Carol Look and Nick Ortner - The Tapping Experience - EFT

Carol Look and Nick Ortner - The Tapping Experience - EFT digital download. Info: [34 FLVs, 4 MP3s, 2 PDFs] | 5.556 GB. Have you ever stopped to think a...

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Carol Look and Nick Ortner - The Tapping Experience - EFT

Type: Digital download

Format: [34 FLVs, 4 MP3s, 2 PDFs]

File size: 5.556 GB

Dear Friend,

Have you ever stopped to think about what the real issues are in your life and what life would be like if you didn’t have those issues holding you back?

I mean if you really didn’t have those issues. If they were completely gone and you were free to spend your time and energy on what you wanted…

Take a second to feel the problems that you have going on in your life right now and how they effect you.

What are those problems? Do you have a general sense of stress and anxiety around them? Are they centered around any specific people in your life? Do they have to do with you and how you feel about yourself? How does your past play into these feelings?

It’s amazing how limiting these issues are on our lives when we actually stop to think about them.

And do you ever think to yourself that it’s unfair that you have to deal with these issues on a daily basis and wish that they could all just disappear?

You know…if you could just make the stress go away…or the money issues disappear…or the weight problems evaporate…or the family challenges dissolve away…or the anger, sadness, guilt and other negative emotions end…

Wouldn’t life just be a heck of a lot better?

Well…yeah…of course! :)

But the challenge is that if you’re like most people there’s a big part of you that thinks that making those problems go away isn’t even possible.

But here’s the thing…you’re here, you’re on this page and there’s a reason why…

You’re reading this page because you know there are things that could be better in your life and you have hope about there being a way to make things better.

And it’s a good thing you have that hope because that hope is what sets you apart from everyone else. Without it you wouldn’t be able to find the solution you’re about to discover.

I have to say that I work with people from around the world on a regular basis and I see people dealing with very similar issues. The truth is that these are difficult times where people are being forced to deal with a lot of stressful things.

The world economy is clearly a mess, solutions to our world health challenges are dismal and our understanding on where the world is heading and where our individual futures lie are foggier than ever.

It’s no wonder you feel over burdened with life and its daily challenges.

And believing that you can actually feel better hasn’t been easy up to this point. After all…where do you turn to? The news…ha…our world leaders…double ha…our family…well, they’re dealing with the same struggles.

There is good news though amongst all the challenges we face today…Although the world is bringing more and more challenges into our daily lives the universe is providing better and better solutions to deal with them…solutions that are far advanced to anything we’ve ever seen before.

The biggest advancements are in our understandings of ourselves as energy beings. Of the fact that our bodies and our entire world is made up entirely of moving energy that we can work with.

And the most advanced tool that is showing miraculous breakthroughs literally by the day is with EFT Tapping.

Breakthroughs are occurring daily where people are seeing physical issues that they’ve had for years disappear in minutes.

Or emotional traumas that have been a burden for an entire lifetime suddenly not carry emotional weight any longer.

Or financial issues finally being solved once underlying blocks, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns were addressed.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg with what’s happening on a daily basis.

But what’s really powerful is what’s possible for your life when you fully integrate the power of EFT Tapping.