Chris Severs - Anchor Point Certification Training Videos

Chris Severs - Anchor Point Certification Training Videos digital download. Info: [webrip 10MP4] | 2.332 GB . It’s about working functionally, mostly on...

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Chris Severs - Anchor Point Certification Training Videos

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What Is Anchor Point Training?

It’s about working functionally, mostly on your feet, using versatile dimensions of vectored resistance. Convenient enjoyable training where and when you want to train. 1st part of the certification that consists out of 10 training modules. The other part is all about exercise vids (79 of them!!!)


I am Chris Severs, creator of the Anchor Point Training method, certification program and exercise tools. Since 2008 I have been passionately dedicated to patiently developing a better understanding and tools for functional training with anchored resistance. During these years of evolution I’ve worked with dozens of regular “Joes”, older adults, dedicated athletes, trainers and coaches in Rugby, MMA, Boxing, Football, and Hockey. I’ve worked with Ballet Masters and Physiotherapists, Doctors and Gym owners. During these years I developed, tested and refined many generations of suspension and elastic resistance tools.

This program is a culmination of many decades of sport, training, education and innovation. My understanding of training was driven by 40 years of competitive rugby. At the end of my rugby career I was recognized, at 56, as being the oldest competitive player in Canada. I learned a lot about functional fitness during these many seasons while rehabbing injuries and keeping my aging body athletic. I credit my longevity to training consistent variety in many functional dimensions. This is foundation of the Anchor Point Training methods and tools that I have developed. The strong fundamental benefits of Anchor Point Training (APT) make it effective, convenient, inexpensive and versatile. This approach is ideal for creating useful resistance for functional movement demands with anchored tools like suspension straps and resistance bands.

By breaking down the capabilities of ANY anchored resistance tool into three simple elements you can create a virtually infinite variety of exercises to address all aspects of fitness, function and athleticism!

My hope is that this program will open up worlds of possibilities for your training and will enhance your effectiveness with your clients!

Remember, better is always possible!