Chuck Duff - RealBodyWork - Thai Massage for Mat & Table

Chuck Duff - RealBodyWork - Thai Massage for Mat & Table digital download. Info: [Webrip - 1 MP4 1 TXT] | 686.82 MB. This introductory massage program o...

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Chuck Duff - RealBodyWork - Thai Massage for Mat & Table

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 1 MP4 1 TXT]

File size: 686.82 MB



This introductory massage program offers a 60-minute Thai Massage sequence for both the mat and table. Chapters include classroom instruction, an intro to Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB) herbal compresses and an overview of Thai Massage. No prior knowledge or experience is assumed. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • Comprehensive 100-minute Thai massage video program.
  • Shows in detail a Thai massage sequence applying the same sequence on both mat and table with appropriate body mechanics.
  • Chuck's teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, positioning, body mechanics, and working with core energy rather than muscle strength. Explanation and demonstration of how these unique, ancient techniques benefit both the giver and the receiver if properly performed.
  • Learn how to integrate Thai massage techniques into your practice to avoid the pitfalls Western style therapists often experience due to an over-reliance on strength. Thai massage can save your hands and give new life to your career, particularly as Chuck teaches it.
  • Chapters arranged for easy reference and review.
  • Thai massage on the mat. Chuck first teaches the viewer how to perform a highly effective 1-hour Thai massage sequence on the mat, beginning from first principles.
  • -Thai massage on the table. Once the concepts of fluid, effortless movement are established on the mat, he covers the specific adaptations that are necessary on the table, and shows the complete flow as it looks on the table.


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