mind. People that live at cause have a crystal clear understanding of the actions they take and the decisions that need to be made in order to take such actions. People without such clarity find themselves living in a reactionary way…always dealing with one crisis after another but never knowing where they are headed. Soon it becomes exhausting and unfulfilling.

In this audio course surrender what is holding you back from inviting the energy of purpose. If you have suffered trauma, you may have created thick, heavy energy of protection around you that no longer serves you. Rather, it’s often the biggest reason why people experience feeling “blocked”.

Release unworkable patterns of protection and receive guidance from your future self. Experience yourself moving more directly into doing what is yours to do. (33 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Surrendering what has been holding you hostage
  • Releasing unhelpful shielding
  • Inviting yours Soul's Eye into the body and upgrade your connection with your Soul
  • Inviting the Energy of Purpose to find you
  • Receiving maps from your Future Self
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Literally be fairy and know what they know and feel what they feel.

Cross through the veils that separate this reality from others and meet and join with your fairy alley/s. Experience the magical perspective of fairies by adopting their eyes, minds and hearts. In this workshop, you will literally be fairy and know what they know and feel what they feel. (38 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Clearing Your Energy Field
  • Balancing your energy field: Ground, Center, Gather and Unify
  • Meeting your Fairy Alley
  • Trying on a Fairy Brain
  • Seeing through the eyes of a Fairy Being
  • Gaining perspective on real life challenges by trying on a Fairy Heart
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Learn how to bring your best self forward

Another big block to happiness in a person’s life comes from their genetic patterns. You may have inherited patterns or beliefs that you have no knowledge of control over. You could be running on an old, archaic system that it is truly jeopardizing every effort you make to try to improve your life.

What if you could start with a brand new system that serves you? At your best: you are fun, open and curious. But, how do you be your best self when the pressure is on? Just when it seems to count the most, you may find yourself triggered and reactive. No more! Stay in the flow of Cause no matter what!

Learn 3 energetic techniques to stay in play regardless of circumstance and outcome (66 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Maximizing and clearing your parent's relationship to play
  • Becoming less reactive by replacing reactive patterns
  • Receiving Attachment Settings to increase your sense of safety
  • Becoming more harmonious through the bells of harmony
  • Receiving transmissions from an animal totem
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Maximize your impact as a healer while building your own wellness

Become more aware of the subtle realms and how to work with them. Learn how to direct your own energetic field to increase your competency with energy and your capacity for healing. Receive energetic transmissions to open to your own natural healing abilities. (50 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Getting acquainted with energy
  • Determining your healing style: Bowl or a Knife
  • Working with a Master
  • Measuring if a healing modality is right for you
  • Opening to your Healing Blueprint
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Change who you are and attract what you desire

Learn how to feel into your own destiny. Have your intentions take root by engaging a powerful manifestation technique. Upgrade your system so you become compatible with what you desire. (50 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Balancing your field through Hula Hoops
  • Uncovering destiny points
  • Being an energetic match to what you desire
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Feel and get more support

Feel the presence of your higher self and guides and reap the benefits of being supported. Receive guidance and healing. (34 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Practicing shifting your attention
  • Meeting and receiving a Higher Self-Healing
  • Increase the size of your support team
Colby Wilk - Healings
Colby Wilk - Healings

Have more capacity for well-being. Raise your ceiling for how good you can take it. Shift your system into greater wellness and spiritual alignment. (45 minutes)

What's Covered:
  • Feeding your energy field
  • Aligning yourself with the Galactic Sun
  • Participate in the mind of Christ
  • Clearing your field
  • Participating in an activation to upgrade your consciousness