Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES” digital download.

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Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Type: Digital download

Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Creating a plan that will WIN over new clients and KEEP them!

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Blueprint

Learn how you too can attract FREE FaceBook Traffic to help build your List and Business!

  • Learn How to Brand Your Company So You Stay In People’s Minds
  • Learn How to Use Facebook As Your Ultimate Marketing Tool
  • And Learn How to Create the Right Content For Your Facebook Fan Page at Rapid Speed!

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Your Instructor

Charlene Brown - Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Charlene Brown

Helping to build power brands while teaching them to become profitable is what I live for. Using my multiple years of experience in web design and development, reputation marketing, I work with Solopreneurs who know the importance of proper branding for their companies.

I really enjoy helping those who I am unable to work with individually through my blog, newsletter, and books including my recent bestseller, Keep It Super Simple!

Course Curriculum

Marketing Your Way to “YES”

Welcome & Overview (4:43)

Create Your Game Plan (6:00)

Setting Up Your Brand for Social Success

Module 2: Prepping Your Social Brand Overview (3:21)

Slogans That Stick (7:36)

Power of Colors (4:50)

Upgrade Your Logo (9:51)

From Fuzzy to Vector (7:11)

Mascot Branding (5:17)

Facebook Marketing: Using Free Traffic

Module 3: FaceBook Free Traffic Marketing Overview (2:14)

Introduction to FaceBook Traffic Freebies (4:08)

FaceBook Demographics (9:28)

FaceBook Active Groups (5:28)

FaceBook Fan Recruit (4:58)

FaceBook Engagement (5:04)

FaceBook Outsource (6:04)

Brand Positioning & Video Introductions

Module 4: Brand Positioning Overview (2:01)

Creating Video Introductions (9:12)

Brand Positioning (11:45)

Brand Boost via FaceBook (9:49)

The Rundown

The Rundown (3:39)