Cameron Conrad - Dropship University

Cameron Conrad - Dropship University. Your InstructorCameron ConradCameron ConradCam, aka @dotcomcam, is a 19-year-old eCommerce professional, who has...
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Cameron Conrad - Dropship University

Cameron Conrad - Dropship University

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Cameron Conrad
Cameron Conrad

Cam, aka @dotcomcam, is a 19-year-old eCommerce professional, who has launched, scaled, automated, and sold multiple online businesses, clocking in hundreds of thousands in sales since he began in 2016. In a single week, Cam has generated over $78,000 selling physical products online.

During his entrepreneurial journey, Cam has been featured in Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed, Disrupt, Fox 5 San Diego, & Future Sharks for his outstanding online business achievements.

His engaging personality & willingness to aid the community makes him a social media phenom a& leaves his audiences inspired for success. Cam currently resides in Orange County, California.

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Course Curriculum


Sign Up For Shopify (0:44)

Sign Up For Dropship (0:47)

How To Setup Dropship (1:46)


SETUP: Introduction (11:12)

SETUP: Settings (9:50)

SETUP: Shipping (2:23)

STORE: Domain Part One (3:00)

STORE: Domain Part Two (2:18)

STORE: Themes (2:26)

STORE: Customizations (5:04)

STORE: Free Stock Photos (3:09)

STORE: Logo (3:02)

STORE: Contact Page (0:46)

STORE: Pages (4:48)

APPLICATIONS: Cart Animation App (1:47)

APPLICATIONS: Tidio App (3:14)

APPLICATIONS: Product Reviews App (3:16)

APPLICATIONS: Printful App (2:25)

Dropship Settings (1:57)

Importing Products (10:36)


FB SETUP: Business Ads Manager (3:20)

FB SETUP: Facebook Page (1:26)

FB PIXEL: Setup (3:08)

FB AD OVERVIEW: Campaign Level (4:17)

FB AD OVERVIEW: Ad Set Level (7:19)

FB AD OVERVIEW: Ad Level (6:32)

TARGETING: Interest & Behavior Targeting (3:56)

TARGETING: Narrowing Targets (3:53)

TARGETING: Excluding Targets (1:44)

ADVERTISING: Marketing Cycles (4:49)

FB AUDIENCES: Custom & Lookalike Audience (5:21)

Email Marketing

Mailchimp Introduction (2:26)

Create List (1:45)

Standard Email Campaign (3:16)

Abandoned-Cart Emails (2:39)

Social Media

Good vs. Bad (3:29)

Boosting Likes & Followers (2:52)

Connecting with Influencers (4:47)

Free Giveaways (1:54)

Brand Ambassadors (3:40)

Outsourcing / Automating

Introduction (0:50)

Fiverr (2:17)

Upwork (1:59)

Konker (3:23)

Slack (1:09)

Facebook Roles (1:06)

Shopify Roles (1:30)

Legal Zoom (2:15)


Need help?

Final Overview (2:50)

Dropship Web Development (1:58)


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