Carol Look - Approach to Healing Pain and Illness - EFT

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Carol Look - Approach to Healing Pain and Illness - EFT


4 DVD set

4 hours of advanced EFT with EFT Master Carol Look:

  • Clearing Ancestral Pain
  • The “DOWNSIDE” of Getting Well Again
  • Releasing Conflicts Stored in Your Body
  • PLUS Special 90 minute “Bonus DVD” with trauma specialist, Dr. Robert Scaer, author of “Your Body Bears the Burden.”

Carol combines cutting edge information from the field of vibrational medicine and advanced applications of EFT throughout these 3 DVDs from her Denver workshop, “A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness.” Tap along as Carol works with audience members on issues of pain, illness and complicated diagnoses and watch as she unravels the links between past emotional conflicts and current physical limitations.

DVD #1: Clearing Ancestral Pain

Do the aches and pains you suffer from have more to do with your ancestors’ energy, thoughts and habits than your own? Through discussion, examples and a small group demonstration, Carol will show you how to clear these energetic issues from past generations.

DVD #2: The “DOWNSIDE” of Getting Well Again

In this session, Carol worked with a small group of volunteers to identify and clear limiting beliefs that have been causing them to hold on to old patterns of illness. We all have limiting beliefs and have all suffered from physical limitations. Once we make these new connections and understand the “downside” of being totally well, we can release the need for holding onto a diagnosis or an identity and make new choices about how we want to live in our bodies.

DVD #3: Releasing Conflicts Stored in Your Body

Our bodies store decades of emotional trauma, turmoil and conflict. You will be able to tap along as you watch Carol work with a group of volunteers on stage as she guides them and the rest of the audience to uncover and release the original emotional conflicts that have been interfering with the immune system and the body’s natural wisdom.

DVD #4: BONUS DVD - Trauma, Transformation & Healing

Listen to a fascinating lecture from neurologist and leading trauma expert Dr. Robert Scaer on the effects of trauma on the brain. With slides, lecture and clinical stories, Dr. Scaer shows and explains the debilitating effects of emotional trauma, and clearly and definitively explains how and why methods such as EFT work to heal trauma patients.

What People are Saying

Carol keeps you riveted with her clear and powerful teaching methods. I saw each person she worked with on stage come to a critical “aha moment” in their healing while Carol simultaneously taught by “connecting the dots” for the audience. This is a rare skill! I learned in an unforgettable way.
Margaret Lynch, EFT practitioner

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Carol’s skill and professionalism is legendary. And now, some 4 months later, I see the time I spent on stage with her and others in Denver for Ancestral Healing as the turning point in a lifetime (6 decades) of severe allergies.

Thank you Carol for putting on such an amazing conference and for passing the torch of knowledge, you are truly a Master. I can’t wait to see what you teach us next, and look forward to it! God Bless you always, Carol!!!!
Beth O’Connor, EFT Practitioner, NGH Certified Hypnotist

Carol’s EFT demonstrations on stage are quite simply the most impressive and instructive available anywhere in the world today. Carol introduced her audience and clients on stage to the difficult theme of ‘The Downside of Getting Well Again’ with tremendous skill, creativity and care. Her extensive experience really showed, and as is so often the case with Carol’s demonstrations, I felt privileged to be present at a ground breaking event. The workshop Carol organized in June 2008 in Denver was the best and most life changing EFT workshop I have ever attended.
John Bullough, EFT Practitioner

I am SO grateful that I had another opportunity to see Carol share her knowledge in her conference: “A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness.” I loved her topics on “Clearing Ancestral Pain, “The ‘Downside’ of Getting Well Again” and “Releasing Conflicts Stored in the Body.” It was brilliant. Truly though, what I particularly appreciated is the fact that not only did I witness her natural ability to focus with laser precision on what the clients needed, but that she took the time to stop and teach the audience as she was clearing the clients on stage. As an EFT practitioner, that is invaluable and I have been telling all my colleagues who are committed to EFT that they have to see her work on stage! It will take their practice to the next level, as it has mine. Not only has she helped me to help my clients release their emotional and physical pain, she has also helped me to clear my own limiting beliefs. I will be eternally grateful for all of this.

All of Dr. Carol Look’s workshops are extremely powerful and this one was no exception. She is able to seemingly navigate through the issues that people come on stage with so easily, persistent and probing, but still with an unspoken empathy that enhances a safe and nurturing environment. She is an exceptional teacher, healer and therapist taking her understanding of EFT to new levels. Everyone who attended this workshop experienced great teaching and profound awareness of how we can take on family patterns of pain and illness handed down from the generations before us and how we can heal them with EFT. Everyone would benefit from watching these DVD’s.
Lynne Fredericks, EFT Practitioner