Cat Howell - The Academy 2.0 Mastermind 2021

Cat Howell - The Academy 2.0 Mastermind 2021 digital download.

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Cat Howell - The Academy 2.0 Mastermind 2021

Type: Digital download

Cat Howell - The Academy 2.0 Mastermind 2021

Cat Howell - The Academy 2.0 Mastermind 2021

How To Scale Your Business To $100K/mo Revenues
Running Digital Marketing Services For Clients

”Over 50% of Academy students land their first client

inside the 8 week time-frame & another 30% landing within 4 weeks of graduating”

Do you remember why you wanted to get into business, to begin with?

Or why the entrepreneurial journey had such an appeal for you?
Was it…
The idea that you get to set your own schedule?
To triple your personal salary?
To have the freedom to roam the world as you please?
To NEVER have to stress out about cash all the time?
To support the ones you love?
To get to do what you want?
Am I far off?
Except, a couple years in you start to realize you’re working incredibly long hours, you’re even more worried about cash flow than before, and you’re locked into laptop and emails (what holidays?)!
Instead of creating a business that serves your lifestyle - you end up becoming a slave to it.
Mostly because it hasn’t been appropriately structured, you lack the right processes, and quite frankly - you’re winging most of what you do, learning as you go.
No shame in that - it’s actually what 95% of us do when we first get started out - myself included. There’s this unspoken glory about “figuring it out” alone within the entrepreneurial world - as if doing so suddenly makes you a Phoenix rising!
And - a lot of us - still need to go through the experience of going it alone before we hit the wall that forces us to reevaluate what we’ve built.
But what if you could bypass the time to having that perfect business?
The one that allows you to travel, to connect with high-level people, to change your financial situation, to impact people, and to feed you spiritually and emotionally?
One where you’re ONLY doing the stuff that is within your zone of genius - i.e., the things you actually like doing and get in flow with.
You may be trapped in your business if:
You’re constantly undercutting yourself at every turn - afraid to charge what you KNOW you need to, because you’re afraid of losing the sale.
Hiring seems impossible because there’s never any money left over at the end of the month (or maybe you’re even having to borrow money!)
You work 12+ hours a day in the “weeds” of your business, doing all the implementation work yourself because either you can’t afford to hire or you don’t trust your contractors/employees.
You resent your business.
The truth is, you already know what being stuck in your business feels like…
Stressed, burnt out, exhausted, defeated…
BUT you can have that business you dreamed about in the first place. It’s all yours. One that serves you financially without taking over your life!
That’s the vision.
It’s the same one I built for myself, and have since helped over 400 agency owners, and freelancers build as well.
And it all starts with the right structure - the bones.
Unlock more time and revenue by plugging into the support, processes and systems of an actual seven figure agency!
What if instead of having a business that makes you feel stuck & overwhelmed, you could run a business that…
  • Allows you the time to spend working ON your business, rather than IN your business
  •  Let’s you focus on your areas of core competence - the things you actually like, rather than the ones you have to
  • ​Consistently hits your revenue targets
  • ​Delivers EPIC, tangible results for your clients
  • ​Allows you more freedom so you can spend time with friends & family
  • ​Brings in quality, high-paying leads that stick around - no more poor-paying clients!
  • ​Has all the necessary systems & process in place so things can run smoothly & effectively

The Academy is designed for

freelancers, agency owners and entrepreneurs
who want a plug and play business where they can tap into the support, processes and systems of a
7-figure agency so that they can
unlock more time, revenue and freedom in their life!
The Academy’s 8 week program,
Is designed to get you moving quickly. By the end, you will have all the knowledge, support, systems and processes in place for a business that ….
  • ​ Is comprised of a small core team, with low overheads so that you’re not always stressed out about enormous financial responsibilities
  • ​Everything else is outsourced to a pool of highly competent contractors you can tap into as needed
  • ​Exponentially scales up your personal salary - and the more that your salary grows, the less work your business demands from you, giving you time back to focus on other projects
  • ​Generates six figures from a small pool of high-quality clients, so instead of having to manage hundreds of high maintenance measly accounts, you and your team are able to really over-deliver and look after the clients you do have
  • ​Has an automated, dependable lead generation tap that can be used to attract your ideal clients on demand - you can even base your growth predictions over the next five months on it…
Since The Academy started in the fall of 2016, the support, processes and systems have been the heart of The Academy and is responsible for an impressive (and growing) number of success stories.
” The Academy is like a living breathing machine. Constantly evolving to meet the needs of our members.”
We’re continually providing new & relevant options for bottlenecks that crop up for our members, which makes this program so dynamic & why we repeatedly see amazing results.
Progressive, up-to-date, training & support.
The Academy Low-down…

If you want to start to really scale and transform your business into a well-oiled machine, one that pushes the boundaries of old revenue-making habits and frees you from the temptation to fulfill all areas of work on your own, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Right now we’re opening up more spots inside The Academy program so you can do just that.
The Academy is an 8-week online training program, that’ll help you unlock your business goals by plugging into the systems and processes of a 7-figure agency.
I’ve collated all the necessary tools and information - (which took me over 4 years to build), including my personal templates and tips, support from industry experts, coaching calls, private groups and my SOP’s (standard operating procedures, - key to a successful agency) to help you in building a business that’s a game-changer!
You’ll have access to a number of processes we currently use inside our agency that’ll help you create, manage and maintain a business with minimal expenses, minimal effort, and maximum results.
Just a heads up, the Academy isn’t for everyone. It’s life-altering stuff and a place for those with a vision, and those that are ready for big things. Be prepared for a mindset shift.
Throughout the 8 weeks inside The Academy, you’ll go through a 7-tier program structure that covers everything from your introduction and journey right through the various steps and training levels, SOP’s and a final wrap-up for continued development.
First things first
As I mentioned, The Academy isn’t for everyone. So to ensure that this is the right program for you, we ask that you book a call with one of the team so they can discuss if it is indeed the best fit. From here, you can decide if it’s the journey you’re up for!
Sneak Peak Into A Process …

These processes took me over 4 years to build!

Save time & money by plugging into them immediately!

You’ll get access to all of the SOPs as well as mentorship and hands-on support to help ensure you implement these seamlessly inside your own agency.

In The Academy, You’re Supported by

a Community of Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs
When it comes to the content and support inside The Academy, we’ve got your back.
From our epic, coaches and their expert knowledge, to the numerous SOP’s and training videos covering the ins and out for creating an epic business or agency.
Plus the weekly calls ranging from reviews, mindset, auditing and sales training so you can sink your teeth into every area of your business.
However, it’s not just about my team and I helping you pave the way.
It’s about the community.
The people that are on the same journey as you, passionately mapping out their future endeavours alongside you.
In the Academy, you get to be a part of something more than just a platform for learning. Every day you have the opportunity to meet and hang out with people riding the same wave and carving out big things for themselves and their business.
You’ll be amongst like-minded individuals inside an exclusive group where you can share experiences, chat, gain and give feedback, ask questions and generally meet some pretty awesome people that are there to support and share their stories - just as you are.
Surrounding yourself with those that enthusiastically share their wins, no matter how big or small, and continually push themselves when it comes to growth & mindset will help boost your own individual goals.
Having a privates space to seek support and to be supported - priceless.
The Academy is for the entrepreneurs, the go-getters, the risk-takers and the wave-makers. The ones ready to live their dream and make their goals their reality.
To gain the freedom in their lives to live it on their terms.
We don’t just want you to become equipped with tools and knowledge. We want you to form awesome connections, gain experience, push boundaries, open up perspectives and most importantly…
Provide you with a support network that’ll change the name of the game for your business.

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