Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Charlene Brown - List Building 101 digital download.

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Charlene Brown - List Building 101

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Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

What you need to know to get started

Simple and Tactful Methods On Writing Emails To Boost Open Rates and Trigger Your Subscribers To Be Interested with Your Offer All the Time!

You Can Do This Effortlessly Without Annoying Your Subscribers.

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

One of the most common mediums to promote products online is through email. Email marketing has grown extensively in the past few years and become relatively important for every internet marketer to boost sales and conversion. Because email is the only method you can keep in touch with your subscribers.

But email marketing isn’t a piece of work you can easily take care of. The main purpose of email marketing is pre-selling. All you need to do is triggering your subscribers to click on the affiliate link you have provided to them.

These Are the Most Common Problems You Will Encounter…

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Pathetically low open rate, your subject line isn’t attractive enough to rise the curiosity of subscribers to think of “what’s in it for me”

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Subscribers are freebies seekers, they unsubscribe as soon as they downloaded their free gift

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Spent a small fortune for SEO and CPA but attracted the wrong audience who doesn’t understand your business at all

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Subscribers feel annoyed for receiving emails from you, because all you do is just keep selling and push your sales

Your offer doesn’t excite your subscribers to take action, the content of your email is too vague for them to understand

Introducing Building An Email List 101

This course contains a series of video tutorials guiding you through the actions on how perform email marketing in a tactful and effective way.

Benefits include:

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Online marketing newbies or start-ups will definitely need this! This is a clear and simple to guide you on every single thing you need to know to kick start your online business through email marketing.

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

In case you’re losing subscribers and have a low open rate, this training course will refresh your knowledge on email marketing and helps to solve your problem.

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Doing research on your own is tough because what you can find online is all general knowledge which is lacking in helping you to achieve something big. If you need exclusive and useful information, you can find it through my course.

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Again, researching is time consuming. Especially if you’re new to this, you definitely need more time to study bit by bit on your own. But, my training course has saved your time because everything you need to know is already there.

There are tons of training course and workshops available out there. But the concern is the coaches usually charge a sky high fee. They can charge anything in between $1000 - $5000 for one lesson. I see that there is no point for you to invest so much on something that causes heavy financial burden on your shoulders. Plus, you may need to take a lengthy timeline to cover back your investment.

Just a piece of advice: Your investment is worth betting on other
area which can help you to excel in online business.

My course will not cost you an arm and a leg. I make this affordable for you because I want you to share an equal chance to make a breakthrough with online business. This might surprise you but most of the internet marketers are still struggling to make sales even after a few years they have been in the biz. However, my training course can cut short your process and help you to success faster than anyone else!

Today, you could become an Annual Member of the Building An Email List 101 Course for only $497.

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

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Your Instructor

Charlene Brown - List Building 101

Charlene Brown

Helping to build power brands while teaching them to become profitable is what I live for. Using my multiple years of experience in web design and development, reputation marketing, I work with Solopreneurs who know the importance of proper branding for their companies.

I really enjoy helping those who I am unable to work with individually through my blog, newsletter, and books including my recent bestseller, Keep It Super Simple!

Course Curriculum

List Building 101
Brief Branding & Marketing Understanding

What is Online Branding? (2:20)

5 Website Mistakes to AVOID (3:07)

Why is List Building Important?

eMarketing for Small Businesses (2:18)

Attracting Signups

EssentialItemstoBuildList (1:52)

HowCanLinkedInHelp_KISScourse_2 (2:14)

SocialMediaMarketing_KISScourse (4:24)

Emails You Will Send to Your List Members

WelcomeEmails_KISScourse (2:05)

SubjectLines_KISScourse (3:05)

EmailContent_KISScourse (1:33)

PromoEmails_KISScourse (1:50)

ScarcityEmails_KISScourse (1:21)

ReminderEmails_KISScourse (1:17)

LastCallEmail_KISScourse (1:16)

Using AWeber

AWeberCustomTemplate_KISScourse (4:22)

AWeberBroadcast_KISScourse (4:48)

AWeberCreatingFollowups_KISScourse (4:44)

AWeberUnopens_KISScourse (3:01)

AWeberAutoRule_KISScourse (1:30)

Using GetResponse

GetResponseAutoresponder_KISScourse (3:28)

GetResponseNewsletter_KISScourse (2:48)

GetResponseAutoRule_KISScourse (1:23)