Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase

Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase. Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase  Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:-How to take hold of your fe...
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Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase

Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase

Chase Amante - How to Make Girls Chase  Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

-How to take hold of your fear
-How to get women attracted
-What the three kinds of compliance are
-Why moving quickly from repartee to rapport is so important
-How to shortcut or even SKIP the whole drawn-out dating process
-What the 2 kinds of value are and why women are put off by the kind of value most men use
-What the tension gap is
-How to use social momentum to meet lots of women in a hurry
-How to pre-open women and warm them up to meeting you
-Why it’s a bad idea to let women start thinking of you as interested in becoming their boyfriend
-How to get women investing in you the moment you meet them
-How to escalate physically in the bedroom and turn a girl you like into a girl you are lovers with

How do you make girls chase?

Well, the idea is to present enough of your value and make them think they can have you.

Then, make them put a lot of effort in the interaction and use techniques like chase frames to get them to chase you.

Sounds simple and logical, right?

All that and more is presented in microscopic detail in this 400+ page book, “How to Make Girls Chase” by Chase Amante.

After you’ve read this book. maybe you’ll get the sense that you can do it — make girls chase.

But before we get to the good stuff, don’t you wanna know who the author is?

Who is Chase?

I honestly didn’t know about Chase Amante until I stumbled upon his blog. And, what do you know, he knows what he’s talking about.

Let’s see, according to his book, he learned everything from his friend and teacher Sebastian, founder of theApproach and one of the first guys to teach about the social arts.

And also Vin DiCarlo, one of Sebastian’s earliest students and contributor at theApproach way back when it was still active.

If you’re familiar with their material, you’ll know that they use the VAC (Value, Attainability, Compliance) model and the “natural” approach to game.

So obviously, Chase’s attraction model is similar to that using the three elements of Value, Investment and Attainability as the main concept in his book.

His style is also low key and versatile. Instead of someone becoming larger than life and being the center of attention or the life of the party, his approach to meeting women is more laid back.

Let’s move on to the book itself…

How to Make Girls Chase

I can probably describe this book in three words. It’s long, detailed (for most part), and… okay, maybe just two words.

It certainly has a lot of details. I guess that’s what he meant when he says it has everything he knows about the social arts.

There are two main sections of the book.

The first one focuses on fundamentals — or becoming the “romancer” and the second on closing the deal as the “seducer” does.

Don’t worry about those terms for now. So, let’s get to it shall we, we have a long book to cover.

“No matter what kind of life you want or what kind of lover you want to be, you’ll find it here, the step-be-step instruction on becoming the man you always dreamed you could be.”

Did he deliver? Let’s find out…

For one thing, I like how he started. He ask what you want.

So, if you don’t know yet whether you want a girlfriend or a couple of them or maybe just one night stands, this is a good time to sit down and think.

This will help you get through when it becomes too hard, and believe me, if you’re like most guys, meeting and seducing women can and will become really hard.

Your emotions will be challenged and your comfort zone needs to be pushed.

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t persist. And if you don’t persist, you’ll find yourself some years later settling down with some woman because you figured she’s the best you could get.

So get your goals in writing as he recommends in the homework section of the first chapter.

Yes, there’s a homework or field work for each chapter, and you should do them as you get along.

If you’ve taken a professional course before, you know how important the practical part of any course is.


This book has two sections. The first one is about…

Becoming the Romancer.

This is where you get your fundamentals handled which Chase urges you to do throughout the book. Seriously, you’ll get reminded every time.

That shows you how important getting your fundamentals down is. It is where you address the core part of your identities that becomes your foundation.

That includes your body fundamentals to have women look at you with desire and be someone they’d like to meet.

Your voice so you can build intrigue and capture her interest.

Social fundamentals where he talks about using social power to get attention without much effort.

This is made clear by a table where the “social strategist” uses less effort than the social beginner who exerts more effort in any given situation.

And then there’s the fashion fundamentals to make you look interesting, attractive and put together. Makes you seem informed and socially aware and powerful and sexy.

Again, he stresses that you must handle these before you proceed with anything else in the book. And he gives you things to focus on in the homework.

As each month goes on and you continue to improve your foundation, you’ll become more attractive without doing anything else.

With your fundamentals handled, it’s time for you to…

meet women.

Here, he gives you places to meet women, the openers to use to begin a conversation with women, reaching the “hook”…

… where the woman has decided she wants to continue talking to you, and to get her engaged and contributing to the interaction.

And there’s that finding out phase of repartee and rapport, which you should not overdo.

Use it as a spice to make your interaction fun and engaging. And once you know the woman is interested, quickly move on to the next step.

Good news! There’s another comparison chart here about building intrigue to get girls wondering.

(Don’t you love comparison charts? It clarifies things and makes it a lot easier to understand.)

On to the next chapter then.


The base of your ability to attract women.

You’ll find here ways to improve and showcase your value as you want to be seen by women using techniques and methods…

… including what everyone should know: what women value, how to lessen the negative effect of explicit value, and basics of storytelling.

After value, we move on to the next cornerstone of attraction:


One of the most basic means of gauging a girls desire.

You know that women value and chase after men they are highly invested in, right?

So in this part, you’ll know how to make women invest using compliance to get them to do things for you.

And there’s this really cool way to generate a lot of multiple subsequent investment using compliance stacking.

Then there’s the main chapter on Attainability (aside from the other subsections and sub-chapters at the end of the value chapter).

If you’re not familiar with this, it may seem tricky at first but it’s clarified here.

You’ll get to know how to recognize attainability problems which is helpful if you can’t figure why some women aren’t responding to you in a way you think they should be.

And the subtle part of attainability that’s easy to miss but equally as important. You’ll appreciate it more if you’re good with a certain kind of woman and not on other types.

After that you’ll get a surprise: The end of the first section where he beautifully summarizes the Essence of the Romancer.

He talks about what you should have accomplished and learned as he prepares you for the next section which is about putting it all into action now that you know the basics of attraction.

And now that you have become attractive, you can now…

become the seducer

… to get concrete results and to close the deal, where you learn the right mindset to have about meeting women and taking them home.

This section starts off with the “mode” she’s in when you meet her which influences her receptivity to you.

Something to keep in mind: you can’t control her side, but you can control your side to position yourself as the man women want to date.

There’s an interesting part here about moving fast. He says that men who move fast are more attractive and more effective than men who takes things slow. Do you agree?

Next, closers know around their way around a woman’s body so they know how to touch women in a way that’s intimate and exciting.

You’ll read here the… ways to touch women the right way.

The next one is about setting up for next time you see her after you’ve met and grabbing the contact information.

He tells you to avoid using the word “number” because it’s tied to a weak needy question. (You can disagree about this one but, it’s more on “how” you ask.)

After you got the number, follow up soon, get in touch, then arrange the meet. He gives you the ideal place to meet as well as dealing with flakes.

I particularly like the next one since I know it’s power.


More specifically chase frames. Including how to handle challenges to your frame — all good and useful.

Then there’s the hard push, showing extreme persistence that produces results, refusing to take NO for an answer in a seductive way. This works. Try it.

And after all that… you’ll realize it was all just a set up for this:

Making girls chase using what you’ve learned in mindsets, dating, touch, and frames.

You’ll find here how it’s done at the start, middle, and end of the seduction, including how to know if she’s chasing you and how to encourage chasing if she’s not.

Then comes another interesting chapter about girls wanting to make you their boyfriend since you are becoming more charming and sexier — that’s the bright side. But now she’s more likely to resists fast intimacy with you.

Now comes the moment to…

take her somewhere.

He brings up a good point here: you should focus learning the whole process rather than just parts of it as you’ll only progress slower.

So, ask women to go home with you. Why?

Because if you don’t ask them, they won’t invite themselves. You’ll know how to do that here, with examples and dialogues.

And another important part of seduction: escalation windows. It’s the moment when the girl is waiting for you to take things further.

Be sure to go for it when it opens. Miss it and it’s gone, most of the time, for good.

Don’t miss it.

When you’ve got your logistics down, then and only then you can get intimate — the time to “complete your seduction”.

Be sure to make the first move. There are some pointers here to help you out.

That’s it, right? Not quite.

Next, you get to…

create your own process.

He first gives you his own process so you can make your own series of steps to follow to find success in meeting women.

Don’t worry, it’s pain-free.

He guides you in every step from…

  • where to meet women,
  • how to meet them,
  • what you do once you meet them,
  • how to take women home and,
  • what to do to get intimate.

And then, gives you the essence of the seducer to sum it all up.

To complete the whole thing, he includes two field reports.

He tells you, in detail, how he pulled girls from start to finish on a night out. It’s basically a demonstration of how it’s done.

And that’s the whole book in a nutshell. Believe me when I say… it’s loaded.

You can’t really get a sense of it just by looking at the table of contents. You’ll have to dig in really deep to appreciate it.

final thoughts

Moment of truth. Drum roll please.

I think this is one of the longest books about attracting women and dating that I’ve read. It’s info-packed with lots of information and details.

Listen: It took me a while to finish reading this book. And I got some interesting new ideas to ferment in my head. And of course, try out.

If you haven’t immersed yourself yet in learning the social arts, I’m pretty sure you’ll get overwhelmed by this tome of a book and by the massive details it explains things.

Sure it’s written in plain English, but some of it will confuse you, and some will light your head up like a light bulb.

And that’s what’s you’re looking for as you keep reading.

Ignore the confusing stuff for now. Come back to it later. Focus on what get’s the gears in your mind whirring and what gets your body moving with excitement.

You don’t have to read it all at once. You can focus on polishing your fundamentals first and keep a steady pace.

So, should you get it? Nah, you can just read his blog if you wan to and get what’s on his book for free.

But if you want to make your life easier…