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This is the Digital Version of the Linden Method, an anti-anxiety program. It contains all the materials and bonuses (as of 06.06.2015) that are available to online clients. Compared to the previous Linden Method releases (of which the newest is from 2010), this one has more written material, more videos and more audio files. The only drawback of the “private version” of the program is that you cannot contact their support, but in reality, that is not really necessary, because the ultimate goal of the program is to have you standing on both feet without ANY outside help. Hence, having constant access to support can be counter-productive to your recovery (they even claim so themselves!). What is The Linden Method? Probably the best explanation:

description taken from their website

The Linden Method is an accredited therapy, specifically developed to address all anxiety disorders. The difference with The Linden Method is that 17 years, 170,000 people using it and data gathered from many trials and test group samples, conclusively proves that it teaches anxiety sufferers to implement THE solution… you can be ANXIETY free… you can go back to appropriate fear responses by removing the ANXIETY portion of the fear response (flight or fight). In other words, anxiety can be and is cured by TLM because that’s just the way the mind works. So you can try other therapies, medication and devices but ultimately, if you want to be completely free of that anxiety, you will have to do the process the body and mind requires… and TLM shows you just that.IT IS SO MUCH EASIER AND MORE IMMEDIATE THAN THERAPY AND MEDICATION!

Possible FAQs

Alright, so how exactly should I use the program and apply it?

The most important parts of the program (the structure) are in the folders Step 1 and Step 2. Once you’ve applied those (or are in the process of doing so), read The Linden Method Manual in the The Linden Method Download Files folder. The formatting of the pack (the folder arrangement etc) seems a bit bizarre, why?

It’s formatted like that on their homepage already and I simply wanted to preserve the same exact arrangement of files as is there.

Is there a CD missing from the downloads folder?

No, there isn’t, for some reason it’s formatted like that (CDs 2-7) on their homepage. Everything that I purchased is included with this pack.

Where is the Panic Eliminator Program?

The Linden Method Download Files → Audio files → CD 4Where is the Journey Out of Agoraphobia Program?

The Linden Method Download Files → Bonus - ‘Journey out of Agoraphobia’ audio program

Where can I find the visualization exercises?

The Linden Method Download Files → Audio files → CD 2 & 5Where can I find the Nine Pillars Visualization Exercise mentioned in the Manual?

The Linden Method Download Files → Audio files → CD 3Is the welcome guide pdf file in the download files folder for the printed version?

Yes, it is. For some reason they decided to add it to the digital version. I’m still confused on how to implement this program?

Just read The Linden Method Manual thoroughly in case you didn’t fully understand the clips in folders Step 1 & 2. The Manual goes into great detail and explains everything you need to know and then some.

Can I share this release on another site? No.

What does the pack contain?

The Linden Method Manual

The Fast Track Video

The Panic Attack Eliminator Program Panic Talkdown Videos

The Pillars Videos

Reciprocation Video Journey out of Agoraphobia’ Audio Program

Bonus: Condition specific videos (such as GAD, OCD, Depersonalization, PTSD)

Bonus: Qi-Kung De-Stress Video

Bonus: Stress Free in 30 Days eBook