Chris Croft - Efficient Time Management

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Chris Croft - Efficient Time Management digital download. Info: [29 Videos (MP4) + 1 document (PDF)]. This course will help you reclaim those hours by m...
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Chris Croft - Efficient Time Management

Type: Digital download

Format: [29 Videos (MP4) + 1 document (PDF)]



Efficient Time Management

By: Chris Croft

Level: General

Duration: 1h 58m

Released: August 9, 2016


Did you know that if you save just one hour per week, you could gain a whole week of uninterrupted time each year? That’s the power of time management. This course will help you reclaim those hours by managing your time more efficiently and increasing your professional and personal productivity. Author Chris Croft explores how to establish a productive environment by establishing systemic approaches for repeating tasks, reducing inefficiency, organizing your work area, and using an effective system to reduce filing. He also discusses how to best create and manage to-do lists, organize the constant influx of information, leverage software to improve efficiency, and manage email.

The most efficient people use technology and established systems of organization to manage their tasks and maximize their time. This course shows how to put these time management techniques to work for you.

Topics include:

  • 1. Managing your inbox
  • 2. Managing repetitive tasks
  • 3. Using lists and calendars
  • 4. Maximizing spare time
  • 5.Organizing information digitally and on paper
  • 6.Getting the most out of technology and software
  • 7. Writing effective email
  • 8. Reducing filing


  • Introduction
  • 1. Creating a Productive Environment
  • 2. Using Lists
  • 3. Organizing Your Information
  • 4. Getting the Most Out of Technology
  • 5. Writing Emails
  • 6. Managing Incoming Emails
  • Conclusion


Lecturer turned thought leader Chris Croft has trained 80,000+ people in project management and leadership.

Chris Croft comes from an operations background, having earned an engineering degree from Cambridge, qualified as a chartered engineer, and worked as a senior manager in manufacturing for ten years. He earned an MBA and worked as a university lecturer at Bournemouth University Business School for four years before starting his own training company in 1992. Since then, he has trained over 80,000 people, and his free email tips are sent to over 10,000 people.

His company, The Croft Management Centre, runs training courses in managing projects and schedules, sorting out problem teams, being a good boss, negotiating, and presenting. He also runs accredited management training for individuals and groups. The center’s website,, offers a tip of the day, free email tip of the month, and free instant guides. Chris has also created numerous free iPhone and android apps.