Carole Dore - The PowerVision Contemplations

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Carole Dore - The PowerVision Contemplations

These exhilarating PowerVision Contemplations accelerate the Law of Attraction and are the ultimate way to create your visions in life!

Recorded by Carole Doré in synchronicity to beautiful music, these unique audios are neither meditative nor subliminal, but are contemplative and designed to be an active experience of your heart!

They enable you to experience the fullness of your desires while they raise your vibration and Unify you with the God Power within. This special Unification allows the Spirit from the Superconscious to powerfully energize and expand your vision in the subconscious - personally creating, through you, the outer formations of all your needs and desires in total Synchronicity!

* The Money & Success Contemplation PowerVision dramatically energizes the Money PowerVision® that is taught in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST and in the audiobook. It is a gold mine when used correctly!

* The Empowering Relationship audio enables you to create the ultimate love relationship or empower the one that you are in.

* The Radiant Health Contemplation aligns the body and is tremendously energizing whether health is an issue or not.

PowerVision® is an accelerated spontaneous form of visualization that Carole Doré discovered and developed in 1985 due to a major turning point in her life. It is applied through the heart - rather than the mind.

(To gain the greatest benefit from these dynamic experiential and creative audios, it is recommended that the PowerVision® Contemplations be used in conjunction with a variety of instructional products by Carole Doré: The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money FAST, the audiobook, and/or the audio program: Visualization - The Power of Your Heart!)