Chakras On Fleek Guided Meditation Journey

Chakras on Fleek Guided Meditation Journey Chakras on Fleek Guided Meditation Journey Stop Playing Small and Step into Your Powerf you have a Coupon Code to a...
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Chakras on Fleek Guided Meditation Journey


Chakras on Fleek Guided Meditation Journey
Stop Playing Small and Step into Your Power

f you have a Coupon Code to access this meditation journey, click the “Enroll” button above and enter the Coupon Code to check out.



If you have a Coupon Code to access this program, click the “Enroll” button below and enter the Coupon Code to check out.


Goddesses Are Talking

“THANK YOU this was amazing yesterday. I cried while meditating and I feel the positive change happening for my life I can not wait to get to know you all you ladies and other self love, friendships,business ventures.”

-Ta’sha H.

“I enjoyed it!! I loved Abiola’s spirit and positive energy and all the wonderful things said! Her voice is very warm and inspiring with nothing but positivity spoken. Glad I was able to be apart of it!”

-Gwendolyn W.

“I absolutely loved it. I loved Abiola. The Love You University is the bomb. I am really working on bettering myself this year, and this program will definitely help me.”

–Shantay C.

“I loved the class and meditation challenge! During the challenge there were moments I felt like Abiola was right next to me because she seemed to know what was going on in my mind at that moment. It was tough for me to stay focused and keep my mind from wandering but the other resources she shared will continue to help me get to a point where I am able to meditate through distractions. Its possible the timing of the meditations being sent contributed to my mind wandering since I had a full day of thoughts. For me, listening to the sessions in the morning after waking up would have prepared me for the day. Other than that, the material is awesome and I definitely plan to stick with the daily meditation mainly because of her guidance and information shared.”

-Shonnie W.

“This meditation challenge has been wonderful and a breath of fresh air. It has opened my eyes to just taking some time for myself to just relax. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.”

-Tamika B.

Course Curriculum


Your Goddess Introduction


Welcome Message from Abiola

How to Join My Facebook Goddess Circle – Where the Magick Happens! 🙂
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Abundance and Prosperity Meditation


Abundance, Riches and Prosperity Meditation – HERE

Calm in the Midst of Chaos – Body Love Meditation


Body Healing Meditation [Video]


Day One


Meditation Overview (Audio)

Day Two


Root Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Three


Sacral Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Four


Navel Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Five


Heart Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Six


Throat Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Seven


Third Eye Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Day Eight


Crown Chakra Meditation (Audio)

Next Steps


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Meditation and Womanifesting Workbook


Self-Love Lesson: Meditation 101

Sacred Bombshell Chakra Clearing
Why Do Chakras Get Blocked in the First Place?
How to Meditate When You Hate Meditation
Benefits of Daily Meditation and Prayer
8 Ways to More Focused Meditation
The Healing Power of Deep Breathing
Your Instructor



New Hay House author and oracle card creator ABIOLA ABRAMS is an intuitive spiritual teacher who uses the power of ritual, meditation and chakras combined with the ancient wisdom of the goddesses and ancestors. Abiola’s calling is to help you transmute your shadow beliefs to manifest your power and desires. Learn more about her global retreats, podcast and more at and on social media

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