Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski - Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course

Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski - Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course digital download. Info: [16 CDs (MP3) + 4 workbooks (PDF)]. Learn hypnosis...

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Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski - Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course

Type: Digital download

Format: [16 CDs (MP3) + 4 workbooks (PDF)]

Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course

Want to convince people to do whatever you ask?

please note that all mp3 in this product are encoded with 64 kbps rate.

“Who Else Wants To Discover A
Rebel Psychiatrist’s Amazing Secret
That Lets You Put People Under Your
Spell Quickly and Easily … and Get
Them to Do Anything You Want?”
Now you can unleash your natural ability to…

* Influence anyone to follow your lead
* Get clients and customers to happily buy more
* Negotiate with stellar success
* Compel colleagues to do what you suggest
* Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
* Convince children and teens to obey your instructions
* Keep your lover(s) eternally loyal

And best of all,
they will thank you for the opportunity
to do as you say.

“A Breathtaking Course”

learn hypnosis”I didn’t believe this material would be that good, but it turns out to be a breathtaking course on using hypnosis in everyday conversation.

“I’ve never seen or heard anything this complete, powerful, or convincing.

“I love it.”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of “The Secret” Movie
Interviewed On ‘Oprah’ by Oprah Winfrey
CEO Hypnotic Marketing Inc & Author Of Over 20 Books
Wimberely Texas, USA

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to simply convince people that you know what they should do …. and have them do it …. then this will be the most important message you ever read.

My name is Clifford Mee, and until very recently my powers of persuasion were pretty ordinary.

I had a love/hate relationship with trying to sell things … some days I would close like a pro … and the next afternoon my sales would go all to hell.

There have been times when my co-workers hung on my every word… and the next week my ideas would be treated with contempt.

Negotiating a business deal … or even a simple car purchase, until recently was unpredictable, unreliable, and resulted in gut-burning anxiety.

Win some … lose some.

Doesn’t that drive you nuts too?

I had no consistency at all, even after 22 years of professional experience and the finest conventional training in sales, marketing, negotiation and persuasion.

Between what I spent myself, and what my employers have dropped on trainings I’d estimate I’ve spent thirty-seven thousand dollars paying the “persuasion pro’s” to do their dog and pony shows.
Fortunately, I’m The Kind of Guy Who’s Obsessed With Having People Obey Me

That’s how I ran into Igor Ledochowski. And my life instantly changed forever.

In a few short weeks after listening to Igor’s simple teachings ….


I learned how to read every client like an open book. I knew what they were thinking before they did. I could “adjust their attitudes” with a few simple commands.

I learned how to see if someone was going to say no and how to change that no into a yes.

I learned how to train people to respond to the tones of my voice automatically and without question so that they would willingly do my bidding time after time.
* Plus — incredibly — unexpectedly —

My Relationships Improved, I Had Instant Rapport on Demand, And Everyone Treated Me With New Respect

And in these short months it’s just been getting better and better.

I’ve become absolutely fearless in my communication, going after every goal as if I had magical powers.

But it’s not magic at all.

You see, what I learned from Igor had almost nothing to do with me … and everything to do with the amazing ability to use hypnosis in everyday conversations.

He calls it Conversational Hypnosis:

How to quickly and easily put people under your spell and get them to do what you want.

Igor got all his ideas 15 years ago when he saw a rebel psychiatrist in a wheel chair speaking to a bunch of doctors, psychologists, and therapists.

Just talking to them.

Yeah. Right.

Igor actually felt sorry for the paralyzed old coot… until that room full of skeptical professionals started to do exactly what he told them to do.

You see, he had used hypnosis … right in a conversation … to make those tough-minded subjects laugh, scratch, stand up, and sit down on command.

The elderly heretic was named Milton Erickson. He was the greatest hypnotist of all time.

What made his hypnosis so powerful was that he had spent almost 60 years learning to hypnotize his subjects without them knowing it…. and hypnotizing them inside of a normal-seeming conversation.

You may ask, “Why would a psychiatrist spend his entire life learning how to hypnotize people without them knowing it … by using normal conversation in hypnotic ways?”

It’s because….

It Was Illegal For Doctors To Use Hypnosis

Even though Milton Erickson had been a college professor, doctor, and psychiatrist…. it was still against the American Medical Association rules and regulations to use hypnosis with patients.

Everyone knew that hypnosis had amazing power. Erickson thought that it was just this power that made the establishment ban its use.

So Milton Erickson spent a lifetime perfecting the skills that allowed him to take hypnotic control of his patients by just “talking to them”.

It was the only way he could keep his license to practice medicine!

There are literally thousands of stories of what Dr. Erickson accomplished through conversational hypnosis, but I’d like to tell you just one.
How Conversational Hypnosis
Saved A Maverick Doctors License
And Changed The USA’s
Laws About Hypnosis

In 1953 the American Medical Association caught wind of the fact that the renegade psychiatrist Dr. Erickson was doing hypnosis with his patients.

They scheduled a “disciplinary hearing” in New York where he was to be stripped of his license, his livelihood, and send home in shame.

Milton Erickson knew that the president of the AMA lived in Los Angeles .

He found out when the president would be flying to New York , and he arranged to fly out with both the president and another board member.

The atmosphere was strained and difficult for the first moments of the boarding and the flight.

But soon the two board members started to have strong feelings of rapport and respect for Dr. Erickson.

And the more he “talked” …. in that special way of his …. his companions got more comfortable …. and more relaxed…. and more relaxed….. and still more comfortable … until…
The Two Grey-haired AMA Officials Just Listened With Glazed Eyes And Agreed To Everything…

By the time the 3 doctors got off the plane, they were all fast friends.

The hearing, instead of being a professional massacre, had all the charges dropped against Dr. Milton Erickson.
The Very Next Year,
The AMA Reversed Itself
And Allowed Doctors To Use Hypnosis!

That’s the power of Conversational Hypnosis .

And when you learn the same simple but powerful techniques, you will be able to put people under your spell, and easily get them to do what you want too!

Anyways, there is a very good reason why I am telling you all this.

You see, Milton Erickson refused to teach hypnosis to anyone who was not a licensed doctor or psychologist.

Now that he’s passed away, the Erickson Foundation is still trying to hoard away the deepest and most powerful secrets of Conversational Hypnosis.

You cannot even see the contents of their library unless you are a doctor or psychologist.

There are people who claim to teach Erickson’s methods…

….but only one man has cracked the code to using conversational hypnosis in a sales situation…

…or on the job….

…or persuading friends and family members….

And that man is Igor Ledochowski.

For the last 8 years, the only way to learn the special techniques of Conversational Hypnosis was to hire Igor personally, and he never came cheap.

In fact, he’s been charging $475.00 an hour, with a minimum of 10 lessons in a package

– meaning it would cost you $4750.00 just in fees to learn these powerful persuasion techniques.

That is, if you could nail him down for an appointment.

He is, perhaps …
The Most Sought After
Hypnosis Instructor In The World

And Igor would have gone on giving only private lessons and seminars…

…until I convinced him of a very simple economic fact

If he would allow me to turn his private, highly-restricted teachings into a simple, easy, and well-structured home study course … then we could sell these powerful persuasion secrets to people for a slight fraction of his fee.

I knew that within a year’s time, so many people worldwide would buy the home study course that Igor would never have to give another private conversational hypnosis lesson again.

What you get are 12 professionally recorded CDs as MP3s , The Power Of Conversational Manual including FULL transcripts and 5 quick reference “Cheat Sheets”
Each session details everything you need to know to master… absolutely master … the art of Conversational Hypnosis

… in the shortest time possible.

Nothing has been left out.

You get the same instructional format that Igor uses for his hyper-expensive personal lessons and seminars … with the added advantage that you have it recorded … so that you can “rewind” and go over any part you like until it becomes second nature!

“Its Like Magic…Absolutely Amazing Results”

“Igor is the definitive expert on the mind, on fast results, and a genius in the field of subconscious influence and change.

“He influences you consciously and subconsciously to release an impressive potential in people.

“Its like magic: he gets absolutely amazing results! If you want to work with the best work with him!!

“But be warned: he gets exceptional results by doing exceptional things… sometimes unusual things happen when you are around him.”

David Taylor,
Global Leadership Expert,
Author Of The Best selling “The Naked Leader! “

“It’s Clear, Your Course Is Exceptional”

“…it’s clear, your course is exceptional, and that after your total immersion, walking the talk and bathing me in the talk, I came away with a real sense of knowing where I am heading on my exciting journey into hypnosis.”

“In the past I was afraid of really doing hypnosis with people. I used other people’s scripts and would be terrified of changing even a single word!

“Now I rarely use scripts any more . I have my trusted Street Hypnosis™ deck by my side and I do amazing work.

“I feel so confident and happy now that I have all these skills . I am a better hypnotherapist, a better language trainer and a better person…

“Thank you again for this Life-changing experience!”

Lesley Hossner
Language Trainer & Hypnotherapist
Stevenage, UK
Hypnotherapist For
Executive Member Of

You will discover:


The entire Conversational Hypnosis Protocol, Igor’s most closely held and powerful teachings.

The powerful “hypnotic triple” command that SWAT teams use to force compliance … even in a fire-fight with hardened criminals.

How an instant rapport technique will get even strangers to open up to you … reveal their inner longings …. and give you all the clues you need to persuade them to do as you say.

The conversational way to get a sales prospect to imagine the intense feelings of owning what you are selling, so they naturally feel compelled to buy right now! You can help them intensify the feelings so strongly that all objections simply melt away.

The easiest way to join the elite group of “hypnotic persuasion experts” by using their secret patterns for influence …. (it’s easier than you think)

Create an instant trigger to unleash your subjects deepest desires…. and how to point them in your direction… (Igor’s innovative techniques are more refined and more powerful than any other)

A simple technique that creates amnesia for any objection your subject may have to your suggestions… they simply forget to remember what it was that might have stopped them from following your suggestions.

What it means when your subject “talks with their hands” and how to use their gestures to literally get inside their head.
* How to know if a subject is “talking to themselves” with internal dialogue … and how to join that dialogue so that your voice seems like it comes from inside their own mind!

Your home study course, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis – ‘How to Quickly and Easily Put People Under Your Spell And Get Them To Do What You Want, also includes a manual with references to every essential pattern, technique, exercise and hypnotic suggestion required to command the respect and compliance of your subjects.

Your instruction manual (including transcripts of all 12 sessions) gives even more detailed information about your new powers of persuasion … so you’ll always have an easy reference right at your fingertips!

You can read this manual at work, before sales calls, or use it to “brush up” before an important meeting.

“This Is An Essential Book”

“[Igor] has created a refreshing read, expertly presented…

“This is an essential book if one is interested in utilizing hypnosis…”

Georges Philips,
Founder & Director of Training
The International College of Eclectic Therapies
The Association of Analytical and Cognitive Therapy

Author of Analytical Hypnotherapy Vol’s 1 and 2

“Every Hypnotist Will Want This Compendium”

“A valuable guide to developing your excellence and elegance as a hypnotist.

“You will deepen your hypnotic skills every time you reach for it whether using it as a training guide or a reference book.

“Every hypnotist will want this compendium on his or her desk as a quick, precise, yet in-depth reference.”

– John C. Overdurf and Julie M. Silverthorn, M.S
Co-Authors of “Training Trances”

More Highlights

You will master the 4 stages of Conversational Hypnosis :

1. How To Absorb Their Attention
2. How To Bypass The Conscious Mind
3. Access Unconscious Responses
4. Amplify & Direct The Unconscious Responses

Grasp the essential power of the 3-stage Pond Exercise to radiate authority and trustworthiness

How the Echo Effect builds a powerful connection between you and your subject

Discover the hypnotic secrets of the Hakalao from Huna and how it adds power to Dr. Erickson’s covert methods of everyday trance induction

How to use the secrets of your subject’s personal trance words …. (traditional persuasion techniques actually rob you of the ability to use them, while Igor’s hard-won expertise allows you to double or triple their persuasion-power!)

Excel in the 3 basic voice tones, including the essential Command Tone that triggers an irresistible desire to follow your orders in 76% of all people (and when you combine it with the other techniques, your compliance-rate jumps into the 90’s)

Your hypnotic suggestions build energy and power when you use your expertise in the 3 Principles Of Suggestion

1. The Authority Principle
2. The Compounding Effect
3. The Yes Set (you will learn exactly how to create a tiny little “yes” in the mind of your subject … then a larger “Yes” … and a larger “Yes” … until your subject is vibrating with the desire to shout “YES!!”

How to use Hot Words to build emotional power into your hypnotic commands

The entire 8th Session is a masters-level tutorial on how to speak to the unconscious mind (giving it commands) while at the same time carrying on a natural-seeming conversation with your subject’s wide-awake conscious mind

( I promise you will be blown away by how simple and easy this ultimate power-principle really is! )

Exactly how, when and where to use Preconscious Priming in order to make your subject feel it’s the most natural thing in the world to agree with the statements that you deliver immediately after the Preconscious Priming.

—You will often receive a big hug and an enthusiastic “thank-you” for changing someone’s mind!

How to use the “tip-of-the-tongue” experience to boost your persuasion-power.

The “Bushy Brained” method of story-telling. The wilder and more unreal the story… the more power it has!

How to play the “Forest Gump Game” with your unsuspecting subjects. Easily gaining agreement will be just like a box of chocolates!

Why even beginners in Conversational Hypnosis can use embedded Commands (powerful hidden hypnotic directions) to quickly surpass more experienced persuasion experts…. even if the experts have decades of experience.

In fact, the less you know about what the “experts” try to tell you, the faster you will be racking up new sales, persuading supervisors and co-workers that they should do as you say, and getting results you could only dream of before.

How to use simple “Stacked Realities” to instantly make sure you are ready for anything your subject might say or do…. resulting in a predictable and repeatable result no matter how difficult the situation is.

Finally win the High Status Game and the Low Status Game

(hint… both are equally useful depending on the results you want … low-status allows others to open up to you. It’s a softer and more yielding form of dominance).

Control the unseen flow of Status Signals (Time, Body Language, Use of Personal Space) in order to radiate the command presence of great and powerful leaders.

Learn exactly how to use Eye Contact to establish the power position (WARNING — you must do it correctly or you will blow it all by being viewed as aggressive and hostile).

The correct method to “invade space” to lower your subjects feeling of status….which automatically increases their suggestibility.

How to observe and exploit the Territorial Behavior of groups to establish your Leadership Position.

Power up with the 3-Step Gilligan’s Breath (named after Dr. Erickson’s student Stephen Gilligan) that will allow you to project stillness, calm and trust into your subject.

How often have you wished someone you were persuading would just calm down? Now you will calm them with Gilligan’s Breath in under 20 seconds!

Discover the 4 simple ways to intensify any emotion or feeling in your subject.

1. Direct Suggestion Techniques
2. Stacking Anchors (building several similar feelings into one trigger of your choice)
3. Sliding Anchor Process (increasing the intensity of any feeling … for example you can take the feeling of pleasure and “kick it up a notch” and then link that pleasure in your subject to purchasing your product … or just saying YES at the right time)

Easily become an expert in The Persuasion Paradigm.

1. Absorb Attention
2. Bypass The Conscious Mind
3. Induce the Desired Feeling or Emotion
4. Intensify the Feeling or Emotion
5. Link the Feeling or Emotion to Desired Action!

This 5 step process is not taught anywhere else!

“I Used To Get Out Of Bed Wearily, Wishing That The Week Would Be Over. Now I Leap Out Of Bed Excited By What Life Has To Offer!”

“12 months ago I was working for one of the top investment banks in the world. The work was good, the pay was exceptional, I had everything I could ever aspire to as a young man… but there was something missing – I wasn’t happy.

“You see something inside me knew that I wanted to do something else with my life. Something grander. But I kept locking those thoughts away: after all I had everything a man could want, right?


“Inside me, something was brewing, only I didn’t know how to release it. So my energy levels gradually sank. I started to feel bad in the mornings waking up. I spent my days trying to “fake” not being tired and grumpy!

“Monday mornings were the worst. I started wishing my week away, looking forward to the peace and quiet of the weekend. But then I had a realization: I was wishing away 5/7 of my life!

“I realized that I was wishing away 40 years of my life!

“But then I discovered Igor and I realized all I needed was the tools for creating the lifestyle I wanted most.

“I started to apply everything I learned. My improvement sky-rocketed and now I am living the lifestyle I always wanted!

“Now I literally jump out of bed every morning, excited to see what the day ahead has to offer. In fact I am more excited on days in which I get to do some “work” now, than on my “days off” – that is how much my life has changed!”

Andy Wilkinson
(Ex-Banker) NLP Consultant
London, U.K.

“I Now Have A Great Relationship With A
Beautiful, Loving Woman”

“When I first came to London from New Zealand I got into the whole party scene. It was fun for a while, but one day I woke up and realized that that scene was not healthy for me. My life needed to go in a different direction.

“So I spent the last six years developing myself. I have tried everything out there: Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Eastern Philosophy – I even took up Tai Chi. All these things really helped me change parts of my life and make them more positive.

“But there were things still missing from my life. Its ironic: as a Kiwi I’m naturally a friendly and chatty guy. The problem is that I didn’t used to “get” people. Empathy to me was just a curious concept.

“So I never had really “intimate” relationships. It was frustrating for my girlfriends that I couldn’t see the world through their eyes.

“Then I stumbled across Igor’s course…I learned loads of things. The strange thing is that I could feel things happen in the back of my mind. It was as though someone was lifting invisible barriers from my mind, leaving me feeling more free and easy.

“The really crazy thing is what happened after…I found that somehow I was getting much better rapport with people. Work colleagues seemed to be nicer to me. My friends seemed to be opening up to me more.

“But the best thing is that I now have a great relationship with a beautiful, loving woman. She’s always telling me that I am one of the few people that actually “gets” her!”

Paul Mckenzie
IT Consultant For The Top UK Banks
London, UK

”They Laughed When I Told Them I Could ‘Cure’ A Phobia In 5 Minutes… 5 Minutes Later They Just Stared In Amazement As My Phobia Client Calmly Looked Out The Window – On The 40th Floor!”

“Igor, I used to be a very shy Computer Programmer. I didn’t like being this shy and awkward around people.

“I wanted to have lots of friends, be the center of attention and show people that there was more to me than computer code and technical jargon.

“But I didn’t know how.

“I remember seeing a Hypnosis show one day and thinking: ‘If only I could do something like that – I wouldn’t have to feel this awkward anymore!’

“I looked at how confident and charismatic the hypnotist was. I wished I could be like him…

“Then I came across you. And boy did it change my life!

“I more than had my moneys worth! – I learned the one thing I wanted most in my life: how to make friends and get complete strangers to like me.

“I was so excited!”

“Then, things just got better…I learned how to hypnotize people. I was doing it for real just like the guy in the show!!

“A few weeks later, I was out meeting my ( NEW!!) friends. I told them that I was planning to change jobs and become a hypnotherapist.

“They just laughed at me when I told them I could “cure” a phobia in 5 minutes.”

“So I asked about until I found a woman who had Vertigo – a phobia of heights. I asked her if she wanted to be my demonstration client and she agreed.

“I brought her back to my friends and 5 minutes later they just stared in amazement as my phobia client calmly looked out the window – on the 40th floor!”

“Word spread and now I have a busy hypnotherapy clinic in Central London, doing a job I really love.

“The best bit is that for the first time now I am my own boss – in more ways than one!”

(Name Withheld By Request)
(Ex-Computer Programmer) Hypnotherapist
Central London, U.K.

“Improved My Communication Skills To Bring Greater Wealth, Success & Time…”

“I really loved this product. As each CD builds in the others, I found myself using the principals involved.

“As a Chartered Accountant I use these techniques to help clients understand what is really possible in their business if they apply proven strategies.

“This program has helped me improve my communication skills to bring greater wealth, success and the most valuable resource – time – into my clients lives.

“Thanks Igor & Cliff.”

Gordon D’Silva
Gordons Knight & Co
Chartered Accountants
London, U.K. SW19 1AY

Are all these people who have been so successful with Conversational Hypnosis any different than you?

No, they are not.

They represent seasoned professionals, rank amateurs, total beginners, and life-long persuaders who face the same challenges that you do.

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give Conversational Hypnosis an honest try. For some of them, it cost several thousand dollars in personal lessons — and was worth every penny.
Of Course You Have Doubts…
Is This Too Good To Be True?

If you too can simply put your doubts aside for a short time you will see for yourself just what it’s like to …

* influence anyone to follow your lead
* get clients and customers to happily buy more
* negotiate with stellar success
* compel colleagues to do what you suggest
* get just about anyone to say “yes”
* convince children and teens to obey your instructions
* keep your lover(s) eternally loyal

Even Better,
You’ll Get The Same Instruction
For a Fraction Of What Everybody
Else Had To Pay!

Please Listen: A lot of people all over the world are going to be furious with me for sharing these “secret weapons” of persuasion with you… especially since you won’t be paying even 3% of what they had to pay to learn it.

But that’s just too bad.

It’s been a secret for too long. Oh, this stuff will NEVER become common knowledge – after all most people just don’t have the guts to command others to obey their will.

That’s just human nature. Most folks are just too set in their ways to …
Defy The Lies
That Keep Them
Puny, Powerless And Poor!

But if you have stayed with me this far – you aren’t like “most folks” anyways.

So here’s the low down…

When you click the order button below you will be taken to a Risk-FREE order page. The price is just $197.

You couldn’t even get Igor on the phone for $197.00 — remember, hundreds of people have happily shelled out thousands of dollars for this precious information.

This, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime if you want more personal power, more authority, and more persuasion-power. What’s more, the money is actually irrelevant, because…

To Be So Generous?

Easy— so far, every single person I know of who has experienced the thrill and power of Conversational Hypnosis has been using it ever since … with results that – as you saw in the above testimonials – almost defy belief.

So I’m pretty darned confident that it will work magic for you, too.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose with the super-generous money-back guarantee!
Sometimes It’s Hard To Make A Decision With Total
Confidence, Even With A Great Guarantee
Like I’ve Just Given You.

Because of this, for a limited time, I’ve put together special bonuses– just for buyers of this ‘Power Of Conversational Hypnosis’ Home Study Course , and I’m GIVING THEM AWAY to customers who order right away!

It doesn’t matter if you change your mind tomorrow, or in eight weeks, you still get to keep these bonus items!

4 Extra Bonus CDs As MP3s

Bonus #1 – Shadow & Stealth Tactics

Bonus #2 – Advanced Secrets To Bypass Resistance

Bonus #3 – Conversational Hypnosis Demo: The Super Hypnotic Storyteller Induction

Bonus #4 – Top Secret: Breaking The Hypnotic Storyteller Code

“I’m Getting Amazing Results!”

Hi Cliff,

Boy are you in trouble…

My local postman delivered my “Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” package yesterday morning just before 9:00 am.

[Please note the physical version is not currently available and used to cost $697!]

He looked at the smile on my face as I opened it and said, “You were really looking forward to seeing this package then?”

“I certainly was” I replied…

It’s now 3:30 pm. I have spent over 30 hours devouring all the information. I’ve listened to every single sound track, I’ve made tons of notes, I’ve practiced my new skills on the telephone, I’ve enjoyed conversations with
my friends, my neighbours and with my colleagues.

I’m getting amazing results!

The postman has stopped leaving my garden gate open, I’ve persuaded a young l