Careercake, Aimee Bateman - Interview Master Class

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Careercake, Aimee Bateman - Interview Master Class digital download. Info: [9 Videos (MP4)]. In this course, Aimee Bateman shares her interview expertis...
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Careercake, Aimee Bateman - Interview Master Class

Type: Digital download

Format: [9 Videos (MP4)]



Interview Master Class

By: Careercake, Aimee Bateman

Skill Level: General

Duration: 58m 2s

Released: July 20, 2018


You’ve reached the final stage of the recruitment process. Now, all that stands between you and that job offer is the interview. In this course, Aimee Bateman shares her interview expertise—developed from years as a top recruiter and career coach—to help you ace your next job interview. Throughout this course, Aimee takes you through each stage of the interview process, explaining what to do on the day of your interview, how to confidently respond to common questions, and how to ask your interviewer thoughtful questions in return. Plus, she shares how to make sure the interviewer remembers you, as well as how to tackle other types of interviews, including phone and video interviews.

This course was created by Careercake. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.



  • Introduction 33s
  • Prepare for success 9m 16s
  • Prepare your answers 9m 23s
  • The interview day 6m
  • How to answer questions 17m 51s
  • Questions for the interviewer 6m 27s
  • Prepare and handle other types of interviews 2m 53s
  • After the interview 3m 47s
  • Summary 1m 52s


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