Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools

Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools digital download.

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Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools

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Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools

Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools

If you ever want an established artist to cover one of your songs, you need to have a demo that shows just how much potential your composition has. This course is designed for the songwriter interested in production and engineering high-quality demos at home using Pro Tools. The course acts as a springboard for the novice producer/songwriter to jump into the world of producing, recording, and mixing songs to a professional level.

The curriculum begins with active listening, analysis, and exploring the producer’s role in recorded music. Next, we explore Pro Tools techniques, drum programming, synthesis, and sampling, alongside guitar and vocal recording techniques. The course concludes with you assembling all musical elements together with mixing; EQ, Compression, Reverb, and other effects will be explored. The course will be taught via a combination of listening and analysis, discussion, and video demonstration. The projects are hands-on and include recording other instrumentalists/vocalists.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze productions and apply active listening to them
  • Identify various genres for stylistic study and influence
  • Apply basic to intermediate Pro Tools techniques for self-production
  • Identify and use synthesis techniques and develop electronic patches
  • Apply drum programming and electronic textures realistically
  • Apply sampling and create realistic-sounding instruments using the computer
  • Apply guitar recording and production techniques
  • Apply vocal recording and production techniques
  • Identify EQ basics for mixing purposes
  • Apply basic compression for mixing and for effects
  • Apply reverb and ambience to set a listening environment for the mix
  • Identify mastering basics to make mixes louder for radio


Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Review of Pro Tools Operations

Lesson 2: Starting the Process: Where Do We Go From Here?

Lesson 3: Drum Writing and Drum Programming

Lesson 4: Synthesis and Synthesizers

Lesson 5: Samplers and Realistic MIDI Programming

Lesson 6: Guitar Recording and Production

Lesson 7: Vocal Recording and Production

Lesson 8: Intro to Mixing (EQ)

Lesson 9: Mixing Part 2 (Dynamics)

Lesson 10: Mixing Part 3 (Ambience)

Lesson 11: Advanced Production Techniques and Mastering

Lesson 12: Course Roundup


Prerequisites and Course-Specific Requirements

Students should have knowledge of songwriting, arrangement, and basic Pro Tools skills. They should also be comfortable recording themselves. If you have no prior experience with Pro Tools, consider taking Berklee Online’s four-week Pro Tools Basics course on Coursera. Or, if you already have some experience with Pro Tools and would like to further expand upon your skill set, consider taking Berklee Online’s 12-week Pro Tools 101 course, which is not a prerequisite, but does provide a deeper understanding of Pro Tools.

Required Textbook(s)

  • None required

Software Requirements

  • Pro Tools 10 or higher (Pro Tools Demo version is not supported in this course)

Hardware Requirements

  • Condenser microphone
  • Pop filter
  • MIDI controller
  • Audio interface with at least 2 inputs (XLR and 1/4″), 2 outputs, and phantom power


Chrissy Tignor - Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools
Chrissy Tignor

Author & Instructor

Chrissy Tignor is a producer, songwriter, recording engineer and vocalist with a super-synthy pop style fused with EDM and hip-hop influences. She is a full-time faculty member in the Contemporary Writing and Production department at Berklee College of Music, and has worked with the likes of Alex Clare, Gary Go, Bastille, Lauren Hashian, and Notting Hill Music. Her music has been synced on Discovery Channel and TLC, and she currently produces, writes and remixes under the pseudonym Data Child.

What’s Next?

When taken for credit, Producing Songwriting Demos with Pro Tools can be applied towards these associated programs:

Associated Certificate Programs

  • General Music Studies Professional Certificate
  • General Music Studies Advanced Professional Certificate

Associated Degree Majors

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting and Producing Music