Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018

Carola Eastwood,Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018 digital download.

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Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018

Type: Digital download

Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018

Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018



The Human Design Training Series

Your In-Depth Guide to Cracking the Client Success Code™ and Taking your Life and Business to the Next Level!

Are you a healer, coach, trainer, creative visionary or service-based practitioner who dreams of having a highly profitable business or practice that complements your lifestyle and resonates with your unique vision for success?

Do you desire to do the work you truly love, every day, while increasing your income and enjoying more time to relax, travel and enjoy your loved ones?

You may know, you have a gift to share, and you may even get really inspired to think of the things you could do in this life, if only you had the “secret sauce” and know how to create the success you desire…

Like us, you may feel that you have an “inner calling” to bring your gifts to the world, but you may not know, exactly how to do that. Does this sound like you?

Everyone who feels inspired to share their gifts deserves to achieve the success they desire. This is your chance to claim your birthright… a deeply fulfilling life and success!

We know what it feels like to have an unfilled desire, and not know how to actualize it, and that’s why we’ve leveraged and distilled our 20+ years of experience into an empowering program that will put the keys to success in your hands.

We know because we’ve been there.

Anyone who has known us since our early days as Human Design Consultants will tell you that for many years our journey was slow and frustrating. We worked really hard on our business but couldn’t figure out how to crack the code to create the kind of results and income we desired.

In our hearts, we knew we were meant for more…

While Chetan worked for years to distill the wisdom of Human Design into books that everyone could understand, I took my decades of experience in counseling and made the transition into a coaching practice. I was looking for a way to turn my clients’ desires into action, to help them not only get clear on what they wanted from life, but to guide them in developing the tools to actually go out and get it, all the while creating more wealth, freedom and professional satisfaction for myself.

We spent years in the try-and-try again cycle before finally discovering the key that unlocked the code of our client’s success. By leveraging the science of Human Design to access the unique modes of success for each individual client, we were able to transform our business from a small-scale practice eking out a modest monthly income, to a thriving international business. In fact, we quadrupled our revenues in the first year alone!

We now have a highly profitable and growing business with a talented support staff serving hundreds of clients from all around the globe. We spend our time traveling the world to inspiring destinations for content-creation weeks and holidays in Paris, The Virgin Islands, Tuscany, Santorini, Barcelona, Morocco and the Canary Isles. And it’s all possible because of the lessons and insights contained in HDTS. Your success story may look different than ours, but hundreds of students and Clients have shown us that when they apply the same principles to their life and business, they achieve their dreams as well.

Introducing The Human Design Training Series, a comprehensive self-paced training course with by-weekly group coaching that will give you the keys to maximizing success in all aspects of your personal and professional life, as well as the lives of those around you, all on your own time.

Year after year we hear from business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in incorporating Human Design into their lives, businesses and relationships, but are simply too busy to travel to our workshops. With the Human Design Training Series, you can tailor the immersive workshop experience to your own schedule, get the benefit of Chetan’s Coaching and reap the rewards of this unparalleled success tool without missing a beat.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a Human Design consultant, up leveling your Coaching, Counseling or Healing practice, using Human Design to energize and grow your existing business, or just looking to experience the dynamic benefits of Human Design in your daily life and family, our Human Design Training Series is the resource that will get you started today.

What makes HDTS different?

Where other “success systems” offer one-size-fits-all solutions, HDTS is uniquely designed to cater to each individual client to help activate and accelerate your individual vision for success.

Success doesn’t mean the same thing to all people. Some are only focused on making money. Others just want to find more personal joy and harmony. Others just want to feel more satisfied with their work. And that is what is so groundbreaking about HDTS: it is specifically designed to be tailored to your unique needs, goals and vision.

Whatever you define as ‘success’ for yourself and your practice is achievable through HDTS.

How Does it Work?

A first-of-its kind combination of in-depth Human Design insight and comprehensive coaching.

Human Design Training gives you in-depth, foundational knowledge of the revolutionary success tool that has helped thousands of our clients rapidly accelerate their personal, professional and financial growth. And because it operates on the human level, getting to the core of individual desires, revealing success keys, and decision-making strategies, Human Design is uniquely positioned to become the next breakthrough in the personal growth and business success movement!

Live Group Coaching - A twice-monthly, Live Group Coaching Webinar and Q & A session with Chetan will give you access to personal guidance from the world’s leading Human Design expert. In these webinars and Q & A sessions, Chetan will help to deepen your understanding of Human Design, offer instruction on how best to integrate what you learn into your life and business, and answer your specific questions on the myriad applications for using Human Design to manifest your vision for success in your life and your practice.

A Solution that Fits the Modern World

Over the last decade and a half, our world has become a swirl of seamless integration and instant access. Where your clients’ lives used to be largely compartmentalized (work-life is separate from family-life, which is separate from social-life, etc.), the information age has largely blurred, or obliterated, the boundaries that used to keep our lives neatly organized and regimented.

While some see this transition as traumatic and disruptive, we see it as an opportunity to transform the ways we’ve traditionally been going about life, relationships and business.

In this fast- paced modern world, we need strategies and solutions that empower us to recognize, honor and use the full range of our greatest gifts. Over this next decade, scores of people will be searching for new, innovative ways to maximize their success. Will you be there with the services they need?

Beyond Business

Since HDTS enables users to connect at the fundamental human level, its applications go far beyond the world of business.

Many of our clients have found that when they apply the lessons of HDTS to themselves, in addition to their business practices, they see monumental improvements in just about every aspect of their own lives.

Whether your goal is to make more money, gain professional independence, improve personal, familial and professional relationships, find lasting love, or just gain more confidence and a stronger sense of self, HDTS can get you there because it goes straight past the surface to tap into the exact ways in which you are uniquely “wired” to interact, succeed and thrive.

Here’s an Overview of What You’ll Get When You Take Advantage of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Offer:

Human Design Consultant Training, Level One (5-Downloadable Online Training Videos with an Illustrated PDF Workbook and study guide, provided online in our Private Member Center)

In this introductory level of training, we guide you, step by step through the various main elements of Human Design so you can learn how to apply them to your business.

  • Origins and Synthesis of Human Design
  • The Life Chart: Introduction to Basic Components
  • The Function of the Nine Centers: Defined/Undefined
  • A Study of the Five Types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector
  • Introduction to the 12 Profiles
  • Introduction to the Six Types of Decision Making Processes called “Authority”
  • 95-page PDF Workbook Study Guide and Preparation for Level Two

Human Design Consultant Training, Level Two (7-Downloadable Online Training Videos with an Illustrated PDF Workbook and study guide, provided online in our Private Member Center)

Once you’ve learned to master the basics of Human Design, we guide you through a time-tested process of learning how to link all the elements together. This level of training forms the foundation of everything you need to know to begin understanding your client’s or student’s Human Design, so you can become a much more highly effective coach, counselor, healer or teacher.

  • Linking the Basic Elements: Circuitry and Channels
  • Review Centers, Types, and Decision-Making, Lines and Profiles
  • Introduction to Circuitry
  • Circuitry and Reading Circuit Groups in Design
  • 85-page Workbook Study Guide and Preparation for Level Three
  • Comprehensive Overview of the 36 Channels
  • 95-page PDF Workbook Study Guide and Preparation for Level Two

Human Design Consultant Training, Level Three (9-Downloadable Online Training Videos with an Illustrated PDF Workbook, provided online in our Private Member Center)

With a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic factors in Human Design, you are now ready for level 3- in which you learn how to apply Human Design to gain a deep understanding of your client’s or student’s path way to mastery. This is the level of training that puts the keys in your hand to exponentially increase your own, and your client’s success rate.

  • The Art & Science of Human Design; A Comprehensive Immersion
  • Circuitry and The 36 Channels
  • The 64 Gates in the Life Chart
  • Basic Relationship Dynamics in Human Design
  • Linking all Elements in the Human Design Life Chart
  • The Origin and Make-up of Incarnation Themes
  • 86-page PDF Workbook Study Guide

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Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn - Human Design Training Series - Winter 2018

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