Carl Hitchborn - Artist Perfect Academy

Carl Hitchborn - Artist Perfect Academy digital download.

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Carl Hitchborn - Artist Perfect Academy

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Carl Hitchborn - Artist Perfect Academy

Carl Hitchborn - Artist Perfect Academy

Hi, I’m Carl Hitchborn… and I have a vision to create a “Brand New Music Industry”… one where artists don’t just survive, they thrive.
As an artist, the current “broken” music industry makes it almost impossible for you to become successful.
Here’s what the “traditional” journey of an artist looks like:
You write songs, release songs, do gigs and all the rest of it. If you’re lucky, you get a record deal.
Now you think all your problems are solved… until you realise your problems have barely begun.

Statistics show that only 1 in every 25 artists who are signed to a label actually have any success at all. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, the labels will leave 24 of 25 artists high and dry… meanwhile those other 24 artists are trapped in a deal that crushes their momentum and kills any chance of growth.
So you tell yourself “No label. I’m going to do it myself. I’m going to be an independent artist.”
You continue to write songs. You record an EP. Choose a single. Shoot a music video. Do an album launch. Get more gigs. Write a press release. It’s a hard slog. Growth is slow, momentum picks up, then it falters… and half the time you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

On top of all this, you’re in total overwhelm about all the “other” things your music business requires… things like marketing and selling tickets to your shows, booking venues, doing publicity, getting onto playlists, posting on social media, building a fanbase, building a team, finding a manager, getting syncs, etc.
The list is endless.
Even if you do all these things and manage not to burn yourself out, success is not guaranteed… often you invest tens of thousands of dollars into assets, only to see very little return.
So what’s the solution?

Artist — Perfect Academy
A Foundation to the Brand New Music Industry

The Artist Perfect Academy was designed to help artists close the gap between where they are now - and where they want to be - in less than half the time it would take following the old “broken” model.
How do I know this? Because I’ve used this exact process to build multiple projects into successful careers, including “The Hunna” who became the fastest growing alternative rock band in UK history

Proof of concept — The Hunna in numbers

In fact, I am so confident this system will work for you, I offer a full money back guarantee for all students who complete the entire program and don’t see results (we’ll get to that a little later).
The Artist — Perfect System encompasses 3 Distinct Stages
to meet each artist where they are at in their business, and guide them to take the right steps, at the right time.
STAGE ONE: Full & Complete Artist Education
STAGE TWO: One-on-One Artist Business Mentorship & Support

STEP THREE: Investment

Full & Complete Education

In this stage, artists will learn The 5-Step Artist — Perfect Success Path, which teaches artists how to create a self-sustaining music business. By the end of this stage, artists will know the exact steps to take - all the way from writing quality songs to scaling their music business through strategic marketing and sales.

The 5-Step Artist — Perfect Success

Step One: Product Development
How to write, test and record quality songs that will yield a large return over its lifecycle.
Step Two: Branding & Messaging
How to discover your unique brand DNA and create powerful, aligned messaging that resonates with your artistry and your audience.
Step Three: Marketing & Strategic Planning
How to take your brand to the right audiences, turn those audiences into “raving fans”, leverage social media platforms for strategic growth, and create a long-term core plan that will allow you to build your artist business on your terms.

Step Four: Sales Conversion
How to consistently convert your marketing efforts into income and maximise all available artist revenue streams (IE. Streaming, merch, syncs, shows, and more).
Step Five: Scaling & Investment
How to quickly leverage incoming revenue to scale your artist business and 10x your growth through large-scale investment.
**ln addition, students will also receive Core Foundation Mindset Training to ensure you have the right mindset for success, as well as downloadable resources and tools to help you along each step of the path.

One-to-One Artist Business Mentorship & Support

Once artists successfully move through Stage One of the Artist -Perfect System, they will have the opportunity to progress to Stage Two, where artists receive one-to-one mentorship and support, helping them move through their core plan and implement advanced marketing strategies.
Students will receive:
►    One-to-one weekly video mentorship calls
►    Review of your core plan with personalised Recommendations according to your long-term goals
►    Assistance with advanced marketing strategies & social media campaigns
►    Unique opportunities, such as sync pitches and more
►    Opportunity to move through to final stage of investment
►    And so much more!

Once students graduate from Stage Two, they have the opportunity to move to Stage Three: Investment.


In this stage, artists will have the opportunity to receive investment from the Artist — Perfect / Music through a unique 50/50 partnership model, allowing you the revenue to scale and grow a large and even global sized music business.
It is our mission to assist as many artists as possible to move through to stages two and three, according to their desired goals.

Reach Stage 3 and Get Your Entire Sign Up Fee Back

We want you to get to stage 3 in the Artist — Perfect System
and as an incentive to do so, we’ll give you your entire sign up fee back, as well as a $1k bonus if and when you are selected for this stage.

The ‘Artist — Perfect Academy’ is for you, if:

►    You’re struggling to break through to the next level
►    Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Information and noise around you
►    You know you can make progress, you just don’t know what the next step looks like
►    You’ve already had success, but you’ve hit a plateau and you’re really not sure how to build from this point
►    You want a solution that allows you to be in control of your own destiny, one that allows you to bypass the gatekeepers and when you’re ready have them open the doors for you without you even having to ask!
►    You want to be in a situation where if you excel, you don’t have to spend any further time into convincing anyone that you are worthy of investment

Finally, I’d like to dismiss a really big thought that some of you might be having right now and that is ‘I’m too old’ - this is what the traditional music industry might have you believe. However, this is NOT true, in fact it is my goal to prove this to not be true at scale, in all genres of music and in lots of countries around the world. So if this is you, please sign up to the ‘Artist — Perfect Academy’ knowing that I am