Coach April - GOAL SETTING

Coach April - GOAL SETTINGGOAL SETTING STOP! Before you move forward figure out what your strengths are and areas that need attention You don’t know what you ...
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Coach April - GOAL SETTING

Coach April - GOAL SETTING

STOP! Before you move forward figure out what your strengths are and areas that need attention


You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes before you move forward it’s better to take a step back and evaluate what your current behaviors are. This level of self awareness will allow you to create a plan of action and set you up for success. Take a week and see what you do well and what you could work on.

Make some obvious changes during this week that lend themselves to a healthy lifestyle. For example purge the pantry of all the cookies.
Think about WHY you want to make changes in the first place.
Get the family onboard
Journal your behaviors to uncover hidden obstacles

This course will teach you what to look for in your current behaviors and make suggestions on how to begin the transformation into a lifestyle of wellness.

It includes all the resources you’ll need for a deep dive.


Your Instructor


Coach April

Hi! I’m April Dearden. I’ve been coaching people on their health and wellness goals for over 5 years. I’m a Certified Nutritionist & Wellness Coach and have helped hundreds of people create healthy habits that are sustainable for a lifetime. I focus on lifestyle change, NO QUICK FIXES HERE! I coach on the 4 pillars of wellness; proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation and stress management. I understand the struggles of a busy life. I’m a single mom and run my own business. When I ed my personal wellness journey I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). My eating habits were poor, I was stressed to the max and never exercised. Because Diabetes runs in my family I was very concerned that my blood sugar could lead to all the health risk I saw my grandma, uncle and dad go through. I knew I wanted to avoid going on medication and that changing lifestyle was the answer. Over the years I’ve learned the short cuts to make a life of wellness easier and sustainable. Now I help others, LIKE YOU, do the same!

Course Curriculum




Navigating the course

About (3:43)
Agenda (1:49)


Know your WHY (1:24)
Write your WHY



How to use the journal page (3:34)
How to journal
Journal page




MODULE 2: Support

Support is important (0:46)
Family (0:47)
Friends (0:59)
Community & Groups (0:50)
Set yourself up for success


MODULE 3: Purge the pantry

Purge the obvious (1:12)
Dig deep into the refrigerator & freezer (0:46)
Spices (1:48)



Goal setting
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