Center For Executive Coaching - Coaching Master Toolkit

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Center For Executive Coaching - Coaching Master Toolkit

Get a Powerful, Practical, Proven Coaching Toolkit to Attract New Clients, Keep Clients Longer, and Take Your Coaching Practice to the Next Level


The Center for Executive Coaching is known for its results-driven coaching methodologies and toolkits. But what if you don’t want to go through a coach training and certification program, and only want the tools?

Now you can get our famous toolkits without the formal certification program.

Our Coaching Toolkit, which has been featured prominently with the World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS), gives you access to over two dozen coaching toolkits, including instructions via webinar and email support from Andrew Neitlich, so that you have instant access to new solutions to offer your clients. These toolkits are practical coaching methodologies to the most pressing problems that leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, teams, and up-and-coming leaders face. You can deliver these in a variety of formats: one-on-one coaching, group coaching, training, seminars, facilitated sessions, and as hybrid solutions. Your program shows you how. It even includes marketing templates so that you know how to market the content.

What a coaching toolkit is, and how it helps your practice:

These coaching toolkits give you the most efficient and effective pathways to getting results for clients, and help them with their most pressing challenges as leaders and managers. Instead of winging it when a client has a problem, you get a methodology to follow that helps you know the conversations to have for the fastest path to insights, accountability, and action towards improved performance.

That way, you come across as a credible professional with a proven approach.

The toolkit is not a script or a paint-by-numbers system, although they are easy to follow and have impact. A good metaphor is a river system. With a coaching toolkit, you get a framework to efficiently and effectively explore and issue with a client and help him or her have powerful insights. You explore all of the tributaries of the river system, while other coaches have to hope that they are being thorough.

These toolkits are incredibly powerful and give you ongoing benefits:

  • Attract more clients because you have a proven approach and methodology.
  • Keep clients longer, because you have a deep and broad solution set to solve their most pressing challenges as they happen.
  • Have more confidence as a coach that you are meeting clients’ needs and providing value.
  • Stand out from other coaches who are winging it with ongoing open-ended questions.
  • Have more impact, because these toolkits are laser-focused on results. That way, you get rave reviews and ongoing referrals.

Coaching Pop Quiz: Are you ready when a client says…

With our coaching toolkits, you are ready to help your clients when they raise specific issues, and you can tell them you have a proven methodology to get them results. Would you be in a position to help a client - with a five-figure engagement and six-month (minimum) coaching contract if he or she said to you:

  • I am having issues engaging my employees.
  • My career is stuck,
  • We need a strategic plan, but no one even agrees on what a strategic plan should look like.
  • We don’t execute well.
  • I am overwhelmed and juggling too many priorities.
  • I have a conflict with a colleague and need to resolve it.
  • My relationship with my boss is not as strong as it needs to be.
  • I have been told that I need more leadership presence.
  • I need to communicate with more impact.
  • Our team is not performing well.
  • We have a change initiative that is not getting enough traction.
  • I have been given some tough feedback during my performance review, and need to correct some behaviors quickly.
  • We need to provide better service and/or quality.
  • A key executive is retiring soon, and we need a succession plan.
  • My team is not aligned.
  • I think that I have some limiting beliefs that are keeping me from being as effective as possible.
  • My Board of Directors is weak.
  • There is not enough accountability in this organization.
  • I need to have a high-stakes conversation to influence someone and need your help.
  • I need to overhaul my personal brand to stand out in the career marketplace.
  • I am in a new role and need to hit the ground running.
  • I need to make a career transition.

With our toolkit, you are ready to help clients with their biggest issues. You have a ready-made framework. That way, you keep clients much longer than most coaches, stand apart from the crowd, get rave reviews and referrals more easily, and can charge higher fees.

Five steps to using our toolkits to sell more 5-figure coaching engagments:

  1. Identify the client’s issue.
  2. Ask cost-based questions (we give you these!) to uncover the consequences of the client’s challenge. Drill down into both logical and emotional consequences.
  3. Ask questions that uncover the benefits of resolving this issue.
  4. Share how you can help with a proven coaching framework (and repeat the benefits/value back to the client).
  5. Ask, “What do you want to do next?”

Our coaching toolkits give you a proven system to close more engagements with clients. We also offer ongoing support when you have a potential client or engagement.

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